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Nate Silver at the NY Times looked up what Democrats and Republicans are talking about in 29 competitive House races. Here's what he found:


There's a lot that's interesting in that chart, but I'm just going to focus on the "Gay rights" part for this post (I'm assuming Nate Silver meant "LGBTQ rights"). 7% translates into two Democrats in competitive House races even mentioning us. And they wonder why we're dispirited.

I intend to vote this November even though I'll be voting in Indiana with some pretty terrible candidates. I interpreting the Democrats' conduct on economic issues these past two years as a direct attempt to dissuade the rabble from voting so that their corporate masters can consolidate their institutional power and if folks like me don't stop banging our heads against this particular wall we may eventually get through. Plus it only takes a few minutes every other year, so no reason not to.

But I'm not going to blame anyone who is LGBTQ who feels like there's no reason to vote this time around. They haven't made much of an effort to follow through and pass some popular initiatives that they themselves said they wanted to pass, most likely because there are enough homophobic Democrats in Congress who'd rather see all these issues just get swept under the rug instead of having to vote for or against them.

Still, one would hope that they'd at least bring up the topic during the campaigns and try to get out the queer vote. While only two of the 29 Democrats examined highlighted their positions on LGBT policy, all 29 have queer people who live in their districts, and we are generally more likely to vote Democratic instead of Republican. They could campaign on these issues, raising awareness about them in the process, but with Dems like these....

I see what Monica Roberts was getting at when, exasperated, pled with the TBLG community to get out and vote this year, but the party itself has to be willing to meet us halfway. If the party really considered us part of their calculus for winning this time around, there are certain things they can do to excite their base instead of getting mad and blaming us for not being sufficiently excited. Getting mad at people for not loving you doesn't make them want to love you.

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"Getting mad at people for not loving you doesn't make them want to love you."

Tell GetEQUAL.

Angela Brightfeather | September 10, 2010 10:53 AM

When your backed into a corner, the only choice that you have is to fight your way out. However, in this instance, every opportunity to make the message heard is fair game and your "pleading" and "bleating" about convincing the masses of hate GLBT people out there that they should love us doesn't mean squat to them or to GLBT people. It's the same thing we have been doing for 36 years without any results. Now, some people without jobs and without any hopes of getting them in a bad economy cycle have the right to yell "foul, no mas, I ain't taking it any more." All your great plans for conversion therapy don't work and are way late in the game.

But the main point is, GetEQUAL is actually motivating people by committing public actions that are not only valid, but are directed at the specific issues, rather than sit around all day and write dissenting opinions about what should be done, on every blog in the GLBT on line atmosphere. So...what is it that you have done today to convince GLBT haters that they need to support us? At least GetEQUAL is using a valid technique (public dissent) to create change.

Not only is the LGBT Community laughing at GetEQUAL - the mainstream media is, too.

San Francisco Chronicle:

"Blocking Market Street to Convince Nancy Pelosi She's Wrong. Really?

The LGBT groups that are protesting are upset with Pelosi for not bringing Employment Non-Discrimination Act to a vote. But while most San Franciscans would probably support the ENDA — I certainly would and probably so would Pelosi — conventional wisdom has it that she isn't bringing to a vote because it would lose. And what's the point in that? As many have said, this looks more like biting the hand that feeds them.

Read more:

I'm not doing anything to "convince GLBT haters." They are only one-third of our fellow citizens. GetEQUAL is jeopardizing the support we already have with these stupid, childish publicity stunts.

It's okay Phil. People are beginning to realize that we need to hold tactics and methods accountable. Only then will we be able to see the solution to our full equality. It's coming.