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Sen Evan Bayh: Civil Rights Can Wait

Filed By Bil Browning | September 18, 2010 7:30 AM | comments

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"What we need to be focused on is growth, how do we create jobs, how do we expand businesses. That needs to be job one right now. And all these other issues involving, oh, fairness and things like that can wait."

-- Indiana Senator Evan Bayh. Bayh announced he wouldn't be running for re-election and handpicked the Democratic nominee since he announced his decision after the Indiana primary. His choice, blue dog Congressman Brad Ellsworth, is going down in flames after trying to out-conservative a conservative. Bayh calls anything to do with LGBT rights, a "fairness issue."

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I've been told that Ellsworth has made a lot of progress with the Stonewall Democrats since they initially didn't endorse or vote for him or however that process works. Specifically, I've been told Ellsworth is "amenable" to civil unions (see Jon Easter's comments here:

However, I also know the difference between those who work in the major parties and those on the outside. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the average Democratic voter isn't all that thrilled with the Ellsworth campaign and while they may reluctantly cast a vote, they won't volunteer or donate

Yeah, not so much from what I've seen. Ellsworth still won't even support ENDA - basic employment rights for LGBT people. And he actually advocated for a federal marriage amendment when he ran for Congress.

Sadly, Bayh's quote is probably the most accurate reflection of the real attitude of the Dem leadership on our rights. The rest just mouth the words of equality because they need our votes. That, my friends, is today's Democratic Party in a nutshell. Trust them not.

Evan Bayh is way right of most Democratic politicians, Rebecca - maybe not in Indiana, but in most of our nation. We must continue to push the Democrats towards an agenda of full equality, but please, don't ever, ever, imply that we should not turn out for Democrats in elections. The alternative, Republicans, means active hostility towards LGBT people, and an agenda to dehumanize and demonize gay and transgender Americans. Just look at the Tea Party, and the Values Voter Conference in DC this past weekend, to understand what Republicans have in store for us! It aint' good.

Unfortunately, all the known evidence leads to an obvious conclusion. If Democrats were serious about LGBT rights we'd know it, just like we knew it when they finally got serious about health care.

The proven reality anyone who's been paying attention knows well is that Democrats value LGBT civil rights only as a perpetually unkept promise to keep drawing LGBT's to the polls and donating money and volunteer hours every election cycle.

It's time to shut down the GayTM completely and demonstrate to these people that repeated lies and broken promises have consequences. After years of Democrats throwing us under the bus every election cycle despite 30 years of going the HRC route, hurting them is the only reliable way they've left us to make our point.