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Road Trip I

Filed By Sean Martin | August 02, 2010 6:00 PM | comments

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When I was a kid, my parents told me that summer road trips were all about learning about the world around you...


Click for a larger version.

To be continued...

(And a brief reminder that last week's storyline, which got sidetracked by my little sermon on Friday, is happily resolved on the blogsite, which can be found here.)

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Now wait just a minute. They didn't make gold 1959 VW bugs.

Ah, but through the miracle of paint... :-)

And I suppose some genius retrofitted it with Air Conditioning? Or is it going to be a hot ride to the canyon?

I wanna go to the Grand Canyon. I've never been there. Have you been in real life, Sean?

Go. Seriously, just go and see it. It's amazing, especially if you take the overnight camping trip to the bottom. Up top, it's just this big crack in the earth. Down below, you're really aware of everything that happened that made this puppy. It's hard not to come out of it and still not believe in the possibility of the Divine.

Gay boys to the Grand Canyon... will there be geological sexual innuendo? Please let there be geological sexual innuendo.