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Microsoft: It's Okay to be from Gay

Filed By Phil Reese | September 09, 2010 3:00 PM | comments

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Microsoft's XBox Live complaints team--which is obviously competing gamepad.jpgfor some sort of epic fail trophy somewhere, especially when it comes to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues--suspended a user from West Virginia because of what he put in the location field of his profile.

His offense? He's from Fort Gay.

That's right, the geniuses at Microsoft refused to google the town name, to look it up, to consult the Post Office's website or cross check the zip code given. They just suspended him and blew him off when he called in to complain and explain himself.

They are now reviewing the policy.

According to Logo's, the straight 26-year-old felt a kinship with his gay brothers and sisters.

"At first I thought, 'Wow, somebody's thinking I live in the gayest town in West Virginia or something.' I was mad. ... It makes me feel like they hate gay people," said [Josh] Moore, an unemployed factory worker who plays shooters like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty and Ghost Recon under the gamertag Joshanboo.

"I'm not even gay, and it makes me feel like they were discriminating," said Moore, who missed a key Search and Destroy competition because of last week's brief suspension. His team lost.

Even the town's mayor tried to come to his community's defense. After much cajoling, the record was set straight, and Josh will get to play again. No word if Microsoft is changing its name to "n00b" on the count of being "pwn'd."

The company is apparently "updating their training" over the incident.

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I saw that. Second time this week, although the other got lots less attention:

And my idiot nephew's handle, ComeHonorPhase9, seemed to be just fine for Microsoft, until I pointed it out to his grandmother.

Idiot? That's brilliant! I love puns!