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Shady Surveys of Spouses. Seriously.

Filed By Jarrod Chlapowski | August 24, 2010 3:30 PM | comments

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Beyond our weekly ads, I'm reluctant to drop Servicemembers United material on Bilerico for my personal posts. military-spouse.jpgWe have a website for that, right? Not a fan of being obnoxious.

However... We just came out with a memo yesterday criticizing the spouse survey that was sent out over the weekend. In case you didn't catch it, it's here:

SU Memo

These surveys are bad news, folks. And the results are 99% guaranteed to leak. Let's stay on the ball and make sure it's clear the surveys are biased so we're not playing catch up later.

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Honestly, I've heard so much about these surveys and while they do seem innocuous when I’ve read them they do carry an edge. So far, I haven’t seen any real questions with any meat to them. They say they’re going doing it to ‘plan’ but there is no clear cut forum or even a rudimentary ‘plan’ outlined anyplace.

What would they say if we surveyed our community about military members moving in to our neighborhoods or openly working around our families and friends?

Because honestly, military types are drunks, foul mouthed, mean, nasty and every time you turn around it seems like a military/ex-military person is going on a rampage killing people.
…and have you ever tried to work with one? I have to deal with a former Army type as a supervisor. OMG, he still has a regulation hair cut and he only wears green, kaki or black.

Well golly gee there Gina. I sure am glad you've learned something from the wingnuts about generalizing. Geez. Really? I guess I'm just glad I don't have you for a neighbor.

While neither my husband or I support many of the military decisions in this country, he chose military service to get out of a small town and have the chance to make a better life for himself. The fact that you have just called ALL "military types...drunks, foul mouthed, mean, nasty and every time you turn around it seems like a military/ex-military person is going on a rampage killing people." is not only incorrect, it's offensive.

There are two things that make me really really angry: homophobic religious wingnuts and one of my own people spewing the same type of invective. Grow up, get some education and perhaps use your brain before you speak or in this instance, write. Because in case you haven't noticed, lgbt folk are in EVERY walk of life, including military.

I think the point was that military members can have stereotypical views of our community just like there are stereotypes about them.

Yeah, I think this is the Gina who's posted on Bilerico before, and she's ex-military. I guess not everyone has a sarcasm detector.

My mates are ex-military, fuck off.

Oh, and a lot of the problems are the result of the military, not the servicemembers. They don't do shit for helping people shift from military life to civilian life. They barely even recognize that PTSD exists, for fuck's sake.