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#SSS: Pam Spaulding on LGBT Bloggers and the White House, Dr. Laura, Trans Law in TX and More

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This week on Same Sex Sunday, openly gay U.S. Congress hopeful Ed Potosnack form New Jersey talks with Phil Reese and Pam Spaulding shared her thoughts about the White House's beef with LGBT bloggers.Thumbnail image for Same Sex Sunday

The weekly round table talked about Dr. Laura's long over due retirement, the Ninth Circuit's stay of Judge Walker's decision in Perry vs. Schwarzenegger, the Nikki Araguz case in Texas, the AIDS/HIV State of the Union, and more.

This week's round table guests are Media Matters Contributor Karl Frisch, Metro Weekly's Chris Geidner,'s Todd Heywood, Former HRC Director of Communications Brad Luna, and HRC member of HRC Board of Directors and HRC Business Council Meghan Stabler.

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This was a fun one to record! I haven't heard the finished product yet because we were busy putting on a VERY SUCCESSFUL FIRST EVER PRIDE FEST in Champaign Urbana--I can't wait to hear how the interviews and round table turned out all together!

Do y'all like the show?

I'm glad you interviewed Pam Spaulding. People should understand her inflated sense of self-importance. Complaining about the President not meeting with bloggers - when he hasn't met with ANY bloggers - shows how important she thinks she is. She isn't.

LGBT Blogs have been influential, but I wouldn't count Pam Spaulding. My comments on PamsHouseBlend we censored simply because I disagreed with her. John Aravosis does the same at AmeriBlog.

Pam promotes anger and the false idea that bitching can achieve results. I think she is counterproductive and makes us look ignorant and incoherent.

People should listen to this interview. Self-importance is not helping our community.

I would also add that I expect more from you Phil to suggest "promises have been broken" when they were never made. Politics isn't pretty and it takes time. the suggestion that you can hold politicians accountable is childish. There isn't an option to supporting the Democrats and the threat that we will withhold funding is silly.

I think the White House ignores Pam Spaulding because she doesn't make any sense. There is no conspiracy, it is just the low quality of Spaulding and Aravosis. Remarkably, both actually believe "withholding" our support is a threat. It is not. Spaulding is a petulant child. The White House should ignore her.

Andrew you sound jealous and like you have to much time on your hands to be on all these blogs. Wonder why they are censoring you? It is their blogs so to me they can censor who they want. Just like you can bitch all you want about it.

I think Pam is doing important work for our community.

Make sure you don't disagree with her. She wants cheerleaders, not conversation.

You guys always make me proud. I wish you'd ask more follow up questions though instead of just moving on to the next prepared one.

I disagree with Pam on her Obama stance and still have access to the Blend.

Most bloggers like healthy discussion, debates and critiques on their posts.

What many of us don't like is people making personal attacks disguised as criticism.

Listen to the interview. Pam Spaulding is offended that Obama hasn't talked with her. The President hasn't talked toany Bloggers.

I was blocked because I asked questions. Simple questions. Instead of answering them (like Jillian Weiss does) she simply censored them. Criticize that.