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Mexicans & Muslims vs Teh Gayz

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Now that Republicans have found a new boogeyman, they've started to ignore our community somewhat. They've discovered brown people (as versus black people - it's not okay to be racist/xenophobic toward them XENOPHOBIA.jpganymore because they'll loudly complain about it, you see) are more likely to cause knee-jerk panic among their target voters than the threat of gay rights.

Combine that with quickly changing social positions on everything from employment protections to same-sex marriage and suddenly terror babies and Islamic cultural centers are the frenzied new priorities for the GOP. Meanwhile, the Democrats have sat around with their thumbs up their butt waiting for just the right political wind to champion civil rights again. Because, you know, that's what champions do...

Watch this great segment from MSNBC's The Ed Show (which is almost always better when Ed's not there) with guest host Cenk Uygur talking to Keith Boykin about the Democrats' lack of fortitude recently on LGBT issues. Does anyone really believe that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama oppose gay marriage when even Laura Bush and Glenn Beck support it? The clip is after the jump.

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FYI, it's "xenophobic," not "zenophobic."

It's obvious that the GOP is doing this because its candidates want to be in office, but their usual economic program of tax cuts and deregulation is tailored entirely to the wealthy and would be a tough sell to most people if presented in its true form. So they win votes by simply trying to whip up xenophobic hysteria among poor and working-class white voters.

I hate to say this is entirely a Republican phenomenon, as Democrats have done the same thing in the past, and efforts by slimy and amoral politicians (a redundant phrase, in my opinion) to win votes by demonizing the "other" is a tradition practically as old as the country itself.


Thanks Alaric. This is what I get for editing my own posts, eh? At least I spelled it right in the tags...

Stepping outside of why the Republicans are doing it, why can't the Democrats cut the bullshit and act like the party in favor of civil rights again?

I think it's because they're afraid of alienating the same group of voters, like if they seem to be on the side of Hispanic immigrants, Muslims and gays, then all those working-class whites will vote Republican because they're perceived to vote based on appeals to emotion more readily than based on their own economic interests.

Oh, and you're welcome :)

Actually, I think that moderate Republicans moved from the Republican party to the Democratic party a few years ago.

Thats the only reason I can think of for the Republicans seeming to be so batshit crazy lately. They no longer have moderates buffering the crazies in the party.

That's an excellent point, too. The moderates have either died (Barry Goldwater), switched parties (Arlen Specter) or been voted out (Lincoln Chafee) and are now largely confined to California and the Northeast.

A sort of unholy alliance of free market fundamentalists and religious right activists, best exemplified by the long-standing relationship between Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed, has been seeking to take over the GOP since the late 70s and early 80s, and its efforts are now close to completion. Now, while ideology among the Democrats ranges from liberal to conservative, among the Republicans it ranges from conservative to reactionary.

I think most Americans do still care about the #1 issue: the economy. The Republicans are obviously trying to take the focus off that (because they plan to weaken the economy if they get back into power), but I think people are still thinking about that. The media, on the other hand, have really been taken over by this mosque/community center thing, no? They're weird and out of touch. We need to be talking to the people about economics, that's what people are really thinking about. Most people know someone who's unemployed and/or they're suffering because of America's 10-17% unemployment.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | August 19, 2010 2:10 AM

At a time of great danger for the French Revolution Danton uttered his famous slogan "...De L'audace, encore L'audace, tojours de L'audace"

At a time of great danger for working people all Bush and Obama have to say is "austerity, austerity and more austerity". And to divert people from the truth the Republicans (and many Democrats) are focusing on rousing racist islamophobia and immigrant bashing.

It won't do the trick. Things are far too serious.

After signing on Bush's TARP, auto and housing bailouts that gave trillions to the very same predatory looters who wrecked the economy, Obama and the Democrats went on to bust key unions like the UAW, slash social programs, refused to pick the tab for bankrupt state programs and used stimulus monies to further enrich the rich.

Obama's budget officials have demanded 5% departmental budget cuts except at the Pentagon.

Rather than more handouts for predatory lenders we should demand that the WH and Congress reverse the cuts in social programs, strengthen Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and pass a constitutional amendment guaranteeing wages and benefits at trade union levels for all unemployed, working, training and retired working people to end homelessness, poverty and unemployment.

That won't happen because the truth is that both parties are lapdogs of the rich; political prostitutes who's votes are bought and paid for.

Instead the Administration's escalating attacks on our standard of living and lack of a huge jobs program will fuel long term unemployment, homelessness and pauperization.

And in the process Obama's failures are forging a battle hardened working class determined to have it our way. "...De L'audace, encore L'audace, tojours de L'audace"