Bil Browning

Reminder: We can't be this tacky

Filed By Bil Browning | August 11, 2010 8:30 AM | comments

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Tags: gay marriage, marriage equality, Ninja attack, stupid wedding tricks, wedding dance

So the next time you remember that in most states you can't get married and exploding_head.jpgPresident Obama is okay with that, watch these videos of straight weddings and think, "Well, thank God the government won't allow me to be that tacky!"

After the jump you'll find two videos. In one, fake ninjas attack the wedding party. The other features the most original walk down the aisle you've ever seen.

But who needs marriage equality? We don't want to end up being as tacky as these fine (legally married) folks!

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Cynthia Lee | August 11, 2010 8:52 AM

This post is completely without class.
The wedings you point at look like they were fun and exciting, NOT something to make fun of.

Sour grapes perhaps?

Sour grapes? Are you envious of the ceremony or the legal rights? Because if it's the former there's nothing stopping you from throwing just as tacky a ceremony. And if it's the latter, it doesn't really have much to do with these videos.

Sure, government recognition is significant, but if the government is being a jerk, just don't invite it to your wedding!

Oh, c'mon, Bil. Tacky is in the eye of the beholder. If I were ever to have a big ol' wedding, I'd want people to have a helluva time, even if it means a bunch who cant dance down an aisle to save their lives or some really phony ninjas during the reception. I applaud these couples for saying Tradition be damned; I'm having *fun* on what's usually a stressed-out operatic-style production. And I bet both of these couples will beat that 50% first-divorce thing, easily.

Sometimes it's okay to be tacky. Sometimes it's okay to have fun. A wedding is definitely a time for both.

I bet the reception for the second video wedding was frekkin awesome. the booze ran freely, and fun was had by all.

Bil, those videos aren't a warning against stylish gays getting involved in the whole tacky wedding thing. They're a damned good reason why we need to get involved - to raise the standards!

I agree with Bil. TACKY.

The first one looked stupid, but they seemed to enjoy it. The second one (I know this may sound stupid) made me tear up a bit. I love good wedding videos and that looked very original and seemed like a blast. Definitely rememberable. Just makes me want to get married.

I had the same reaction, Eric. It was all so brainless and fun and cool. I want a wedding like that! (Now taking applications... anyone?... anyone?)

"My Big Fat Obama God in the Mix Wedding," perchance?

We can be as tacky as we want, too!

"Tacky"? That first video is about as traditional as you can get. Don't you know what the best man and ushers were for? They were to help the groom fend off attack from anyone trying to stop the marriage, and the best man was there to step in and marry the bride to ensure the continued right of property association in case the groom was killed in the fight.

I'm not planning on getting married, ever, but if I haaaaaad to it wouldn't be so bad marrying Zorro.

I thought they looked like fun, and like the couples where having fun too! After all it's their night plus it will be a wedding that they and every one else remembers.

Having officiated at about 100 Holy Unions and Weddings I always told the couple "This is your day do what you want! Forget tradiotion, say what you want to say, dress the way you want to dress."

Both of these videos show imagination and orginally - Traits we glbts do not often ascribe to heterosexuals.

Our hetero masters have GOT to let us marry! Gays can do tacky like no one else. Step aside, sister!