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Think of the children and vote

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It's not at all surprising to me that the recent study of Prop 8 campaigns found that the "gay marriage will be taught to your childrenbremen-community.png" argument was effective. There's just something about kids and gay people, usually men, that makes homophobes' brains break.

In a Chicago suburb, for instance, a human rights commission is considering a case in which a superintendent was fired for being gay a few years ago after a school board member asked him about his sexuality in his job interview and then became the school board president and started a campaign against him:

Though his contract was extended, things began to get more difficult for Dr. Mitchell. Evelyn Gleason became president of the School Board.

Gleason's new role allowed her to not only change the district's legal council, (replacing the firm with her son's law firm) but it allowed her to "do what she'd always wanted: get rid of Mitchell," Lambda attorneys wrote in 2006. "When Mitchell notified the board that he intended to pursue his rights under local laws prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination, Gleason retaliated by trumping up false allegations against Mitchell in the media. He was suspended and later fired."

Aside from Gleason spreading the news of Mitchell's sexuality during the interview process, she also allegedly told parents in the district "Did you know that he's gay?" when they questioned his firing.

And who knows how many straight parents were quieted down with that line?

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May the Gods curse those idiots. It's the 21ST CENTURY!!!

I don't know why anyone is surprised here about how we failed in Nov 2008. We ran a shitty campaign that did not address, and address directly, the lies about gay people.

In 1978, Harvey Milk pioneered a very successful campaign strategy that included using the word gay, using openly gay people, using literature that directly countered all of the nasty accusations that gay men are pedophiles.

Here's a link to an article that contrasts the 1978 Brigg's campaign to the prop 8 campaign:

I won't give a dime to any gay campaign because I'm not convinced that we'll ever run a successful one.

It's still 1978 in a lot of this country, and will be for a long time, as the smart ones continue to grow up and time travel out of there. Who says there's no such thing as time travel?