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The demographics of genital piercing

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The LA Times published an interesting article about the lenny-beige.jpgdemographics of genital piercings the other day that I thought readers would be interested in. While I've blogged before about Karl Rove's gay dad and all of his piercings (link NSFW), it seems he's not the usual guy getting his junk poked full of holes.

Who's the most likely to get their stuff pierced? Straight white middle aged men.

So what's the motivation behind getting your genitals pierced? Anyone who's got one care to explain? The article lists several of the problems associated with the jewelry. The results come from a self-selecting bunch of guys, but there's some interesting statistics available. They're after the jump.

Among those who responded, the average man was 31 years old, white, heterosexual, college educated and earned more than $36,000 per year.


  • 89% identified themselves as Caucasians;

  • 41% were married and another 20% lived with a significant other;

  • 56% reported a salary of more than $45,000 per year;

  • 28% said they had a strong religious faith;

  • 82% said they were heterosexual;

  • 87% said they didn't use drugs;

  • 74% said they had at least some college, and 20% had a graduate or doctoral degree.

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I got a PA some years ago. I wanted it for the look, plus the two guys I was with at the time got piercings at the same time, so it was a bond of sorts. I thought there might be some enhanced sensation, but that didn't happen for me, although it did for one of the other guys. He went on to get many more cock piercings, not unlike the pic in your link. He rattles when he walks naked! I sized up my piercing to 2 gauge and wore it regularly for a while, but after a couple years it was more of a hassle than anything else. Fortunately it's easy to take out. The piercing hole won't ever close, so I occasionally put the jewelry back in and wear it for a while, when the mood strikes.

In related topics, I'm currently getting my first tattoo. I've been inked for 33 hours so far. By the time it's done I'll have ink from my ankle to knee. It consists of lots of parts: a gothic church spire on fire, a rose window and a stained glass outer space scene, gothic stonework borders, and a large pipe organ. I've started to really look forward to the 3-5 hour sessions of getting needled. Pain and endorphins are powerful and enjoyable.

Bil, I'm guessing you don't have any tattoos or other body modifications. None of that stuff is a big deal, but if you don't "get it" already, it's doubtful that it can be explained in a way that will convey they appeal. Body mods are just sexy to me, like blue eyes are sexy to others.

Brian in NYC | August 25, 2010 11:03 PM

Ummm...."Who's the most likely to get their stuff pierced? Straight middle-aged white men."

31 is middle-aged???

dharmapupil | August 26, 2010 3:35 AM

At 58 should I be checking myself for decomp in the morning?

The average American male's lifespan is 76 years. One half of that is 33 years old.

Is 31 middle aged? Technically not for a couple of years, but I didn't think it was a scientific set of years. I considered myself middle-aged around 32 or so and always assumed it kind of went to mid-40s.

dharmapupil | August 26, 2010 4:37 AM

Uh, Bil, check your math... 38, not 33.

I guess because my family regularly lives into their late 90s, I have always considered late 40s and 50s to be 'middle'-aged. That's perhaps a personal bias on the age thing. I certainly consider guys in their 30s mature but youthful, not middle-aged.

And that's what I get for leaving a comment on the site at 4am. Yowza.

Maybe we can say most men with their junk pierced are middle aged? Once that's been pierced, it stays that way.

Tattoos are very sexy to me, and on non-genital areas I understand them.

But dick piercing/tattoo? What the hell? PAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINN AWHEEEE! *squeal*

is all that comes to mind with the mere thought.

I guess I should have mentioned this in my first comment. The PA did not particularly hurt. I was terrified of getting a needle in my dick, just like the commenters here. But it was just a little pinch, over quickly, and rather anticlimactic.

Healing, on the other hand, was painful. Though I went to a very experienced and reputable piercer, he made a miscalculation in the size of jewelry he initially put in. He underestimated how much I grow when hard. So the ring he used was too small in diameter and any time I'd get hard, at night while sleeping if not otherwise, the jewelry put pressure on the piercing and kept it from healing correctly. It took me some agonized months to figure this out, but once I did and increased the diameter of jewelry, the piercing healed quickly.

Moral of the story: pick a piercer with an excellent reputation and lots of experience, and even then, ask lots of questions and pay attention to what your body tells you.