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Yesterday in racist teabagger t-shirts

Filed By Bil Browning | August 29, 2010 11:30 AM | comments

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Glenn Beck's "Restore America" rally was in DC yesterday and while the organizers discouraged folks from bringing signs (so as not to be embarrassed by the racist bullshit the teabaggers have been writing on them), you just can't keep a restored American down. If we restore slavery, maybe we could compete with the booming economies of Haiti, Sudan, Niger or Mauritania (no matter how you misspell it).


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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | August 29, 2010 11:52 AM

Like this "Fox News special event" the shirt makes no point that can be interpreted clearly.

The assertion the shirt makes is accurate, but pointless, and particularly ignorant on the 47th anniversary of Dr. King's appearance on the same spot. Perhaps it was meant to be offensive. Perhaps he was clueless.

Africans who came to America were the captured tribes of warring neighbor tribes. After all, no one showed up and asked to be sold into bondage. Today we would have an "ethnic tribal cleansing" instead as in the case of Sudan.

Elizabeth Olsen | August 29, 2010 12:59 PM

These teabaggers "make mee sew vary, vary prowd to be an 'merican".

I don't think the point is "We should go back to slavery," which would be far too direct for this sort. No, it's more of the typical passive-aggressive "Well they're just as bad as we are!" sort of thing. You know, like how when they say that gays don't really believe in tolerance b/c we don't tolerate their intolerance; it's not like they actually want a tolerant society, but for people to stop thinking about morality and start thinking that humans suck generally so it's ok to suck.

This one's pretty interesting, though, since usually someone doesn't pull the "Well you're just as bad" card unless they actually feel guilt. I remember reading something I don't know where and by whom (so don't quote me) about how white Americans are still dealing with the guilt that their ancestors had a monstrous practice and they all have different ways of dealing with that. If that's true, then this dude has a pretty immature way of going about it.

I like your thoughtfulness about this and I think you're right on.

I honestly don't understand the point this guy is trying to make.

Regan DuCasse | August 29, 2010 5:19 PM

Well said Alex.

When a white person in particular makes such remarks on slavery in Africa, they ARE deflecting the point that slavery is brutal, but THEY don't have to feel any concern or guilt about it.

Just like white people who hear blacks calling each other nigger.
'Hey, THEY do it, so why should I care, or be sensitive about black people!'

Women are brutalized the world over AND in America, I don't see any straight men all that concerned about restraining their brethren even though they aren't confronted with commiserate examples of women doing it to other women.

Apparently these are people who aren't too smart or concerned about human brutality against another.
As long as they don't have to think about any of it, or think it's part of a serious, larger scheme, then everything is rosy.

Rationalization is an extremely selfish and immature attitude to take about any kind of human rights abuses.
And we certainly wouldn't be able to count on someone like this guy to want to help put a stop to it.
What you bet he thinks HE has more problems than any black he's ever seen. Or at least deserves less than he does in comparison.

I'm surprised that the guy didn't 'accidentally' misspell "Niger" by adding an extra "g."

BTW - the point he's trying to make (I assume) is one of the typical white victimization (butt)nugget of 'logic': that because some blacks are known to have owned slaves, no white person - much less white culture, government, et. al. - should be looked down upon in any way because of slavery where whites did the capturing and/or owning.


Please do not get me wrong, as Glenn Beck makes me ill with his Straussian Imperial perversion of Liberty, however this:

"OMG Look at the t-shirt one person was wearing" is such an example of the "Guilt by Association" logical fallacy it too makes me ill.

It hardly seems appropriate that those of us in the queer community would appreciate the notion that all queers are sexually-promiscuous due to the actions of a few...

.....or that the 19 hijackers who flew planes into buildings make all Muslims, terrorists "unworthy" of building a community center in the vicinity of Ground zero......

...or that all Christian are suicidal-abortion clinic bombers...

and the list can go on ad nauseam.

It would seem to me that attempting to smear an entire group of individuals who hold dissenting beliefs via the actions of a few would be best left to the trash heap of pseudo-intellectualism. Most especially those people who seek to lift a group out of the shadows and out of discrimination, i.e the LGBTQI community.

As such, it is disappointing to see yet another instance of this on Bilerico.

The man wearing that t-shirt did it solely to offend people!
Has no one els noticed the RED t-shirt this man is wearing under the black one? Why would you wear 2 t-shirts on a day when the temperature reached into the 90's? That shirt is just a prop he put on long enough to pose for a "racist" picture he could later post on the internet! Here's the same fat slob posing for another picture in his other t-shirt!

I dislike Glenn Beck a great deal, but what kind of person stoops to this level?

I dunno that I would outright call this racist, someone should have interviewed this guy.