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We must march because we can

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A couple days ago I received an e-mail that my fellow marriage equality colleague, Nikolai Alekseev, founder of Marriage Equality Russia, was arrested by the new KGB. Nikolai is guilty of the following: trying to register a non-profit organization named Marriage Equality Russia because gay marriage is a crime and he is trying to create an organization that supports criminal behavior-gay marriage. Nikolai was also trying to organize a protest for gay people - which is also a crime in russia_gay_0518.jpgMoscow where he lives. Nikolai was taken from an airplane that was heading to Geneva and has not been formally charged with anything. As of yet little information is leaking out.

Marriage Equality USA and other activist organizations are contacting the Russian embassies and consulates and demanding that action be taken to protect Nikolai and that all human rights violations against LGBT people in Russia be stopped immediately.

I am marching on September 26th with Marriage Equality USA for equal marriage rights and in solidarity with the brave individuals of Marriage Equality Russia who are standing up for equality and putting their lives on the line in countries where being gay is still a crime.

I am marching on September 26th with Marriage Equality USA for equal marriage rights and in solidarity with the brave individuals of Marriage Equality Russia who are standing up for equality and putting their lives on the line in countries where being gay is still a crime.

We must march because we can. Our LGBTQ predecessors in the United States, people like Harvey Milk, Del and Phyl Lyon-Martin, Harry Hay, Bayard Rustin, and many more devoted their lives to create a "gay-friendly" America. NCLR, Lambda Legal, and the ACLU among other groups worked hard to overturn laws that made us criminals in our own bedrooms.

I invite you to exercise your freedom to be queer and proud and to join Marriage Equality USA on September 26th in San Francisco, Brooklyn, Albany, (or anywhere else you can find a bridge) and march for global marriage equality and in solidarity with our imprisoned colleague, Nikolia Alekseev, of Marriage Equality Russia.

To find out more about Marriage Equality USA's wedding march go to marriageequality.org. To read more about Marriage Equality Russia go to marriageequality.ru

If you feel inclined, please keep Nikolai in your thoughts, share his story with everyone you know, and contact all of your Russian friends and phone the Russian embassies and consulates and ask them to release Nikolai Alekseev.

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From Nikolai's boyfriend:

"Dear all, we received a message from him that he is safe and in Minsk, we will know more from him when he can better communicate, probably tomorrow. We wanted to give you this update already and also to thank you for your incredible and huge mobilization and solidarity. It paid off. You can relay this message. GayRussia is attacked all the day so we are posting this update on facebook and here by email. We cannot answer to all your messages now. Today's news were widely covered in the Russian media. The picket against the Moscow Mayor planned in Moscow for Sept 21 is maintained irrespectively of the decision of the authorities to allow it or not."

However, UK Gay News is reporting that the message could be fake. Click over to read all of it.

Regan DuCasse | September 17, 2010 11:38 PM

What a heroic man. Sometimes I'm speechless at the sheer determination and courage of our gay brothers and sisters in countries like this.

And I laugh in the faces of the people in anti gay organizations that consider themselves brave for 'fighting' gay people.
Consider themselves especially targeted as persecuted for their activity against the 'militant homosexual agenda'.


In no way are any of them EVER willing to make any sacrifices, face jails or arrest in the name of equal protections and justice for anything.
People that bitch this much about a community of people who do them no harm look like the wimps they are in comparison to what this man is willing to do, just to be treated equally.

Since you brought up that Russia has gone back to it's old KGB ways. Let me bring up that both Homosexuality and Freedom of Religion have no place in old Soviet style Communism. Many in the Gay community embraced Communist ideals but they have no idea of what they're wishing for. Some Christians are now actively supporting the ideals of both Radical Islam and Communism in calling for our persecution through denial of our rights and calling for us to be put to death. We need to point out the error in their ways in adopting the mindset both political and religious that have led to their persecution in seeking our persecution.Hopefully Nikolai Alekseev gets out of this with nothing more than a temporary jail sentence.