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Why Aren't You on the Phone with Your Senator?

Filed By Jarrod Chlapowski | September 13, 2010 2:00 PM | comments

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This is the end of the line.

ask not.jpgUnderstand this:

If we don't make it clear to Reid and the rest of the Senate not voting on NDAA (to which DADT repeal is attached) in September is inexcusable, we won't get on the calendar.

If we don't get a vote on NDAA in September, the chance of repealing DADT this year goes down significantly.

If we don't get repeal this year, we have to start from scratch in January in a much more hostile Congress.

And discharges will continue.

Stop reading. Pick up the phone, make a call. The livelihood of gays and lesbians serving depends on it.

Reid's number is here: (202) 224-3542. Senate contact list is here: Senate Contact List.

If our community mobilizes around any issue this year, at any time, it should be DADT, right now.

United, we can do this.

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Make all the useless calls you want, but we don't have enough votes in the US Senate to pass the make believe DADT Compromise Repeal. Harry Reid can change any votes no matter how many cell minutes you waste.

This so-called DADT Compromise is a charade manufactured by Gay Inc. and the Democrats to make us believe they are "working hard." Soon, they will tell us "we were so close, we just need some more money." It was (and is) DOA in the US Senate.

We don't have enough support in the US Senate to pass anything LGBT-related in the US Senate. It's about to get worse in November. It will be 1994 all over again.

Politics is NOT the solution. We are about to learn that again. Maybe then we'll take this movement seriously enough to figure out how to actually win.

I called, got a prompt to either talk with a staffer (1) or leave a voicemail. I sternly told the female staffer who was condescending to be friendly that the only thing standing between the senate taking this bill up to a vote is Harry Reid. If he doesn't pull this up to the forefront, let it be known that Harry Reid was the ONE and only obstacle that by him not putting this on the Senate schedule, he would be complicit in forcing those new recruits to the armed forces lie, and dishonor and hide their true nature. Didn't a judge just rule on the DADT law as unconstitutional?

p.s. Andrew, cynical at all? Take a look around man. Prop 8 was just ruled unconstitutional, DADT was just ruled unconstitutional what is it about your word 'politics' that we should drop out of if we want to win? what other system do you recommend that we invest oursevles in? Republicans? really?

Don't confuse cynical with practical. We don't have enough votes in the US Senate. Call all you want. Let it be scheduled - it can't pass. We already know that.

The rulings you reference have nothing to do with "politics," they are Court decisions and they still have a long way to go.

The ONLY thing that will make any real, sustainable difference is changing minds. The US Senators that remain against us are from States that poll anti-LGBT. America isn't New England - if it was Bilerico would have a Blog and we wouldn't be discussing this. There are 23 anti-gay States. We need to change 7-8 of them and then it's game over. We are NOT trying to do that. Instead, we are making phone calls to the Senate Majority Leader. We're stupid or lazy or both.

"We're stupid or lazy or both." Speak for yourself Andrew! I am neither. And as usual I disagree with your usual rant.

Well, then keep calling politicians. I'm sure it makes you feel useful.

Here in GA, I have to live in the state with two of most bigoted Senators in the Senate. Efforts over the years and their voting record has shown that calling them is a waste of time and money. That's why I'm not on the phone with them.

Paige Listerud | September 13, 2010 8:57 PM

Thank you for the story and thanks to everyone commenting to bring me up to speed on DADT developments:

1) DADT impacts bisexuals and transpeople as well. Please INCLUDE US. The military policy to discharge bisexuals as well as homosexuals is explicitly stated in the military code.

2) Just checked Gaga on Ellen post by Bil. Gaga is right; there is a whole new generation of lgbtq young people and their straight allies who are sick of all levels of homophobic oppression. They are either eligible to vote OR ARE VOTING NOW. Register them, get them to rallies, they were Barack's voting block--turn them out to turn this nation around. They are ready for change and they aren't rich enough to be turned into cash machines for the Dems, but they still have their vote.

If you've seen "Jesus Camp" you know that the right trains its little Christofacist warriors. Don't ever think that we are going to push our civil rights legislation over the top without them.

Thanks for the encouragement to Projectors surrounding DADT, Jarrod. You guys have been doing a great job in pushing the issue forward.