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LGBT Equality Issues Take Center Stage in Most Watched US Senate Race

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Last night Equality Florida posted a statement from Governor a2_charlie-crist.jpgCharlie Crist regarding LGBT issues that covered a wide range of topics, including: calling for an end to Don't Ask Don't Tell, passage of the Uniting American Families Act and an end to anti-gay adoption laws, among others. Crist's statement is the most comperehensive pro-LGBT equality stand of a sitting governor in Florida's history. This move pushed LGBT equality to the center stage in the most watched U.S. Senate race in the country. Both Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek have made equal rights for the LGBT community a centerpiece of their campaigns this week. Democratic nominee Kendrick Meek responded immediately calling Crist's positions "too little, too late" and touting his longstanding support for equal rights including his strong opposition to an amendment that bans gay people from being recognized as married in Florida.
Here at Equality Florida, we are thrilled that support for LGBT issues has taken center stage in this race. It is fantastic to see these positions so clearly articulated, the truth is, studies show these are mainstream positions. Most Floridians, like most Americans, believe discrimination in the military, in employment, and in adoption is just wrong. Governor Crist and his campaign team reached out to Equality Florida several weeks ago to let us know of their intention to spell out the Governor's positions on federal LGBT issues and to get our input on the most important areas that should be addressed. The resulting official position statements are attached along with Congressman Meek's response. Crist, who is running as an independent after leaving the Republican party, and Democrat Kendrick Meek will face Republican Marco Rubio in November. Rubio has not issued a position statement on LGBT issues. Equality Florida does not endorse in Federal races but does provide voters with information on where Federal candidates stand on equal rights issues that effect the LGBT community. Governor Charlie Crist LGBT Position Paper

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With Republicans like Crist who needs Democrats?

Crist bombed in the Republican primary so he flipped to Independent. Now he is struggling for political life. He can't win but he can cause Rubio to win if he steals enough Democrat votes. Go away Charlie.

Skeptical Cicada | September 14, 2010 5:54 PM

It is a nice statement, but have we learned nothing about pretty words from politicians? The uncritical prise from Equality Florida is just downright pathetic!

Follow up with some tough questions! What is his strategy for enacting these measures? What is his timeline? What, as Governor, has he done to advance any of these issues ever? Why should we believe this is anything but an Obama-style empty promise? How can you assure us that you won't just throw us under the bus the day after the election? How can you advance any of these issues if you caucus with the GOP or give the GOP control of the Senate and its agenda?

Come on, people. Stop swooning over pretty empty words!

First off he left the GOP before the Primary and if the Democrate was so much our Firend why didnt he say so before Crist. Fighting for his life hm last poll numbers had the Govenor well in the lead over both the Repbulican and the Democrate.

I may live in South Georgia but several of my major news TV and Radio come from Tallahassee which is only 2 hours aways so yes this is a local race for me to watch.

So watch the numbers as this will be a race to keep an eye on if he dose win thats one more Independent in the Senate and very much a swing vote and look to see who he allies him self with to my guess the Democrates have a new best friend in Charlie.

Like it or not the Blue Dog wing will be the power that bes of the Democratic party not the Liberal wing after this election. Because if you want to stay alive as leaders of the House its the Blue dog wing you need to keep it lose it and the tidal wave the Tea Party types are crowing over will come to pass.

Politics is a contact sport with no rules.


I don't know which polls you are reading but the latest is Rubio 40% Crist 30 and Meek 21. Crist withdrew from the Republican race a few days before the deadline for qualifying as a Republican. He did that because the polls showed he would lose to Rubio in a primary. Therefore the only way he could even get in the contest was to file as an Independent. Meek is a sitting Representative with a known and verifiable record of support in Congress for GLBT issues.

Here's a link to the Rasmussen poll should you care to take a look. ....

With Meek obviously losing this election, would you personally - not as EqFl in any way - encourage LGBT people to vote for Crist, Nadine? Do you trust him to follow through?

And will he stop fighting the anti-gay adoption case?

Bil here's the sad state of affairs. If Crist stays in Rubio wins. If Crist withdraws Meek wins. The tea party must be loving this scenario. Check out the latest ...

Yes this week its Rubio in the lead last was Crist but the guy fighting for his life is Meeks not Charlie. Remember Tallahasse is local for me so I follow whats comeing from there. I trust NPR over the so called big polls.But still folks to win you need the Blue Dogs so lose em and hello Tea bagers with out a clue.

A strong number 2 in all the current pols aint loseing so dont look for Charlie to bail look for Meeks to toss in the towel first if at all.

Well Cathy South Florida is my baliwick and that is where the population is, not in Tallahassee. Meek is the Democrat candidate and you will see no bailing out by him. The race is young. Meek has been far behind in other races and always won. Crist is the spoiler in this one. If the Republicans can keep him in the race Rubio will win. Otherwise the voters will turn to Meek as the more sensible choice. Wouldn't surprise me if Crist lands a nice party job in D.C. if he stays in to assist Rubio.

Crist's sudden conversion to gay equality (except for marriage, of course) doesn't impress me. As governor, he could have supported the gay-adoption bills that have died in the legislature numerous times, thanks to his own GOP buddies. No one is saying it yet, but I believe race will be a bigger factor than any GLBT issue. It will boil down to whether Obama comes in to campaign for Meek, and if so, whether that will help or hurt Meek. It could motivate more black voters to turn out, offsetting the large segment of white voters who now actively hate Obama, or have become so lukewarm about him that they may not bother voting. Meek's voting record is unknown in Central and North Florida, and his ads are rather pathetic so, rightly or wrongly, he will be judged mostly by his race. Latino voters are a toss-up but many may support Rubio as a "brother" regardless of his confusing rhetoric about his immigration position. Plus Rubio wins the pretty-boy vote.

Unfortunately this race will be along racial lines, for the most part. I don't think Meeks stands a chance, whether Crist withdraws or not. This is Florida. Meeks will do well in Broward county where there is enough liberal and black support. Rubio will do well in Miami/Dade where he will get most of the Latino support and then the teabagger support across Florida. Crist has the teacher support and now probably some of the liberal support who think that Meeks can't win. I honestly wish that Meeks had a chance, but in the state of Florida I think it's hopeless.