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Florida Governor Charlie Crist Releases Position Paper on LGBT Issues

Filed By Nadine Smith | September 13, 2010 10:00 AM | comments

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Governor Crist and his campaign team reached out to Equality Florida several Orlando Employment Guide Job Fairweeks ago to let us know of their intention to spell out the Governor's positions on federal LGBT issues and to get our input on the most important areas that should be addressed. The resulting official position statements are below.

This is the furthest a sitting Florida Governor has ever gone in publicly supporting LGBT issues. Florida Governor Charlie Crist will be publicizing a comprehensive LGBT position paper this week.

(Photo courtesy of Kelly Walker.)

Governor Charlie Crist LGBT Position Paper

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Nadine, if the Crist campaign is asking you for input on this, one thing that jumps right out at me is that it's not mentioned in this statement whether he supports an inclusive or non-inclusive ENDA (or both). Given the current political realities, if Crist wants his support of ENDA to be taken seriously by LGB's and especially by transfolks, he needs to specify. For a lot of transfolks and allies, inclusion is what's going to make or break his credibility on the issue.

AMEN. Let's get some clarification here.

This is good news... however, aren't these policy switches for the man in many ways? I'd like to hear what he has to say about changing his mind so much, and WHAT changed his mind on some of these issues. Its important that if he legitimately feels different now than he did before, that America hear his reasoning. Maybe he can help others come around to where he is.

He reached out to EF?

Easy feedback: Fax him a middle finger.

No, really, fuck him. He grinned his way through his support-- no, ENDORSEMENT-- of the marriage amendment he helped pass by a 62% vote.

He stated on interviews that he objected to the strategy used to repeal DADT and now does a 180.

He basically dodged questions on gay adoption so as not to come off the callous bastard he is.

Will you really humor this opportunist? The only reason he's releasing that paper is because he no longer holds solid ground among Republicans and is now seeking to court the healthy Floridian gay population to mitigate his decrease in popularity among conservatives.

Ugh, repulsive!

Here's the shame of this years Senate race. The democrats should be able to elect Meeks who has a solid record of supporting GLBT issues in the U.S. House. Instead we have a three way race between Meeks, Crist and Rubio. Rubio is far right wing and is running Republican. Crist was losing the Republican Primary so e withdrew and is running as an independent. As of May 2010 here are the registered voters:

Republican 3,981,770
Democrats 4,612,154
Minor parties 356,291
Independants 2,135,644
Total 11,085,859

If all the registered Democrats would get out and vote for Meeks there is no way Crist or Rubio could win the Senate race. The problem we have here is turnout. Lately in Florida general elections in the non-presidential years only about half of the registered voters bother to get to the polls.

In this statement, he claims to support Civil Unions, but he also supported Florida's anti-marriage amendment which includes language which would mostly likely prevent recognition of civil unions. So I call Bull Shit on the guy.

Sure, he's a moderate Republican, and I suspect he is more likely to actually hold these positions in his heart, but when he was running for governor as a Republican he was Mr. Conservative. The extreme wing of the party was throwing him under the bus, so he goes independent. Then the numbers start getting out of whack for him, and he realizes he'll need some moderates, and even some progressive votes to get elected, so WHAMO! his positions all seem to become suddenly moderate.

So this is NOT good news, this is a lying liar telling a lie to get votes. Would I prefer to see Charlie Crist in the U.S. Senate as opposed to Marco Rubio, probably, but I don't think I've ever seen a more "flexible" politician on issues than Charlie Crist. He would have made a good running mate for Obama. Says whatever he needs to say to get elected, but I don't know what he could be counted on to do once in office. It's no longer clear.

Meeks can NOT win. Let's not kid ourselves. This seat was a Republican seat (Mel Martinez). We have a only ONE choice:

Crist (who is possibly with us)


Rubio (who is 100% against us).

I am gay. VERY gay. MARRIED to a guy/gay. And I will be voting for Crist this fall.

SHAME ON THE DEMS for putting forth ... who? .... Nope, it's too late, too late.

Crist to make sure I get a weak supporter instead of a staunch enemy in Congress!

Your position is interesting. It may get you Rubio. Crist should be splitting the republican vote yet with a majority of registered voters Democrats are letting him split the Democrats. I'll be voting for Meek because he can win and he is undeniably a strong GLBT supporter. Those who vote for Crist are those who will be responsible for a Rubio victory.

janiice J carney | September 14, 2010 10:12 AM

Christ, is the best choice, I will not be back to FL until after Christmas, ( I am looking forward to my first Christmas with my children,brothers,and sisters in the last ten years.) If I was in Florida I would be working for his election. When he was having a debate with the large field running for Attorney General, I asked a question regarding a LGBT issue. I was very obviously a Transgender person. At the Reception Christ was the only candidate that went out of his way to talk to me and even gave me a hug. It is impossible to get elected to a state office in Florida without some votes form the majority of” Gay hating Christian voters.” Christ has a long history of saying what needs to be said to get elected, then doing what he feels is right when he gets elected .Meek will learn the hard way that progressive thinking Floridians are a minority in Florida, and cannot get elected without making harsh compromises with the wacked out Christians that are a voting majority in Florida . I could be wrong but this is how I see Florida Politics.

What's with the defeatist attitudes? Florida put Obama over the top in 2008. Florida has a solid Democrat majority which has increased by over 600,000 registered Democrats in the last 10 years (way out pacing a measly 100,000 or so new Registered Republicans). The senate seat that is up for grabs is currently held by a Republican which means Florida can be a major factor in maintaining Democrat control in the Senate.

Here is a quote from an email I received today from the Meek campaign ....
"No matter what anyone says, Kendrick is running against a Tea Partier and a life-long Republican--a couple of conservatives who would cause havoc in the Senate. They both oppose President Obama's health care bill, want to preserve the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, and are against a woman's right to choose."

Don't forget the history of the open seat either. A senator decides not to run again and gets talked into resigning early so Crist can appoint his own political ally as a place holder until the general election which Crist presumes he will run in as a Republican and win. Then Rubio upsets the apple cart. So Crist flips to Independent. It is time to send both Crist and Rubio packing.