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WaPo Endorses MD Delegate Candidate Dr. Dana Beyer

Filed By Dr. Jillian T. Weiss | August 24, 2010 2:30 PM | comments

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The Washington Post has endorsed Dr. Dana Beyer in the upcoming Maryland House of Delegates election.

She is notable not only for her stands on the issues, which I detailed in a post earlier this month, she is also one of a few transgender candidates in the upcoming elections around the country.

The rise of the transgender community on a national level is a story in the making, and it is marked, in part, by the seriousness with which Dr. Beyer's candidacy is taken by major players in national and state politics, like the Washington Post.

The primary election will be held on September 14. If you believe in progressive politics, please support Dana Beyer by clicking here. It's not the amount that you contribute. It's the fact that you contribute at all that's important. As I have said before, we will start to win our political battles to the extent that we have a presence in politics.

Here's what the Washington Post said about Dr. Beyer, also noting that the Montgomery County incumbent lineup, supported by the Democratic Machine, has "tended to punch below its weight." That's a nice way of saying they're not getting much done.

IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY, the Democratic primaries for the state legislature are notable this year for the number of tough challenges to entrenched incumbents. (There are no contested Republican primaries in Montgomery or, for that matter, GOP lawmakers in the county's lineup in Annapolis.) The competition could help strengthen a delegation that, despite Montgomery's status as the colossus of Maryland localities, has tended to punch below its weight. The following candidates, identified in bold type, are our choices in contested primaries, which will be held Sept. 14.

...DISTRICT 18...Two strong challengers are worthy of support: Dana Beyer, a retired physician and former aide to County Council member Duchy Trachtenberg; and Vanessa Atterbeary, an attorney who serves on the Montgomery County Commission for Women. Both are Purple Line supporters who are better attuned to the district's mix of affluent and working-class residents.

As I said in my previous post on Dr. Beyer, Maryland is one of the strongholds of Democratic Party rule in the country, quite progressive and with a highly educated electorate, and yet it has not passed inclusive employment protections. Why?

It may be because the Party there is controlled by a machine that only elects timid, right-leaning candidates.

The Washington Post has now called them out on that.

Good luck, Dr. Beyer.

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Great to hear. I've interviewed Dana and she's a class act, super-smart, and she'd be a great delegate. What's not to vote for?

I hope she wins this time. She'd set a great example and hopefully shake things up a little.

I'm still hoping we'll see her get an historic win this time through. If anyone can, it's Dana.

Congrats, Dana! and best of luck.

Actually, Maryland is not a progressive state. It is about 2/3rds democratic but being a democrat does not make one progressive. If it did, we would already have marriage equality and gender identity anti-discrimination. Montgomery County is a progressive county. Sen. Brian Frosh of Montgomery County is the chair of the judicial proceedings committee. He wouldn't even order a committe votes. When the Washington Post says the Montgomery County legislator are not pulling their weight, they are probably talking about their "progressive" non-leadership. As Dana likes to say, we don't need more democrats. We need better ones.

Dana is an obvious choice. She's smart, capable, and she knows the game well. I support her too.

Thanks, everyone. It's looking really good!