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Next week is the big move. Bilerico Media world headquarters is packing up and leaving Indianapolis for Washington DC.

While we're packing all of our copies of the homosexual agenda into the back of a U-Haul our lesbian friends graciously loaned us, contributor Phil Reese has bravely agreed to be Philerico in my place. firefly-TheGraphic.ashx-260x300.jpgBe sure to hassle him accordingly!

This is a big move for Jerame and me and, quite honestly, it scares me shitless sometimes. Thankfully, we've spent quite a bit of time in the city already and have quite a few friends willing to help us settle in and get comfortable. Bilerico contributors and readers have really helped out so far and it's absolutely heartwarming. From offering places to stay while we looked for apartments to helping choose "the color story" for our new bathroom, the people we've met because of TBP have generously offered their time, talents and, most importantly, they're support.

When you're walking on a ledge though, there's no better balance than Phil's smiling face and cheerful disposition. It seems entirely appropriate to hand the reigns to a fellow Midwesterner while we hit the road. Phil, Jerame and I aren't just co-contributors, we're offline friends too; I'll miss his frequent mini-road trips from Illinois to Indiana to hang out. I'm sure you'll enjoy your week with him as much as we always love spending time with him.

I'll see everyone a week from Monday.

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" ...back of a U-Haul our lesbian friends graciously loaned us... "


Good luck. Are you taking the dogs with you?

Phil is a gift to our community.

Change can be scary.... good!

Ya wanna know what scares *me* about your move to "inside the beltway"? That you'll be corrupted by all that access and money and power. That's what.

OTOH, it'd be faboo to run into you and Jerame in Rehoboth next summer!

Heh, heh... hey, little boy... piece of candy, cocktails with a Senator?