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Going Green

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We are going green.


Jeanine's car died. Eleven years old, 150K miles on it, the transmission went and it simply makes no sense to fix it.

And who wants to be forced into making a decision about buying a car on the spot?

Mind you, with three boys in three different schools with three different needs, I am in the car all the time. It's why we bought the hybrid because at least while I'm sitting at yet another traffic light, I can feel a little better about my carbon footprint.

We live about a half mile from the T, which is what we here in Boston call the subway/trolley. Jeanie has decided she wants to try taking the T every day instead of buying a car. She has always wanted to be as green as possible, and while I agree, I'm not as dedicated.

One car family now. I'm not sure how long it will last. It's a huge commitment for a family of five living in the suburbs without very good public transportation. It helps that my sister is just down the road lest we have a drop off/pick up emergency.

As for the broken car? We're going to donate it to a charitable organization that takes junk cars. There will be a tax credit, and we'll no longer pay insurance, excise tax, and repairs- not to mention the cost of filling up.

I'm wary of how this will work out but unlike other times when Jeanine thought about taking the T instead of driving, there is no other option. No spiffy set of wheels beckons from the driveway.

Wish us luck on this new green adventure. It's not going to change the world but it is a significant step for us.

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The "T" is great. The half mile walk (in Boston) is great, too. Enjoy it.

We've been a one car family for years. In Indianapolis there wasn't any real public transportation and it sucked sometimes - although we usually made arrangements in advance which helped.

Now here in DC there's public transportation everywhere. We left the car in Indy and after I'm done cleaning up the house and renting it out, we plan on selling it. We'll be a car free family (and that feels great!)

That's one of the things I liked about going to Paris from Indiana - real public transport. The only thing left to do in this city is ban cars or charge them 10 euro a day to be within city limits like they did in London and Singapore. This city was just plain not built for everyone to have a car and they could just add bus lines and improve metro lines and put parking lots outside of town.

It's better than sitting in traffic, not moving, because some people have to have their own little private space, especially since cars are the main reason the buses are so slow here.