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OK, GOProud, now you got my attention...

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I'm not the most radical guy on this blog (by a long shot) but I sure as heck am not a conservative. However, GOProud did catch my attention when they went to CPAC and ended up making some inroads and impact - evident when an anti-gay speaker got booed off stage for condemning their presence there.

HopeFinal.pngWhen they announced last week that they were inviting habitual hate-monger Ann Coulter to their big gay conservative gala, my eyebrows went up. I contacted everyone I know in GOProud and said, "You've got to be kidding me."

Now I'm starting to see their game. Ann's confirmation with the group has sparked a massive uproar in the conservative nutcase community, and it seems that GOProud is playing an interesting game of exposing those rifts in the community and exploiting them. I used to wonder who - when push came to shove - GOProuders would be more loyal to: the gay community or their gay-hating party. I'm starting to trust they're on the right side of the fight (albeit on the wrong side of a few things, in my humble opinion).

Read along as GOProud Board Chair Christopher Barron calls out Peter LaBarbera after the jump.

Here is the GOProud press release that came out today:

GOProud Urges Peter LaBarbera to Actually Read an Ann Coulter Book

(Washington, D.C.) - This morning, Peter LaBarbera of Americans for the Truth about Homosexuality issued a press release urging Ann Coulter to reconsider headlining GOProud's Homocon 2010 in New York City. In response, Christopher Barron, Chairman of GOProud's Board, issued the following statement:

"I strongly encourage Mr LaBarbera to head out to his local bookstore, buy an Ann Coulter book and actually read it. For a guy who claims to be a "fan," he seems completely clueless about what Ann has actually written and said about gay people and gay conservatives.

If Mr. LaBarbera spent less time obsessing about gay sex and hanging out at gay Pride events, maybe he would have a little more time to read one of Ann's books."

BOOM, LaBarbera! You don't even know what your own fellow conservatives are all about. You're a sad lonely little man, and the gays just got you again! This time it was the conservative gays! Must hurt!

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How much does a gay person have to hate brown people and the working poor in order to join league with the odious Republicans? I can't even imagine.

And of course, they'd have to be willing to throw transfolks over the side to further their own political ends too. Then again, you certainly don't have to be a Republican for that.

We all know that Republicans are just corporate shills (as are most Democrats these days) who have a higher standard of living through codependence with the corporation. I am not surprised that a small faction of gay Inc are Republicans who would actually support their own illegitimacy, arrest and incarceration (see the Texas Republican Platform), for a few bucks while they are still free to roam the streets of DC.

Oh this is going to be funny. Peter LaBarbera has ripped into Ann Coulter and you can expect him to be fried on her BBQ of invective complete with all appropriate marinades. Check this out -->

@Mario Dem..they have to have Black people too for membership.

demandingequality demandingequality | August 11, 2010 2:24 AM

I don't know what bugs me more- that GoProud invited that faghagdragqueen Coulter or that he calls himself the conservative Judy Garland - wondering what Liza would think about that.

Does that make Judy the "liberal Ann Coulter"?

"He" calls "himself" Judy Garland? Care to explain why bashing transwomen to score points on Ann Coulter is justified by her stupidity about liberals? That's just tacky.

Bil now I'm confused (not unusual). Are you saying that Ann is a transwoman?

Finally - we have some aggressive activism in the GOP. Log Cabin deserves huge credit too though. It blazed a trail when other gay people lambasted them as traitors. We each pave the way for the next as best we can. NOW IT'S TIME TO GoProud!

It's sad how uninformed Liberals are. You don't have to be anti-gay to be Republican or Conserviate. You can be a Democrat and Conservative. You can be fiscally Conservative and Socially Liberal which really doesn't mean anything these dsays because you can be anti-gay, racist and sexist and be a Liberal, something I've seen a lot of.

GoProud does what they do and they do it well. They're doing it a hell of a lot better than Liberals are doing anything, which would be nothing but screwing things up.

There are still Liberals who are still singing Obama's praises like sheep: Obaaaahhhmmmmaaaa



GOProud, Ann Coulter, and Peter La-B are all jokes with really small followings. LCR has offices everywhere and professional lobbyists - GOProud isn't doing much other than sending out emails to piss people off. Ann Coulter has definitely stopped being a hot item, and Peter is just an idiot who 99% of conservatives have never heard of. They all deserve each other.

It absolutely does us no good to attempt to attack our enemies by throwing members of our own community under the bus. Making jokes about Ann Coulter implying she is transgender is not only not funny, its counter-movement. It doesn't do any of us any good if we look lost and confused about our own dignity and humanity.

Trying to get the far-right to accept the whole GLBT community? That's a bridge to nowhere.

Until we can untie the "moral majority" from the fiscal conservatives, we have no hope to unite enough politicians under the LGBTA banner.

Do not be fooled by these people. Ask them to debate you on Gay rights and the Republican party. They won't do it. Or, perchance, happen to ask what they feel about the BIs and Trans folk. Go ahead. Ask. Uh huh. They see them as just holding back everyone else (White guys).

GOProud are just a group of self not happy with selves at all people who would volunteer to play in the orchestra while those who don't fit into their agenda are marched off to the showers.

That's an awfully broad brush. In fact we've had Republicans on our show almost every week. We actually reached out to LCR this week about being on the show, but it never panned out. While on the show, everyone we've had on the panel have been perfectly happy and willing to debate. Your opinion here on their willingness to debate just isn't reality.

I have my disagreements with them on MANY policies, but I also see some value with supporting gay Republicans trying to bring change to their party.

I swear if I'am ever out and about, and have some moron tell me they are part of goproud i may get violent,that to me is just offensive. Comeon how much self loathing must one have to actually sit and listen to a bigot like that Ann coulter. Wake up people Republicans think of you as second class citizens