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New Hire: Bilerico's Mr. Davis Goes To Washington

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The National Stonewall Democrats announced two new hires this morning and one of them will be very familiar to Projectors. Bilerico Project co-founder Daviswashington.jpgJerame Davis has accepted a position as the org's Affiliate Services Coordinator. Linsey Pecikonis will be the group's new Director of Communications.

"I'm very excited to be adding Jerame and Linsey to the National Stonewall staff. Jerame brings years of experience in the national LGBT community in addition to on-the-ground Stonewall affiliate experience in Indiana, which is invaluable," said Michael Mitchell, NSD's Executive Director. "Linsey has a broad background in marketing, organizing, and communications here in DC and nationally and has already proven to be a strong NSD team member."

This is an incredibly electrifying opportunity for Jerame. He's been an active Stonewall Dems member for years and is vice president of the Indiana chapter. Politics is in his lifeblood and this gives him a chance to work with affiliate chapters all over the country to help guide Democrats toward being more LGBT inclusive - especially in less progressive states like Indiana.

Jerame will be moving to Washington DC next week to start his new job and I should follow shortly after once we've settled all of our unfinished business here - packing, renting our house, etc. We're both very excited at the possibilities and I couldn't be happier or prouder that all of Jerame's hard work has paid off for him.

Full press release from NSD after the jump.

National Stonewall Democrats add Jerame Davis and Linsey Pecikonis to staff

Washington DC - August 16, 2010 - Today, National Stonewall Democrats (NSD) announced that Jerame Davis and Linsey Pecikonis have accepted positions at the national affiliate to bring about a strong new direction for the organization through the midterm election and beyond. NSD is the nation's only organization of LGBT and allied Democrats. Stonewall Democrats works to elect pro-equality Democrats to public office and hold them accountable to advance the pro-equality policies and legislation important to pro-equality Americans.

Jerame is the National Stonewall Democrats' Affiliate Services Coordinator. He is a longtime LGBT activist with a background in grassroots organizing, campaign management and new media campaigns. Originally from Indiana, Jerame spent over 10 years helping to organize the LGBT community in a red state while also building bridges with the state Democratic party.

While Jerame lived in Indiana, he served in a leadership role in many Hoosier LGBT organizations including Pride At Work, Columbus GSA, Indiana Action Network, Indiana Equality, and Indiana Stonewall Democrats. Before joining NSD's staff, Jerame was vice president of the Indiana affiliate.

Jerame has worked closely with his local and state Democratic Party, serving as an Indianapolis precinct committeeman and a delegate to the state convention; he was also appointed to the 2008 Democratic National Convention Rules Committee.

Before joining NSD staff, Jerame co-founded an internet and new media consulting firm that focuses on strategies to leverage technology for better fundraising, organizing and messaging for non-profit organizations and political campaigns. One of the most successful ventures from the partnership is The Bilerico Project, an award-winning and widely read LGBT blog independently ranked as one of the top political blogs in the nation.

He has a degree from Purdue University in Computer Information Technology and is a member of Tau Alpha Pi honor society.

Linsey is the Director of Communications and Online Organizing for the National Stonewall Democrats. Before joining NSD, she worked as a campaign and communications consultant, advising leading Immigration organizations on messaging, online strategy, and youth turnout.

Her previous experience includes serving as the Communications Director at Lambda Rising, Washington DC's historic LGBT bookstore, and as a Marketing Director and Conference Planner for a leading DC Immigration Law Firm. Currently, Linsey runs her own marketing consulting firm for non-profits, volunteers for the Presidential Correspondence Office at the White House, and is a member of Burgundy Crescent Volunteers- the leading source of LGBT volunteers for gay and gay-friendly non-profit organizations in DC. She has organized for a number of Democratic candidates, progressive organizations, and pro-equality ballot measures.

Linsey graduated from Ohio University, where she received a degree in Public Policy and Administration and minor in Communications and Marketing. While serving on the Student Government as the Women's Affairs Commissioner, she organized the Take Back the Night March on campus and was integral in establishing the Women's Center at OU.

Michael Mitchell, Executive Director, said of the new hires, "Both of them have strategic minds, fresh ideas and a passion for electing pro-equality Democrats as a path towards our full equality."

The two will be instrumental in NSD's newly unveiled ElectEquality campaign where NSD will work alongside local affiliates in organizing for 12 pro-equality candidates in congress. Coming on staff right before this fall's midterm election will strengthen the core of the NSD team.

(Big thanks to contributor Nate Strang for the Photoshop help!)

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Congrats to them both. What a fantastic accomplishment!

David Castillo David Castillo | August 16, 2010 1:18 PM

Way to go, Jerame! This is an awesome opportunity. Congratulations to you both and welcome to the East coast, the coast with the most!

Thanks, David. We'll have to hang out sometime soon after we're moved.

Nice! Congrats, guys. And, welcome.

Meghan Stabler Meghan Stabler | August 16, 2010 1:39 PM

Very good news, congrats to Jerame and you! I'll see you in DC in a month or so. Congratulations!

Can't wait to see you, Meghan. It's been too long!

I'm sad you'll be moving so far from me--but this is even more motivation for me to look for a job in DC come May!

There will always be room for Phil. You'll just have to start banking more frequent flyer miles....

Congratulations, Jerame!! I'm so happy for you.

Thanks, Paige - when are you coming to visit? Soon, I hope!

Congratulations Jerame! I'm sure you'll love being in D.C. where everything is happening! I wish you lots of luck!!!!

oh no! you two will now be tagged as part of the liberal washington elite that republicans complain about so much!

where are you all going to live?

don't know where we'll live yet. Still working that out.

Yes, we'll be part of that liberal Washington elite, though I'm not sure about the elite part. LOL

This is absolutely wonderful for both of you, I know, and yet I am wistful at losing your comforting presence here in Indy. Congratulations, guys! (BTW: great graphic.)

Congrats and we will miss you both in Indy. Maybe there will also be a wedding in DC in the future?

Congrats and welcome to DC!

Thanks, Pete. Looking forward to the move!

My congratulatory wishes are exceeded only by my envy! Working in D.C. on anything political should be pretty sweet.

But a word of caution, Jerame....take extra Speedstick. D.C. is a swamp, bruh! It's the only place I've ever been where I started sweating the millisecond I opened my front door in summertime.

Chris, I'm really gonna miss you. I hope you can come out of semi-retirement and give ISD a hand. They need you more than ever!

If you're ever in DC, look us up. We need to get together before I go.

Congratulations Jerame! Stonewall Dems have made a great choice! I'm sure Bil will find an equally fabulous perch in DC in no time at all. (I was kinda hoping you'd both land in NYC, but this is close enough.)

Tony, I love NYC, but I'm not sure I could live there. At least we're only a few hours apart - and I know you come to DC from time to time, so we'll certainly get to visit more often. I definitely plan to take more trips to NYC.

Holy crap ! Congratulations. And I think you'll find it a big improvement for your lifestyle and work to be in a more welcoming place than Indiana.

Thanks, Rory. It's gonna be a big change, for sure.

Very cool. Congratulations!

Is the move to DC a welcome change? (Personally, I couldn't handle that much politics...)

Thanks! It's a very welcome change, Mercedes. I love politics and I think DC is a great city.

Hey NYC and DC are pretty close to each other, just five hours by car and two-and-a-half by train. If ever there was a good reason to plan an east coast Bilerico get-together, I'd say this would be it. ;)

Congrats Jer! This almost inspires me to take the Democratic Party and its enabler orgs seriously again...almost. With more people like you working within orgs like NSD, hopefully that day will come very soon.

Oh, Becky. I've sold out and become an enabler. LMAO

The thing to keep in mind is that Stonewall's mission is to support and elect pro-equality Democrats and to hold them accountable. The accountability piece is an integral part of what we do. I believe the team at NSD is very committed to both parts of our mission.

We'll definitely have to have a big bilerico east coast bash. Let us get the move out of the way first, but I'm definitely ready for a good party!

I know that, Jer. I know many SD folks, and I know they're looking to make positive change in the Party. I just wish they wouldn't keep rewarding Democrats with money, votes and volunteers for lying to us and failing us every election cycle. Frankly, I have a lot of trouble seeing how supporting people who behave like that toward our community and our issues that helps our movement achieve our goals.

That said, I also have hope for the future because of quality of the people involved. I'd just like to see a little equanimity in terms of rewarding those who actually deserve to be rewarded now, not maybe five or ten years from now.

Now I have one less reason to go to Indiana. seriously, when my parents retire, I'm never going back to that state.

Congrats, Jerame.

Michael is a true gem. I am excited that you are coming onboard with NSD. Keep up the great work!!!


Congrats and Good Luck!

Indianapolis is a much better place for the footprint that you two have placed here. Thanks for helping to make my adopted city the wonderful place it is.