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Elections go homophobic and transphobic... this is nothing new

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This guy gets right to the point, doesn't he? jason-priest.jpgA functional economy, a decent living, and solid infrastructure are for pussies. Real men spend all their money on war and stop silly sissies from giving away their hard-earned cash to the undeserving poor (and is there any other kind?):

In the back and forth of a discussion about the federal stimulus spending and economist John Maynard Keynes, [Republican candidate for the Montana legislature Jason] Priest referred to Keynes as a "big homo" and suggested that President Barack Obama was figuratively painfully sodomizing America with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Of course, he apologized:

In a letter of apology to the Carbon County News, Priest wrote "recently I posted a comment online that was offensive to some of those who read it. My passion for controlling spending overcame my better judgment and my crude metaphor understandably detracted from the point of my comment. It was a poor choice of words and I apologize to anyone I have offended."

I'd rather he apologize for his position on "controlling spending" while we currently have an oversupply of labor in the US, the biggest oversupply that we've seen in decades. It's like someone throwing boxes and boxes of food because they just can't eat it all while telling hungry people that they don't have anything to share.

For Priest specifically, it's like being that someone and calling someone else a "big homo" for wanting to share.

One of conservatives' favorite tactics it to attach masculinity and femininity to the most bizarre concepts in order to promote their political positions. Democrats are sissies; Republicans are macho. Thinking before going to war is gay; following your gut into battle is Churchill-esque. Renewable energy is for girly girls; drill, baby, drill. Fighting crime by asking why it happens is soft on crime; punishing criminals more is tough.

Here: a functional economy is for homos; 10% official unemployment, cutting social spending, and raiding the treasury for the wealthy are appropriately masculine.

It's amazing that they keep on using this tactic, and it's probably only used half the time as part of a deliberate, planned strategy. Since Priest here doesn't seem to be all that... strategic, they probably also buy into this themselves and actually think that they're being big manly men by submitting to and defending the neo-feudal order. It's a sign of deep insecurity around gender to need to gay-bash John Maynard Keynes, of all people.

brittanypic-1.jpgOn a related note, GLAAD wants the media to start paying attention to homophobic candidates. They don't really say to what end - it seems more like they want the media to point out that these candidates are out of touch in their coverage of them.

They have a list of examples, and they'll have to add a few more just for these last couple of days. A PAC supportive of Oklahoma rep. Sally Kern sent out an email about her opponent Brittany Novotny, a trans woman. Here's part of that email:

Brittany used to be a "he", had a sex change operation to make him into a "her" but turned out to become a confused "it." Some have suggested that having a sex change operation is a person's greatest act of rebellion and hatred toward God for His making them what they were.

It is truly sad to see people reject God's love for them by being willing to mutilate themselves. If they would submit their life to God, they could find the true the joy in life that will forever elude them while on their path of rebellion. The hatred and rage toward Sally continues unabated in the homosexual community because Sally dared to declare their political agenda for what it truly is, more dangerous to the future of America than the threat of terrorism.

And these "some" who are suggesting such a thing are...? Oh, yeah, the people writing the email.

Journalists should be covering these comments fairly so that the weird narrative about how no one cares about teh gayz anymore in American politics because we're all so mature will just die.

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I'm glad that we're finally getting some attention out here- even if it is for our idiots. The awareness can only help us all.
But I'm confident it will soon be time for the real leaders to emerge (fingers crossed).

Fingers crossed with you, buddy!

Homophobics and transphobics are just as much a threat to world peace as the Nazis were. They are the "axis of evil".