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Blogs are bad but gay marriage is good

Filed By Bil Browning | September 17, 2010 11:00 AM | comments

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Here's an interesting snippet from the Associated Press this morning. They put out poll results from a survey studying what institutions the American people trusted. The results are fascinating.

Of what confidence there is in institutions, the military and small business are at the top in an Associated Press-National Constitution Center poll released Thursday. But even they get very-confident or better ratings from well under half the people.

Blogs, banks and Congress get the most distrust.

What would people change if they were in charge? The poll found growing sentiment for legal protections for same-sex couples, with 58 percent saying they should have the same government benefits as married heterosexuals and nearly as many backing federal recognition of gay marriage.

54% of Americans don't trust blogs or citizen journalists. Only 8% had faith in blogs as a reliable news source. Only one out for five Republicans said they trusted science; the same amount of Democrats had faith in religion.

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Maybe we're entering the Age of Accountability. Pray on it.

I think there is a huge demand for plain old authenticity. This bodes well for a Third Party candidate in 2012.

I know of a few Blogs that are trustworthy. A few.

Well, since the Watergate era, really, Americans have generally had a mistrust in all media, even the mainstream media.

I wouldn't expect blogs to be an exception to that but I don't think that's, per se, the fasult of the blogs