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Interview: Congressional candidate to keep an eye on

Filed By Bil Browning | August 05, 2010 2:00 PM | comments

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Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet is running against Republican Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack in California's 45th district; Pougnet is openly gay. One of the most interesting aspects of Pougnet's campaign is that, if elected, he would be our first gay legally married parent.

pougnet.jpgImagine some of those crusty old homophobes having to look Pougnet in the eyes and say his marriage is worthless and he couldn't be a good father because of his sexual orientation. Bono Mack, supposedly a moderate, doesn't support ENDA even though she has a close trans family member. She also voted against repealing DADT and opposes marriage equality. Which one is the real "family values" candidate?

So if you want to celebrate California's Prop 8 win and make a difference doing it then toss Pougnet's campaign ten dollars. That's, what, two cups of Starbucks or three beers? Surely, we can all pitch in $10 to celebrate marriage equality and make sure we have a married advocate in Congress.

Want to get involved in his campaign? Check out his website and sign up for his e-mail list. You can also follow Steve on Twitter or join Steve's Facebook page. At the least, give his campaign $10 to make Republicans look at a married gay man every day.

My video interview with Pougnet is after the jump.

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We need more role models like Steve. He persuades as much by who he is as by what he says.

I think so. I was really impressed with him - and I meet a lot of candidates and politicians!

And we need more LGBTQ people in Congress. Desperately.