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Manchester Grand Hyatt protested

Filed By Alex Blaze | August 03, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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LGBT activists protested the Manchester Grand Hyatt as GOProud is holding a convention there.

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Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | August 4, 2010 2:12 AM

GOProud doesn't have the franchise on betrayal when it comes dealing with bigots like Doug Manchester.

About a year and a half ago Bill Clinton did exactly the same thing. Despite a petition signed by almost 27,000 trade unionists and GLBT folks demanding that he respect the union/LGBT boycott of major Prop 8 funder Doug Manchester and his Manchester Grand Hyatt, Bill Clinton, who gave us DOMA, scabbed for his thirty pieces of silver from the International Franchise Association.

Here's how Gore Vidal, seminal gay writer and essayist describes the differences between Democrats and their brothercousins across the aisle, the Republicans:

"There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party…and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat. Republicans are a bit stupider, more rigid, more doctrinaire in their laissez-faire capitalism than the Democrats, who are cuter, prettier, a bit more corrupt—until recently… and more willing than the Republicans to make small adjustments when the poor, the black, the anti-imperialists get out of hand. But, essentially, there is no difference between the two parties." Gore Vidal