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Reject Ann Coulter and know failure

Filed By Alex Blaze | August 25, 2010 12:30 PM | comments

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Michael Lucas has got to have more than incriminating photographs of editors of The Advocate, because he's over there, ann_coulter_time.jpgnot just writing a love letter to Ann Coulter calling her "provocative, smart, witty, funny, fearless," but distraught that all the other gays in America don't love her as much as he does. Obviously the problem is us, that we're too sensitive about being called faggots to realize that Ann Coulter will do more for LGBT people than Harvey Milk, Sylvia Rivera, and Bayard Rustin combined if we'd just grow up and embrace her.

Of note in the column is Lucas getting mad that someone would compare gay oppression to the Holocaust (fair enough, I'm willing to accept that that's off-limits), when, just two months ago, he was claiming that Madrid Pride canceling an Israeli float in the parade a "retroactive attempt to justify the Holocaust." In fact, he has no problem doing a full-Godwin on anyone he disagrees with (and neither does Coulter), so it's weird to see him offended that someone else would say that.

We LGBT people really need a thought leader like Michael Lucas, don't we?

This seems like a good time to post the video after the jump on how to be a blogger that's been making its rounds. It's kind of like that, being a queer blogger, although I'm sure Chuck Todd would have more insightful observations about LGBT politics than Michael Lucas. Liberal bloggers don't know how good they have it.

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The problem with the Lucas article (and all the commentary it has generated) is that "religious beliefs" are the problem, NOT political ideology.

Polling data confirms that one-third of self-described "Conservatives" support our equality. Other polls confirm that approximately "one-third" of Conservatives are either "non-religious," "spiritual" or "casual believers." They are the SAME people.

Religious belief (and the intensity of that religious belief) is what determines opinions about us, not party affiliation or ideology.

We should embrace anyone that is willing to stand with us - regardless of their political party or beliefs.

A voice that truly seems to understand the issue. The Founding Fathers understood this as well and this explains/justifies the separation of Church and State in the US. Nothing pisses me off more than when (as in the NYC Council/NYS Assembly & Senate) a politico casts a vote because "I am a Christian Minister and this violates the teachings of the Church". Please! Be a minister OR a politician but not BOTH at same time. If you cannot separate the roles you have no business of taking part in governance and I have no reason to vote or support your political ambitions. My recommendations for those who want to be a representative of citizens and god at the same time is to sign on with the Taliban...they seem to have that one locked up. Sorry, this turned into a rant.

Where's that polling? Where's the proof that these are the same people?

Alex, use your head - it's rather obvious. Religious beliefs determine opinions about us, not political ideology.

Study Pew, Gallup and Barna polling data - it becomes very obvious. Some new polls will be available soon.

I love that video. I hadn't seen it before. It's like working in the same room with you, Alex. :)

I have my monkey moments. If the monkey could just explain how Michael Lucas has a column in the Advocate, I could move on with my day.

Certain people really need to stop maliciously ignoring the fact that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals were among the victims of the Holocaust as well.

I second that. What's especially bothersome about Michael Lucas's remark is that he's both gay AND Jewish.

But didn't you hear? Michael Lucas owns the Holocaust and no one can talk about it without his approval.

I have read and heard some godawful drek from Ann Coulter and I wouldn't get within earshot of her should she decide to visit DC. She turns me off as much as Maggie Gallagher Srivastav.

i actually do have a blogging knife...but in fairness to the makers of this most excellent video, there is at least one other way to write a blog.

who needs Ms Right when you can have Ms Right Now?