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My Website is UP!

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And I'm so excited that I have allowed myself one word in capital letters and an exclamation mark. But seriously, friends, it is up, the one that you have been waiting for with bated breath. The one that has taken so long that GoDaddy (the domain provider) felt compelled to call me and ask if anything was wrong (the actual question was: "What's going on?"). Here it is. There are still some articles that need to be uploaded and some ordering to be done and tweaking here and there, and the photos page will be updated and so on. But... it's here, the bulk of my writing so far, with many lovely, delicious updates and new entries to come in the next few months.

Sweetness.jpgI now have my own blog set up and it's titled I Don't Live Here Anymore. I also have a book-blog, Off the Books. More to come on and from both. Let me know if you have any suggestions, questions, or see broken links or any other tics. And if you'd like the contact information for my excellent webmaster (who is not responsible for my lateness - I finally got this off the ground only because I went to him a couple of months ago), let me know.

And, of course, the link, the link, the link: yasminnair.net/

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In the language of my ancestors gle mhath (very good)I just went and bookmarked it. I have been missing our exchanges of late since you have been appearing here less frequently.
I really look forward to exploring your site.

I want to second the "you have been appearing here less frequently" portion. Not that I hold a grudge or anything... *grins* Don't make me do a public declaration of love for you Yasmin. You'll just ask me to marry you again and we know how that turned out last time. *snickers*

Thanks, Rob, that's a very lovely and kind note. Yes, I'm afraid I've been gone a bit lately, trying to catch up on projects, but I should be back very soon and back at writing posts more regularly.

Bil - I keep trying to make an honest gal out of you, and you keep turning me down...I'll keep trying! :-)

Congratulations, Yasmin. I just read your "Make Art! Change the World! Starve!: The Fallacy of Art as Social Justice – Part I." You mean artists need to eat and pay rent and see a doctor once in a while? It was long but well worth it.

Thanks, Jillian! Yes, imagine, we can't live on air and creativity alone :-)