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Racist toothpaste?

Filed By Bil Browning | September 15, 2010 4:00 PM | comments

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Has your current toothpaste been a little lazy about keeping your teeth pearly white? America's most popular brands have been forced to bend to the pansy liberal FDA and add government handouts like Fluoride to each tube. It's a government conspiracy to make us a welfare state, I tell you. And have you considered who else is buying that brand?

I know some folks think that some personal hygiene lessons would improve race relations, but do good ole American toothpastes have to be sold to brown people too? Maybe we could make a brand to sell to foreigners, at least?


You can't read the name of this Unilever toothpaste that's sold in Turkey, but what should it be called in America? I'm going for PuriTEA with the slogan "Now with even more White Power!"

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That reminds me of the "Darkie" brand toothpaste available in Asia back in the day, complete with a picture of some guy in blackface on the packaging. After the inevitable outcry, the name was changed to "Darlie," but the Chinese name still reads "????" ("Black Person Toothpaste").

Yes! ... "Darkie Toothpaste" was also very popular in Australia, too! A friend who visited brought back a tube in the late 1980's.

Perhaps I should not have said it was "very popular" ... what I meant is that it was sold openly and was easy to find in stores.

I'm guessing that's Signal.

Bad translation! Sometimes it helps to hire a professional.

The first choice for the Tea Party! But we’re not racist…

I know I should be outraged - and I am! - but this is pretty funny. Great post, I really needed a laugh this morning.