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Queer Music Friday - Jon Lee of S Club 7

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I don't know about you all, but I actually like some trashy pop every now and then. I'm still a huge Spice Girls fan, and while the pop groups that focused more on marketing than music that came after them don't really compare....

Who am I kidding? There were a bunch of producers who wanted to satisfy the public's craze for pop groups, so former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller put together another pop group called S Club 7. Their Wikipedia page says that they even had a sitcom that aired in the US. And yet somehow I never heard of them until this week, when Jon Lee came out.

This song is "Party." It has everything a pop group from the 90's should have, with a truck driver's gear change and a sassy music video to boot. Jon's the one who's reportedly "looking for romance."

This is "Don't Stop Movin'." Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like watching Friends and wearing an open flannel shirt right about now?

And here's the big announce from his coming out interview.

On the speculation surrounding his sexuality: "If someone had said 'are you gay?' I would have said yes, but no-one ever did. I've never felt the need to leap out of the closet singing and dancing about it. I've always known I was gay, from a very young age. I came out to my friends and my family at a very young age, so for me it's always been my life and it's never needed to be a huge change that I've had to tell everyone about."

On coming out, he added: "If you are in the public eye I think people feel like they have a right to know, feel like they have a right to ask and that you should be completely open and honest about all these things. And I think it depends."

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I hadn't heard of them either, so don't feel bad. But good for him.

Oh, and I ALWAYS feel like wearing an open flannel shirt. But let's skip "Friends" and watch "Seinfeld" instead, k?

As a member of their target audience during the 90s, I can say I've not only heard of them, but I'm pretty sure I still have a couple of their discs lying around. The sitcom was... well it was a 90s sitcom. They weren't particularly well known in the states but seemed to have more popularity back in the UK. Either way, I'm glad that Jon seemed to be perfectly comfortable with his sexuality.

They British and was on both BBC and ITV Children's afternoon blocked during the 90s. this is why I know of them and you two don't.