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It's always curious when a politician does something you wouldnt normally expect.


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Uhh scuse me gubernator but its not the size or rigidity of your biceps that interests me.

Is that really Arnold? It looks nothing like him...but then again, I never followed him that closely.

That's him alright...35 years ago.

He never really cared. He just didn't think it polled well before and now he doesn't really have to do anything other than to end the appeals.

I think you've got it, Alex ... if he needs to endorse it, then he won't ... but if he can sit on his can and let other people put it into place, then he'll do nothing to stop it, either ... passive leadership at its best!

spigliatezza | September 5, 2010 4:33 PM

It's not quite as strange as it seems...after Prop 22 in 2000, there was a legal challenge regarding its constitutionality (Prop 22 was the standard "only marriage between a man and woman" language). When the legislature sent those two bills to Schwarzenegger, Prop 22's constitutionality was still up for debate, which is why he vetoed them. However, since the Prop 8 ruling, the constitutionality of Prop 22 (and of gay marriage in general) has been settled, at least by California laws.

Sorry, but that's just tap dancing. The constitutionality may have been settled on the state level, but the federal level has yet to be decided and can still trump. He knew that then, and he knows it now.

But he's not in charge at the federal level. It still may very well be politics (and probably is), but I don't think it's completely inconsistent.