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Gaga takes DADT repeal to Ellen's season premiere

Filed By Bil Browning | September 13, 2010 3:00 PM | comments

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Tags: Don't Ask Don't Tell, Ellen DeGeneres, gays in the military, Lady Gaga, MTV, VMAs

Lady Gaga didn't just take an escort of soldiers discharged under DADT to the MTV Music Video Awards, she took her message to Ellen Degeneres' show too. Ellen's season premiere was taped last night immediately following the awards show and Gaga was on message.

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"Born this way" is the name of Lady Gaga's new CD. She is educating people. It's great.

How is it different than what GetEQUAL does? I mean, aside from GetEQUAL not having a new cd named "Born This Way" coming to a store near you for the low, low price of $14.99. Pre-pre-order yours today!

Lady Gaga has celebrity and she is attempting to use it to benefit her friends. GetEQUAL has friends and is trying to use them to create celebrity.

The don't have a CD, but they have $25 t-shirts and some teddy bears.

So your disapproval of GetEQUAL comes from them not being famous enough to have an impact? But you can't really blame them for being, you know, non-celebrities. Activism isn't really all that glamorous.

Lady Gaga isn't doing it for her friends, she's doing it for her consumers. Gays are her target market.

It's not for me to "disapprove" of GetEQUAL, I have simply pointed out that they are stupid and childish. Their self-serving publicity stunts don't accomplish anything, in fact they hurt us. They make us look weak and childish.

Paige Listerud | September 13, 2010 8:38 PM

What were the names of the LGBTQ veterans who escorted her? Give them their full 15 minutes of fame.

LOL every site I go to people are talking about Lady Gaga...not so much the soldiers. This has apparently been quite the boost Lady Gaga's career. And she has a new CD coming out? What coincidence! We'll have to promote that for her to pay her back for talking about DADT while wearing a dress made of meat!

Also, it's apparently totally okay to wear a dress made of raw meat when visiting with a vegan. Because it's totally not like wearing fur, but more like a full carcass.

historical accuracy | September 14, 2010 8:23 AM

Gaga or her stylists stole the meat dress from Jana Sterbak, Canadian artist who exhibited Meat Dress in 1987 in the National Gallery in Ottawa. The meat rotted as part of her art show.

The dress wasn't made of meat. It was made to look like meat. It had nothing to do with eating meat at all.

Bil, it was really made of meat. Ellen already talked about it and said it did make her uncomfortable, but she kinda rationalized as being like wearing leather.

She's no Kathy Griffin.

Great! Now all Gaga needs to do is learn to sing without electronic enhancement.

I don't know much of her stuff but from one of the clips I saw of the VMAs she sang alone beautifully for a short time. Does she not do that much?


Here's a video of Stephanie (I mean Lady Gaga) from her days at NYU.

She can sing just fine.

I have a hard time taking her seriously in that meat dress.

I'm trying to figure out why, when it comes to Lady Gaga, all critical thinking and questioning goes right out the window and everyone just sees whatever they want to see. We're so hard on ourselves, our own organizations and how they appear. But no one is considering the fact that Lady Gaga is taking our message and delivering it while wearing a dress made out of meat and other outlandishness.

I'm not trying to be a prude or something, I mean I grew up in the 80s. Personally, I'm just kind of "meh" about it. I feel desensitized to what she does. I'm just wondering why folks think it's such a awesome idea to marry LGBT advocacy with commercial shock pop. Not one of the gay blog sites I frequent offered any analysis of this political action. Are VMA viewers likely voters? What demographic did Lady Gaga really reach here? Because all I'm getting is an echo chamber. Are gay bloggers just afraid of hurting Lady Gaga's feelings? This isn't supposed to be about her.

And I'm not kidding, "Meat Dress" really was the trending topic on twitter.

Please don't tell me she has nothing to gain from this like we owe her. It's obvious who her consumers are. You've already paid her. Exploitation provides visibility, but it's not without problems.