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California sued to appeal Prop 8 ruling

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Karen Ocamb has a great post on her site about the Pacific Justice Institute's attempt to sue the state of California into appealing Prop 8. brad dacusTwo weeks ago I wrote, "[I]s the next step for them to sue the state of California to force them to appeal the decision?" Yes, it apparently is:

California is teetering on the precipice of a constitutional crisis. Former bodybuilder, turned Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with former Governor, turned Attorney General, Jerry Brown, are putting their shoulders down to push California's voters over the cliff. With them, the state's republican form of government will fall.

Even if they could convince someone that the executive has a duty to defend all laws that get passed in court, could they go further and prove that the executive must file all possible appeals? I mean, maybe the impartial lawyers out there will say, "Yeah, this is totally the way the law works and PJI's tactic is a brilliant move, go them," but I doubt it.

Also, nice how the right is making fun of Schwarzenegger for being a former bodybuilder when they're the ones who recalled the previous governor to put him in power. They will accept nothing less than full obedience.

PJI's claim that the "government will fall" if an appeal isn't filed isn't self-aware hyperbole, either. Karen posted this video of PJI's president comparing same-sex marriage to Naziism:

That's about all we needed to know about their relationship with reality. I wonder if it'll show through in their legal arguments?

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Well, Obama keeps telling us his DOJ must defend existing laws.

These PJI-nutjobs may have an angle sufficient to send the case back to District Court simply because the State never defended it.

I'm pretty sure that the state technically defended prop 8 at trial but that the religious right orgs intervened mainly because they didn't think the state would do a good job. They sure showed everyone!

No, the State refused to defend it. They didn't even show up.

This lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Black Pastor. Baptist, I assume.

WTF? There was way too much "Amen"-ing in that clip. Mitt Romney's cult of a religion started this push to ban SSM. Now it has been co-opted by the Black "Hallelujah" churches. The God I was taught about 55 years ago must be mad as hell with all these people preaching hatred in His Name!

I'm sure Californians are aware that the RRR (radical religious right) is very fearful that CA WILL appeal the verdict re: Prop 8 and IF the courts side with CA, it will destroy all other states' amendments in their laws regarding SSM! I'm not so sure that the Prop 8 defenders should be pushing CA so hard on this court fight. They may have the entire carton of eggs on their faces in the long run and never have the opportunity to retry this case again. We can only hope!