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You flippin kidding me? GOProud books Ann Coulter for party

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Ann Coulter probably isn't as anti-gay as she pretends. After all, we all know that sensationalism makes lots of money. Look at Madonna. Look at Gaga. Look at Liberace.

HopeFinal.pngRegardless, however, the woman who throws around "fag" like I throw around "um" and "like" on SameSexSunday is not exactly someone who I would consider as an honored guest for an LGBT fundraiser. Enter constant contrarians, GOProud, stage right.

GOProud is throwing their coming out party, HOMOCON (as in homosexual conservatives, so, you know, transgender and bisexual not included) on September 25--apparently somewhere in New York City, but the location is unspecified (witness protection?). And their keynote? None other than the tallest blondest jack ass in the world, Ann Coulter! It only costs $250 a plate to get into this three-ringed circus.

Joe and I are expecting to discuss this and more with Bruce Carroll of GOProud on SameSexSunday this week.

We'll also be asking him about crossing the LGBT picket line at the Manchester Hyatt. He ought to be warned--I'm a Union man born and raised in Detroit City. No matter, I'm a journalist now, and I will give him his fair shot at telling his side of the story, because we're all wondering what GOProud was thinking! Go to our page,, and get your questions in on our wall!

And don't miss our other expert guests on SameSexSunday discussing the results of the Proposition 8 study, Judge Walker's Prop 8 decision, and much more! Subscribe on iTunes!

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Aww now go easy on Ann. She is one of my favorite commentators even though I seldom agree with her perspective. But she is intelligent and can thrust and parry with the best of them. She is sort of like William F. Buckley in drag.

Chitown Kev | August 7, 2010 3:56 PM

No, Deena. Just...don't go there.

I have to confess that as a kid, I used to love to watch Firing Line.

Much as I hated the Buckley opinions that I understood, I LOVED the way he said what he had to say.

Those two names just really don't go in the same sentence.

So just...don't. Go. There.

Why not? I'd love to share the dais with Ann and play Vidal to her Buckley. She is good and does a credible job of eviscerating opponents. Bet I could press her self destruct button and it would be fun to see the rant. I really do admire her intellect and style but OMG her mannerisms are such a copy of Buckley that I know she had to study him in depth.

Personally, Deena, I would prefer to sit through dinner with William F. Buckley in drag ... and even if he's dead.

Coulter misrepresents facts as well as outright lies, I have zero respect for her.

Aww poor Ann. I'm sure that will devastate her. But if I was going to attend a conservative gay event I'd much rather listen to her than Dick Cheney's daughter or a gay man from McCain's staff.

And @ A.J. ... a dead Buckley in drag would be like oh so boring. I think Ann is the perfect choice for the homocon. I hope it shows up on youtube. Should be a riot.

Obviously, Deena, you have a different sense of entertainment than Kev and the rest of us ...

Rumors I hear are that GoProud signed up Coulter only after Glenn Beck told them where to shove it (most of them already had), Rick Warren was previously booked and Mel Gibson has a court appearance that day ...

You mean Donna Milo didn't get an invite?

You mean Fred Phelps didn't get an invite? Phelps and Coulter use similar language. Coulter: Al Gore is "a big fag." John Edwards is "a faggot." Like Phelps, Coulter is a professed Christian and also is cool with being extremely hostile to people who don't share her beliefs. If she were asked point blank, "Do you think that God hates fags?," she'd probably say yes. (cf. Leviticus.)

Ann Coulter is actively destructive. She is a Christian dominionist and McCarthyist, and extraordinarily ill-mannered -- in all, a sociopath. She has no place among civilized people, and I wish her (and Michael Savage's) enablement by media companies would come to an end.

Did William F. Buckley throw off hateful slurs like that?

Phil: While well-intended I would chill on the name "Homocon." Do you object, for the same reasons, to the similarly jocular term "gayTM"? Homocon and gayTM are shorthand phrases that roll off the tongue much more easily than LGBTAcon or LGBTA-TM. Choose your battles.

A. J. Lopp | August 8, 2010 5:09 PM
Did William F. Buckley throw off hateful slurs like that?

@CTA: Yes, he did once that I know of, but apologized for it later.

During the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention, ABC News paired Gore Vidal and Buckley against each other for color commentary. In a famous exchange that went slightly out of control, Vidal was criticizing the Chicago Daley police for their brutality tactics. In passing, Vidal referred to those who supported the police as "crypto nazis" --- that pushed a final button on Buckley, who lost his cool and responded, "Don't you call me a crypto nazi, you pinko fag!" while the famous ABC narrator (whose name escapes me now) yelled "Gentlemen! ... Gentlemen! ..." and quickly sequed to a commercial. (Vidal, by the way, was delighted that he had cowed Buckley into a moment of ballistics --- you might even say he was tickled pink!)

But Buckley was indeed a gentleman in constitution, and later in his book The Governor Listeth he wrote a chapter-length recounting of the incident, which ends with a thoughtful discussion of the question whether a libertarian should insult a fellowman regarding his sexual orientation, followed by an apology to Mr. Vidal.

I'll play devil's advocate by giving a shout out to GOProud. I agree with their chairman, Christopher Barron, about the "no fun" mentality of the left.

I've mentioned this in several postings to Bilerico and other liberal blogs to little effect but I'll do so again since it is important that the progressive, liberal, left (P/L/L) consider my stance. Which is the idea that more business deals have been made on golf courses than in mind numbingly boring business meetings.

I'm using playing golf as an example of any number of fun things people do together. Whatever a person's agenda is they're more likely to find supporters if they join with others in getting out and enjoying life with them.

Did you ever notice how many people come out as gay or trans, are active in the P/L/L community a few years and then vanish? There is a good reason for this. We eventually get terminally bored by the no fun mentality of the P/L/L community. In particular the individuals within the community.

As I've mentioned before you can prove this to yourself. Contact almost any gay/trans left activist and ask them if they would go out with you dancing, to a movie, to a nightclub or whatever other fun activity that the two of you might enjoy together. Be sure to have medical help available since they might harm themselves trying to get away from you to avoid the possibility of having fun.

The problem with this attitude is it drives away many potential supporters. I suspect my mind set is representative of these potential supporters. It goes like this:

I see an upcoming function in support of a P/L/L cause. Do I wish to use my time, money and energy to get involved? Thinking cap on....

1. The last ten functions like this I went to bored me to tears. Mostly they were exercises in ego gratification for the people running the programs.

2. Even though I've met many P/L/L activists over the years there is not one of them I hang out with regularly to have fun.

Conclusion: I'll skip the function.

Multiply my attitude by several hundred thousand, perhaps even millions, of people and you can see who much support the P/L/L community loses by having a no fun mentality. My guess is this happens with much of the conservative community too. Their activists don't seem all that keen to have fun nor do they seem all that fun to hang out with anyway.

But for the majority of people we're looking to enjoy life. If in doing so we can support causes worthwhile to us we will. Otherwise "no fun" = we'll take a pass.
"The gay left has done their best to take all the fun out of politics, with their endless list of boycotts and protests. Homocon is going to be our annual effort to counter the 'no fun police' on the left," said Christopher Barron, Chairman of the Board of GOProud....

I try to go out clubbing as often as I can!

Here's the hypocrisy with this. I am not naming names, because I--believe it or not--do happen to personally like a few of the GOProud people. However, I can tell you exactly where the reasoning breaks down:


I am a huge proponent of Pride. Yes I'd like to make it more political, but I am a big fan of the party too. When, last year, Max Mutchnick, creator of Will and Grace railed against the carnival atmosphere of Pride, I had a big problem with that. I know many of the GOProud folk agreed with Max, using the "it makes our community look bad." excuse.

I argued in my responses that Pride is not about PR. Its not for the greater community. Sure the media shows up, but just because they do doesn't mean we should curb who we are and not feel free to fly our freak flag. Some gay Conservatives are only worried about what straight folk think about them. In fact, they're so obsessed with worrying about what straight folk think, they behave in very homophobic ways, internalizing and transferring the homophobia they see reflected from the groups they seek acceptance from.

I think that, more often, the gay left is a whole hell of a lot less concerned about what "people think." I find this more fun. More fun than conforming to some sort of imaginary expectation that we believe will make us acceptable. What's more fun than saying "let your freak flag fly?" That is the message of the gay left, NOT the gay right. Look at the poster itself? "Our gays are more macho than their straights." This really sort of reveals what's really going on in the subconscious there.

"Conservative gays conform to their standards of masculinity than straight lefties do. Accept us. We beg you. Take us in."

It has an air of desperation to it.

So yes, I disagree that this sort of sucking up to straight folks is fun at all. If a straight person likes me and wants to hang out with me, then that's one thing. I'm not working on making myself acceptable to straights. Not fun. If I feel like throwing on lipstick, a wig, latex, chains, leather and a clown's nose and mime giving birth to a large 500 lb man in the middle of Broadway in Chicago during the Pride Parade, I'm going to do it. I think giving oneself permission to have fun DESPITE what others might think is a hell of a lot healthier.

One thing that GOProud does do right is being unapologetically out as both gay and Conservative. I admire the GOProud boys for being very out and very vocal.

But I'd rather my party than theirs, especially if theirs has Ann Coulter, and I'm not allowed to shove a banana cream pie in her face. Now THAT's what I call fun with Ann Coulter!

A. J. Lopp | August 8, 2010 5:18 PM

I agree with much of what you say here, Phil. However, when things swing a bit too far to the Right and GLBT people start getting shot on the street, thrown in jail on trumped-up charges, and the air is sprinkled with talk of concentration camps, it is time to start paying attention to "what other people think".

I am not saying such a time is now --- unless you live in Uganda or Iran --- but it has been in the past (Germany), and it could happen again in the future.

Bring it on. I've already said several times that I disagree with Ann on most subjects. But sheesh its no fun at all to have debates and discussions where everyone is nodding in agreement. For about a decade Gore Vidal and William Buckley knocked each other about on politics and philosophy and it was great fun to watch the fireworks which were for the most part civil yet very well done on both sides.

So I suppose to most of you I am strange in enjoying a good confrontation with an intelligent opponent. I don't know much of anything about GOProud and I wish I could attend their upcoming function to find out more on a first hand basis instead of reading all the second and third hand propaganda about them. I guess its a case of each to their own and most of you obviously prefer non-confrontational entertainment. Me, I prefer a challenge.

Fighting for your constitutional rights against people who hate you is serious business.

So excuse us Deena if we take it that way.

Sellouts and self hating suckups who oppose the advancement of GLBT rights are always in the mood to party.

That way, they don't have to think about all the people who suffer because of their conservative stances

Monica your perspective is common to many people I know and I won't try to dump on it though I personally choose an alternate path. I don't believe it is possible to attain much traction in a swamp by closing your eyes and saying "get me out of here". I admire many people with whom I have disagreements in politics and philosophy. I even admire some preachers who spew bad interpretations of Scripture. Remember the famous line from the movie Patton where he says "Romel you magnificent bastard, I read your book"? Patton both admire and respected Rommel and could defeat him only because he admired and respected him.

Sure I'll excuse you since you asked. Benjamin Franklin was criticized and scoffed at for drinking and playing cards with the French but when it came time to negotiate he was successful where others were not.

So to you I would counsel "know your enemy". Part of that is appreciating their skills and tactical capabilities. I'm sure you have excellent reasons for taking a different path. Me, I enjoy a good party and the pleasure of engagement. Oh, and btw, I never lose sight of suffering whether caused by liberals or conservatives. That shot was not worthy of you IMHO.

I don't usually associate "fun" with getting told I'm a terrible human being who can't do anything. I also don't associate "fun" with the right - I mean, they want to ban everything that's fun, like sodomy and alcohol and drugs and books and art. Seriously, it's amazing for the party of church scolds to call us not fun. Hypocrisy is a foreign concept to them.