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The Birds

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Back when I was in college, I was a waitress for the school's catering company. It was good money and free food. jake-hot-dog-seagull.jpgWhen you lived off campus, free food was key because no one ever spent money on food- only beer and bar hopping.

If it were a particularly fancy dinner, with a small number of people, there was no guarantee there would be leftovers. Thus a few of the guys I worked with would actually finish the food off the plates as they came back into the kitchen.

They called it "seagulling." The act of snatching food like a seagull before the plate scraps were dumped in the trash. I called it gross.

Yesterday, poor Jake learned the real act of seagulling from a seagull.

Look closely in the photo and you see not only is Jake's hot dog wrapper empty, but the seagull behind him is enjoying it.

Poor baby.

The seagull? Well, I got the wax paper away from it but the dog was gone. The offender taunted us for the rest of the day by the smear of ketchup on its beak.

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I've managed restaurants where waiters (usually male) would eat from plates being returned to the kitchen. Usually they would go after the good (expensive) stuff, as in filet mignon, lobster, shrimp and the like.

I don't remember anyone getting sick from it, but how can you track that?

It is gross. I don't even eat after my own mother, much less complete strangers who could possibly have any number of communicable diseases.

Seagulls can be pretty mean. Last time I was in Maine I remember a "The house isn't responsible for the actions of seagulls" sign. Haha, except they were probably serious and didn't want to make people an extra hot dog.

That's freaking hilarious. I love that pic.

it was only by chance I caught the offending bird on camera- I was taking picts of the boys, and only happened to be shooting jake at the time.

poor baby!

and alex? used to be, the gulls up here were pretty mild. now? they are getting incredibly bold.

whaddaya think? rent "the birds" tonight to watch??