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North Korea: Us gay? No Way!

Filed By Joe Mirabella | August 25, 2010 9:30 AM | comments

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On Monday I told you about North Korea's venture onto Facebook, where allegedly they told the world they were gay by indicating they were a man interested in a man.

pyongyang-north-korea-nc.jpgAs news quickly swept the internet and social networks about North Korea's coming out, North Korea distanced itself from the page through their spokesman. The page no longer exists. Perhaps their coming out was just a little too loud for their taste.

From Gawker:

"This is the hypocrisy of a society that calls itself 'democratic' but is in reality fearful of the ideological power and influence from our side," North Korea spokesman Cao de Benos tells Forbes. "There is plenty of misinformation, speculation and sensationalism regarding the reality of North Korea... Such websites [as the Facebook and Twitter accounts] will never be run by our Government directly." Translation: Our "friend" the Uriminzokkiri English newspaper of North Korea set those up for us. He is such a prankster, when not swearing lifelong allegiance to Dear Leader ninety times a day. Gay, us? Lol!

It is too bad bi-curious isn't an option on Facebook yet.

So what do you think? Was it a hoax, or is North Korea simply having second thoughts about their interest in men?

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I respect North Korea's right not to be out. Maybe if ENDA passes, NK will feel safe enough to come out.

I think they fucked up creating the profile and then were embarrassed by the mistake and decided to call it a godless capitalist joke!

Bil, I think you are absolutely right. If I didn't think they would kidnap me and force an ex American President to come pick me up, I would pitch them a good social media plan :)

Just a big hoax... not unlike some men I've dated.

i don't know if north korea's gay...but i do know this wasn't musically programmed or choreographed by your typical straight guy:

Gay is as gay does. Although not many westerners have been to NK, I'm guessing they have about as much fun as the rest of us.