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Rand Paul doesn't believe HIV causes AIDS?

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Kentucky Tea Party Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul belongs to a psuedo-science "medical association" that make the ex-gays look like the reasonable sort. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is one of those far-far-right whacked out groups that you expect to find waiting for a spaceship to carry them away. rand_paul_scrubs.jpgPR Watch reports:

AAPS' Statement of Principles maintains that it is "evil" and "immoral" to participate in Medicare and Social Security. The group argues that President Obama uses a covert form of hypnosis called "neurolinguistic programming" to control his audiences and coerce voters. AAPS denies the link between HIV and AIDS and opposes mandatory vaccinations. The group has also fought expanded health care coverage for children.

This is not the same group that Rand, an ophthalmologist, founded - the National Board of Ophthalmology, Inc. That group is a fake accreditation society meant to fool people into believing it is the real American Academy of Ophthalmology. Rand's own accreditation isn't recognized by the American Medical Association; he accredited himself. I wonder why, don't you?

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With his nutty ideas about HIV and AIDS, why is Paul running for senator from Kentucky when he could be running for president of South Africa?

I find it a bit odd to lump in opposing mandatory vaccinations (and or mandatory medical treatments), with the other crazy going on here. I personally think people should be able to make their own choices. There are currently states that require infants with HIV to take AZT and other strong cocktails, which I totally disagree with (as would almost anyone that sees the damage it does to them).

Don't get me wrong, it clear from the rest he's pretty far off the deep end. Let's be careful though not to cast the net too wide If he's against vaccinations because of "government programing drugs", that's one thing. But lumping all vaccination opposers into one group, regardless of reason, is a bit much.

Requiring children to take AZT is horrid, of course. But it's not the same as requiring vaccinations which prevent the child from getting a disease to start with.

This reply is for Woody. Please do tell what states "require infants with HIV to take AZT and other strong cocktails... ."

We don't refer to HAART and ART (hightly active antiretroviral drugs) as "cocktails" any longer. The correct terms are HAART, ART, or drug combos. Cocktails seems to imply there is a party going on and, as you probably know, there is no party going on with any of the HIV drugs.

PReP, or taking HIV meds preventatively, is still in the process of being proven safe. There are still studies on whether it should be advertised or not (although it is available in many states). But I haven't heard anything about it being given to infants.

He actually has said that he likes Medicare a lot (a substantial part of his income comes from the program), so maybe the other stuff he doesn't believe.

Who knows. That guy's beliefs are incorrect enough as it is.

I didn't know that he accredited himself. Isn't that a bit like Napoleon crowning himself Emperor? Sheesh, what arrogance.

Wait a minute. Isn't South Africa fairly liberal as far as African countries go? I mean, they're not Uganda.

After hearing Rand Paul talk, how could any Kentuckian let him anywhere near their eyes?