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TheCall in Sacramento

Filed By Alex Blaze | September 07, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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Lou Engle's rally against same-sex marriage, abortion, and pornography was this weekend in Sacramento. Here's some video.

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Maybe he wouldnt have such dreams if he'd stop having extra-spicy Thai food at 11PM.

:: sigh :: So we have this uber-Christian rally on the steps at Sacramento, which is, natch, a clear violation of church and state -- but has anyone at the state level of government said anything about it? Just curious.

What has been overlooked by the mainstream media and mostly ignored by glbt media is the fact the rally of TheCall - Sacramento and 2 upcoming rallies in DC are indeed political rallies wrapped in religious cloth.

When one visits TheCall's webpage one is asked to view AND sign the recently released Manhattan Declaration ( co-authored by Watergate felon Chuck Colson. It was originally signed by most of the country's evangelical leaders AND 15 cardinals and bishops of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Manhattan Declaration has 3 points:

1. No Abortions - No Exceptions - this means a woman MUST carry her rapist's child to term.

2. Marriage only for a man and a woman.

3. Religious Liberty - Ah, aren't we all in favor of that? Of course they mean religious liberty as defined by them. Under their definition of religious liberty they would roll back ANY civil rights law that conflicts with their religious beliefs especially those that grant "special rights' to GLBT persons.

People who sign the Manhattan Declaration pledge not to vote for candidates who do not support the three points.

TheCall rallies are also a part of Prayer and Act which is co-chaired by Rev. James Garlow of San Diego who was a leader who gathered evangelical church support for Prop 8. The other co-chair is none other than NEWT GINGRICH!

It looks as though Jim Garlow is emerging as the new Ted Haggard. Let's hope he falls the same way.

Most of the founding leaders of the Radical Religious Right like Jerry Falwell and James Kennedy have died and others like Pat Robertson, Don Wildmon and Tim and Beverly are getting too old and out of touch to be effective. So the younger leaders are looking for the mantle to fall on them.