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By the time you read this message, I'll be out of the country

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I'll be gone all next week in Morocco. It's 98.6 degrees there today... maybe we should have bought tickets for a December trip.

Morocco.gifIt'll be interesting to be in a Muslim country after the explosion of Islamophobia in the US that everyone in the world is paying attention to (yeah, the Koran-burning guy and Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich are making you, personally, look bad to people you've never met). The Imam behind the project said that it doesn't send a message of tolerance to avoid building the center now just because it drove the American right crazy in advance of elections, how it could increase violence against Americans.

As usual, I doubt I'll see anything exciting. I managed to be in Athens on a day of a major riot earlier this year and only noticed that the buses weren't running. I'm guessing that most people aren't actually following the story of some crazy pastor who wanted to burn a Koran but didn't in the US or the issue of where to place a community center that has no funding, unless they're political junkies or snooty French people who think that Americans may have caught up to them when it comes to Islamophobia. Sorry, French folks, we'll be over this one and onto the next boogie man while you're still debating the veil.

Anyway, I have some posts that Bil will put up in my stead next week, so even though there will be new content from me, I'm not here. I won't answer email. Don't get mad at me for not replying.

Video of The Daily Show's take on the Imam's comments after the jump.

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I'll miss you, my friend. Safe travels.