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Mercy-killing claim wasted police's time

Filed By Alex Blaze | September 14, 2010 6:00 PM | comments

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I heard that gay British TV gabber Ray Gosling got a suspended sentence for "wasting police time" because he said he mercy-killed his partner a few months back, and I thought, Wow, the British criminal justice sucks. They investigate you, and if they can't convict you they charge you for wasting their time. I read on, and the charge (and suspended sentence) makes sense:

ray-gosling.jpgHe was interviewed five times over two days, repeating the claims and giving details of the alleged mercy killing.

But in the fourth interview, after an overnight stay in a police cell, Gosling admitted he had not been present at the death and had made up the story.

He said: "I am not sure I put the pillow on his head and ended his life.

"I think I might've got carried away by hearing other people's stories of how they were going to or had done their partners in.

"Everything else was true. He was my lover, he had Aids, he was dying. The pillow bit, I might've got carried away.

"We did have an agreement, whether I'd have done it or not I don't know.

"But I don't think I did...and I don't want to waste police time, your time, and put people to unnecessary work."

Now the moral seems like: Wow, gasbags really do feel a need to make up random stuff to sound more interesting on TV in both the US and the UK.

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Eh. He might have really done it. If the police really didn't want to investigate it fully, he could have been pressured/persuaded into saying he made it up. Sorta like bullying a confession out of someone, just in this case it was bullying a denial out of someone.

Regardless, I don't know the guy at all, so I can't say which I find more likely.

I guess the police might have forced a confession back in someone. I wonder how often that happens.

This man apparantly made statements suggesting he had commited a murder. That makes a legitimate case for police investigation. If the man was lying, and the police had to do a full investigation, then he did waste police time. He could have just told them that he made up the story when they first questioned him. Murder is a serious charge (and killing an ill person without their explicit consent is just that, murder).

"Murder suspect interviewed multiple times and then interogated after one night in jail" doesn't suggest a massive abuse of police power.

The 'mercy killing' excuse is often used to murder people with disabilities, including children and all such cases deserve thourough investigation.

Might also be a case of "I'd better shut the hell up or I'm going to jail for a long time!"