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No offense, but homosexuals are going to burn in hell

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I read the comments in blogs too often, and I've come across gibberish like this before:

jeremy-walters.jpghomosexual 'GAY' is not of God!!!![...]

The Holy Bible says if your 'GAY' homosexual they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. This tells me a lot so should we kill them NO. They Need to ask God to forgive them of their sins and mean it turn away from it. They also need to know that when it says that their blood shall be upon them that tells me it is AIDS. That how I feel.

I've wondered what sort of person leaves those comments, but otherwise it's just like the internet threw up because extreme homophobia and bad spelling, grammar, and incoherence go hand-in-hand.

Well, we do know what kind of person left the comment above on Facebook: a Republican candidate for state rep in Iowa, Jeremy Walters, who also happens to be a Ron Paul fan. And he's sorry:

"I am not against people having a gay lifestyle, and the statements made on Facebook have been taken the wrong way. The statement regarding gay homosexuality was not meant to be offensive and I deeply apologize," he wrote in an email to the paper.

He said he was replying to a post from another user and mistakenly replied from his Facebook page.

"Everyone makes mistakes, please forgive me," he added.

Really? He didn't know that what he was saying was offensive?

Although that does tend to be homophobes' most common excuse for saying offensive things, that they didn't mean them in an offensive manner. Carrie Prejean capitalized on her arrogant "No offense" statements, and rightwingers everywhere get all bothered when someone calls their offensive-for-the-sake-of-being-offensive beliefs and statements homophobic. Could it be that they're really so dumb as to actually believe that there's nothing homophobic in saying "their blood shall be upon them that tells me it is AIDS"?

Most people read malice into the concept of homophobia, and they don't actually think there's any malice in their beliefs. If that's the case, we have a lot more work to be doing when it comes to education. If there are people who read Walters's statements and don't see any homophobia, then we're really dealing with clueless people.

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I am not against people being ignorant bigots, but the Goddess says that it is wrong to be one.

She also says that if they do not turn away from being homophobic, reactionary tyrants that they shall be re-incarnated on the next "turn of the wheel" as a disabled, mexican illegal who is a Lesbian living in Maricopa County.

I'm more upset that he wants to be elected but can't maintain even passable 6th grade grammar skills.

from his wall explaining what happened..

wallpost: since everthing that happin Today. I am ban from any events that the Republican party puts on so now what? Am I a bad candidate I want to represent the people not myself.

comment: "was letting a friend Know that in the Old Testament the old law was still around and something like Leviticus 20;13 you would be stone to death for. But in the New Testament to the old law went away cause Jesus came to us and know we can be saved. We are saved by grace and Love. When I put the adids in the statement that offened alot people and I sorry for that. I understand that you can get adids though other things aswell. This was not for the press or the news to know. But someone felt it was a chance to get me to lose my campagin. Again these comments do not pertain to my campaign or the Republican Party of Iowa."

He is just pandering to his voting it is a meme that Rethuglicans have used over and over to rally voters and raise cash.

Jeremy Walters is a "Christian," but he declines to name a denomination. Maybe somebody knows.

mattincinci | August 19, 2010 1:56 PM

when christians throw in the comment "no offense" or "dont take offense" you can bet they mean to offend

I personally loved..."regarding gay homosexuality."

So would a "gay homosexual" be a straight person?

Hahahahaha, I love it. I'll have to remember that!

"He said he was replying to a post from another user and mistakenly replied from his Facebook page."

Translation: "Shit, I didn't mean to put my name on that post!"

I have to agree with Nathan, his grammar concerns me far more than his opinions. I do wonder what his position on non-gay homosexuality is, though?

I do wonder what his position on non-gay homosexuality is, though?

Assuming he didn't write that because he's a moron (which he obviously is anyway), he may be implying the view among many Christians that homosexuality is a "behavior" or a "lifestyle" rather than what somebody is. A non-gay homosexual would be basically a person attracted to members of the same sex who is celibate or marries a member of the opposite sex. I may be wrong, but that's a possible explanation.

What astonishes me is how much these Christians have such warped notions of "love" and "forgiveness."

I've had Christians say things to me just as vile as Walters' comments and then claim that they "love homosexuals." Then, they ask for us to "forgive" them for making remarks such as this, as though they made them by accident or something.

Basically, they're convinced they have a monopoly on the capital-T Truth, which is and always has been one of the most dangerous things about the Abrahamic religions and is a big reason why they've caused most of the religious violence and warfare in history. It's also the reason why Christians like Walters truly, honestly believe themselves when they say they didn't mean to offend us "practicing homosexuals" and adherents of the "ho-mo-seck-shuh-wull lahfstahl" when they say we should be killed, because that's just the Word of God.

Alaric you nailed it on the head. Unfortunately it is someone that I was very close to at one time my brother. Until he found religion a few years ago we were as close as 2 brothers could be. Sadly he started going off the rails and making very ignorant sad comments like this. Twice he apologized with things like I may hasve misspoke or I didn't mean it that way. After the 3rd time I was done and I am going on over a year without speaking to him other than to be pleasant at family functions I attend. Luckily my family is very supportive of me and my partner.

I'm sorry to hear that created such a rift between you two...

But I think embracing that kind of thinking requires a massive departure from any notion of self-awareness. You have to be really, really clueless about your own behavior to say and do such hurtful things without even considering the harm you're causing to others.

"You have to be really, really clueless about your own behavior to say and do such hurtful things without even considering the harm you're causing to others."

Or infected with certain religious beliefs.

Vast Variety | August 19, 2010 2:25 PM

He isn't running for governor, he is running for State House District 67 which is the South East side of Des Moines.

I'll bet he spends a good part of his spare time watching gay porn on the internet. He should spend it polishing up his spelling and grammar skills!!

We've TOSsed at least three or four of these type of comments here in the past couple of days. I've never understood why they come to gay sites just to bitch about gay people.

im afraid there is a major misconception about scripture no where does it say homosexuality is a sin.

believers influenced by cultural influences handed down generationally, have stood on that understanding by assigning meaning to verses in spite of their words, adding their own words(strokes) to those same verses, and by standing on legalities that come against their own faith.

My first reaction is always to try to explain where this idiot misunderstands phrases like "his blood is upon him." If I kill someone, his blood is upon me -- it just means I'm to blame, not that I'll get AIDS from my victim's blood!

But then someone always comes along and starts going on about how "Christians" are like this or like that.

No, we're not!

But any fool can call himself a Christian. These idiots' right to do so is protected by the First Amendment.

This guy is just some ignorant SOB who tried to justify his willful ignorance and prejudice by grabbing some words out of a book, and tried to backtrack when he was exposed.

In OUR churches we don't hire people to preach until they've gone to seminary, taken both Hebrew and Greek, passed all their courses, and know better than to make these stupid statements.

Fundamentalists, reading a centuries-old piss-poor translation in an old form of English and thinking that God is right in their hands, or whispering in their ear, are a blot on all thinking people.

But even these people are allowed to vote for each other. And I wouldn't want to set someone up with the power to tell them they can't vote.

God will not put any sinner into a hell fire for any sin. I prove this by the word of God at