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Road Trip II

Filed By Sean Martin | August 03, 2010 6:00 PM | comments

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Ah, vacations. When life is supposed to be stress-free.


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To be continued.

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You wanted a comment....load of crap read the law as it was written and it says exactly what the federal immigration laws say.

Sure it does, Daniel -- in a hysteria-driven, wrapping-the-flag-around-me-because-Im-up-for-reelection kind of way. If the federal law says the same thing, then the state law is unnecessary: it's that simple. And if the federal law says the same thing, a judge wouldnt put an injunction on some of the state law's more... uhm... *interesting* aspects.

Hmm. There's a federal judge who disagrees. But what would she know? Obviously she hasn't read the law.


To Daniel - It's an awesome law that's totally legal, I'm sure. That's why the feds are suing to stop it and a judge issued an injunction to the most heinous parts. But we'll tell 'em, you say it's okay. That'll solve all the issues that's had the country in an uproar for months.