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National Underwear Day: Celebrate Bilerico Style

Filed By Bil Browning | August 05, 2010 8:00 PM | comments

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Today is National Underwear Day! I wore a special pair of skivvies today and I'm perfectly confident that you did too. Imagine my surprise when I found out I could claim I wore them because it was a holiday! Now, we could celebrate this conventionally with a video of hot buff hairless young guys trying on brandname underwear like this:

Or we can celebrate Bilerico style... We're not all buff and movie star perfect so why should we pretend? After the jump find nine pictures of some guys in their underwear who look more like our readers than super models. I grabbed the photos from Guys With iPhones - a NSFW site I like because the guys pictured are real and not picture perfect.

Finally, do you remember my brief mention of the actor from LA who sent me a pair of his underwear? (That part wasn't exactly an exaggeration!) You can find a NSFW video of him changing in and out of several pairs at the very end and trust me, you want to find it.

Aren't the holidays all about sharing? God, I love a celebration.


Interesting side note: The star of that video, Paul Cram, also makes handmade soap. He'll send you a bar of it if you can answer his trivia questions.

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I used to know this couple in a large, to-be-unnamed Canadian city. Both really nice guys. One of them had an underwear fetish. A *serious* underwear fetish. And I mean *serious*.

They remodeled their house and threw a party to show it off. One of them is giving me and my then-boyfriend the Grand Tour, and I couldnt help but notice that they had two chests of drawers in the bedroom, one small, one very big. I couldnt resist; I pointed at the large one -- "Underwear?"

Our host sighed. "All of it."

Here in Fort Lauderdale, one bar, The Stable, started a Tuesday Underwear night. Now there are many different underwear nights at various bars. You check your street clothes and spend the evening at the bar in your under shorts. The experience is sociologically significant. Conversation is entirely different in quality when men are in their underwear. Some of the patrons keep their jeans on. They have less fun. The whole thing is silly, playful and childlike and at times erotic with playful groping and stretching and snapping of waistbands. It's the ultimate in good safe sex. Never having given any attention to underwear, I had to shop for a pair that suited me. My brand is Papi. In black. I bought four pairs. Probably the silliest thing I've ever done, and I usually go alone, not with my friends. Very liberating, and there is the full spectrum of body types. You'd like it, Bil.

@Father Tony (and Bil): I haven't been there for a while, but the 501 at College and Michigan in Indianapolis has Underwear Night upstairs every Monday night (and they haven't changed [their website] , so I presume this is still current info).

Father Tony is right, underwear night can be fun! So Bil, you are without excuse for not showing off those "special ... skivvies" you have!

Rick Elliott | August 6, 2010 1:59 AM

It's much more fun to go commando.

Well I, uh, I, let me see, um...what do I say...goodness gracious

So Bil- what makes your underwear today so special? Need more information please...

I don't kiss and tell, but I do show and tell well, piggy!

I love coming up with interesting underwear for my characters to wear-- I think it adds to personality when one guy wears a white jockstrap while another wears cotton boxers printed with hula dancers.

The pictures shown, by the way, I believe come from Guys with iPhones, a fun site:

I luv Guys With iPhones! ... and I find it amazing that all those revealing pix are posted without any initial page requiring a warning, user registration or log-in!

Great video! Love the characters and plot development!