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Glee meets the leather daddies

Filed By Bil Browning | September 03, 2010 4:00 PM | comments

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This picture of Chris Colfer from Glee posing with several leather daddies is absolutely adorable. It's from Rolling Stone's photo spread of this season's "best characters and most memorable scene-stealers."


(Hat tip to JMG for this find)

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I love this picture. Not only do you just want to hug Kurt, it about sums up the first experience I and a few other guys had going to gay bars. (Why are the leather bars always the easiest to find?)

Because leather folk and drag queens are the lest worried about how straight people see them. I mean, are you gonna walk up to any of these guys and tell them they dont have the right to get married? LOL

No ... but I might ask Se?or Pecho Peludo in the center of the pack to carry me off to Mexico City and marry me!

Take a number and get in line, hon.

1) one ALWAYS wants to hug Kurt. That's what makes Kurt Kurt...

2) there is some law of existence that says that if you're a little queer kid, the first gay bar you go to in your life has to be the scariest-looking gay bar in the universe*. Trufax. It worked for me.

*(even if everyone there is actually a total sweetheart)

I love this photo, too. But how did wingnut Michelle Bachman and fossil Andy Rooney make this list?

Nice pic. It's easy (for others) to forget the dangerous side to gay life

Are you being sarcastic? "Dangerous"? What on earth are you talking about?!?!

Alex, Alex, Alex ... a trip to a leather bar might as well be a cake walk ... the most dangerous thing you are likely to run into in a gay bar is a drag queen with a touchy ego and 4-inch stilletos ...

I looked at this and remembered the first time I set foot in a leather bar, the old Eagle in NYC.

I was (and still am) a tall drink of water, but in those days I was totally 70's downtown preppie, in an Izod Lacoste shirt, jeans, Adidas and a baseball cap.

I worked up the nerve to walk in, hugged the bar side, well away from the pool tables, and ordered something Scottish. I was convinced that before the night was over I'd wind up screwed, blewed and tattooed in the back alley ... until I began to listen to the conversations around me ... everyone was talking about some opera singer they kept calling "Just Enormous". Years later I found out they were talking about Jessye Norman.

So much for leather daddies.