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50 Cent: Go kill yourself if you don't eat p***y

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While I've seen several back and forth conversations on whether or not 50 Cent was gay bashing in a tweet he sent yesterday, I think we can all agree that either way it was in bad taste.


While many in the LGBT community - especially after the suicide of several gay kids this month - took the tweet as anti-gay drivel based on the rapper's previously homophobic statements, many of his supporters have claimed that he was referring to African-American men who don't perform oral sex on their female partners.

What do you think?

Updated after the jump. 50 Cent has responded.

After Truth Wins Out put out a statement about the tweet, 50 Cent has responded:

"The other night I made a joke about a blow job. My male followers enjoyed it. So I then went on to joke about women receiving the same....Some how they turned a simple joke about oral sex into a anti gay statement. I have nothing against people who choose and alternative life...Style in fact iv publicly stated my mom loved women. It funny how people think negative statements are news worthy but positive statements are not worthy of coverage."

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A tag for "go kill yourself"?

It's not uncommon for rap songs to have derogatory language to women and gay men. I'm not familiar with ANY of 50's "music", but by itself, it seems more pro-oral sex than anti-gay. But if others say his music contains homophobic language, then I'll take their word for it. I certainly have no desire to go listen and find out myself.

It's really sad that rap has degenerated to the likes of 50 Cent

Boycott all his endorsed products and do it publicly, one product at a time, and at least three tweets per product boycotted. Do not stop until a product drops him. do not stop until ALL products drop him. Do not stop until he gives a minimum of 50 million dollars to anti-bullying and anti-gay suicide causes. Until then, APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED

I don't put much stock in 50 Cent for that matter, besides he's not worth a plug nickel as for most of the other Rappers out there. Let's just say their life expectencies are short to begin with. They have a history of capping each other. Listening to 50 Cent is like trying to listen to someone passing gas out in a hurricane.

I'm not even sure if this is homophobic, but it's certainly horrible.

I agree that the tweet is not explicitly about gay men. But is it really plausible that Fiddy was saying that black men who don't go down on women should kill themselves, and that if they did the world would be a better place? That strains credibility.

The phrase itself is crass, but innocuous. It’s the person who’s a known verbally abusive homophobe making the statement that can then be construed as homophobic, harassing or even hate speech.

Being Southern, ‘white’ and growing up in the south in the 60’s, I am quite aware that some words, phrases and imagery that I use is acceptable within my family and community but is unacceptable to many outside of my family and community. I learned the hard way that what I say, do or display, even when its innocuous, can cause a harassing climate.

(and no, I don’t use offensive language against people. My mom ‘expalined’ a whole lot to me one day…well, the fact that I couldn’t sit for a whole hour and slept on my stomache for a few nights should illustrate the mode ‘explaination’.)

My question is whether or not 50cent actually does his own tweeting. If he does, does his PR rep check before it's sent. If so, should the PR rep be to blame? These are my questions.

Either way, I agree with many above, this is completely distasteful.

It's a pretty crass comment and its equation of "men" with "men who have sex with women" is pretty standard heteronormativity, but, that said, you have to do some weird interpretive somersaults to come to the conclusion that 50 cent thinks gay men should all commit suicide. It's pretty clear that he's saying that straight men should be willing to engage in oral sex with women and that the attitude prevalent among some men that "pussy is nasty" is immature and foolish.

Why is directed towards men over 25? The entire tweet is nonsense, but no one that influential should be tweeting "just kill yourself" in any context.

I've updated the post above to show 50 Cent's response.

friday jones | October 1, 2010 7:20 PM

Here's a little ditty
I just wrote about that Fiddy
don't confuse him with P. Diddy
if you do it won't be pretty
and on you I'd take full pity
it don't take a full committee
to see the man that we call Fiddy
just LOVES to eat some kitty!

$.50: "I have nothing against people who choose and alternative life."

Dumb Christian.

Andrew W, you may not want to admit it, but I think 50-Cent is one of the rare examples where anti-gay sentiment cannot be blamed directly on religion. It is hardly true that 50-Cent is spewing this garbage because he heard it in church, even though he might be being just as dogmatic. His prejudice does not come from religion, but from a sub-culture of social attitudes, specifically what it means to be "a man" in the hip-hop hood.

(Speaking of which, don't miss Byron Hurt's superb documentary on that subject --- read about it [ here ].)

Besides being rude and gratuitous, the tweet is both anti-gay and hetero-fascist --- who does 50-Cent think he is, the Pope?

A point of irony: I wonder if 50-Cent realizes how many gay men refer to their a-hole as their "pussy" --- and under that interpretation, I doubt there are that many of us who need to kill ourselves. (I know I sure don't qualify!)

50-Cent was raised as a "Baptist." When he was very young the Preacher, the Congregation and his parents made "homosexuality wrong."

If that didn't create his beliefs, what did? Some calls in school? The local veterinarian? Television? What?

Religion teaches it to our very young - when their minds are very open and impressionable. If 50-Cent grew up in Iraq he would have similar beliefs, just from a different religion - Islam.

No other institution teaches homosexuality is wrong. That is THE source.

Now, go out tonight and stay out too late to get up for church. I mean that.

Last night was one of the rare Saturday nights when I did.

As for religion discussion, see my comment to Alex below.

Maybe we're on a hair-trigger right now? Jokes about suicide are off-limits, as they should be, but it really doesn't sound like it's about gay people.

AJ: Don't you know that all homophobia comes from religion, even non-religious people's homophobia? You may ask how religion got to be homophobic, that it was people who made it homophobic, to which I'd respond that only religion creates homophobia, not people, meaning that it was another religion that made religion homophobic. Game, set, match.

AJ: Don't you know that all homophobia comes from religion, even non-religious people's homophobia? You may ask how religion got to be homophobic ...

From our vantage point in history, it may appear to us that it all comes from religion --- and specifically the "religions of Abraham" because Hinduism, Buddhism, Confusionism, Tao, Shinto ... most of these secondary faiths don't condemn homosexuality as a matter of doctrine; if these other religions have anything much to say, they don't influence our Western world that much.

But Alex, you ask the proper next question, and then you back away from it: How did the major religions get so homophobic? I think there are some anthropomorphic answers to that question that it serves us well to acknowledge.

First, pre-civilization, we know that in primate species the alpha sometimes used homosexual acts against other males to establish his dominance. So right there, countless millennia ago, we already have a social association between being butt-fucked and being humiliated, and not being "much of a man". (I've discussed this before on one of Dr. Jillian's threads.)

Next, humanity went through a long period where having children, and lots of them, was the only way a tribe could survive. Adult males were socially required to father children whether they liked mating with females or not. Men having lots of wives having lots of children had both survival and economic value. This is true throughout Africa and Middle East for as far back as we are able to see.

In a nutshell, I think these two reasons are enough to explain how religion got to be homophobic so early in history. These social pressures got incorporated into certain ancient religions from the get-go.

There is also the footnote in Judaism that homosexual acts became associated with pagan rituals and thus, paganism itself. The Levitical prohibitions are mostly about that: Their message isn't as much "God hates faggotry" as much as they are "Nice Jewish boys just don't do such things."

But again, today it looks to us as if all these forces get channeled through religion. And they do. So I don't entirely disagree with you, but I think putting the bomb on religion is a convenient over-simplification whose temptation we should not completely surrender to.

50-Cent may have been taught by the Baptists that being gay is wrong, but they also taught him that going around eating strange pussy is wrong, and he appears to have easily gotten over that.

So, one more time, and hopefully the last, that's where I'm coming from. Your mileage may vary.

That's a very detailed and accurate account of history, but here is the problem: the infection of the "belief" that "homosexuality is wrong is delivered to children first while wrapped in a blanket, then in their stroller and then when they can full occupy the church pew. It is reinforced by the "congregation effect" and with the authority of the pulpit. Pastors, preachers and those other "divine" characters don't talk about history - they talk about "God's word." With that amount of authority and conviction they spread the infectious lie that homosexuals are lesser human beings. That is the source for ALL bigotry and bullying we are seeing today.

Gay Christians get upset about that reality, but that is our challenge. We need to stop the infection by stopping that teaching. In those places where we can't stop it we need to provide safe passage for young people.

This is why I repeatedly call on these "new" Christians to break from the denominations that continue to teach those lies. If young people saw these "other" Christians rejecting the damaging lies about homosexuals they would see hope. They would know that what was put into their minds without choice wasn't necessarily true.

If new Christians really want to make a difference they need to take a stand against those Christians that are killing our children - directly or indirectly. Rainbow flags and affirmation isn't enough. They need to quit those organizations and take a stand for a very simple human principle - equality. There are 30,000 different "Christian" religions, we can absorb another one - especially if it saves lives.

By the way, I've never heard a Baptist preacher talk about "strange pussy," but I concede it could happen. They are very clear about homosexuals, though.

I've never heard a Baptist preacher talk about "strange pussy," ...

No, most Baptist ministers wouldn't put it in terms of "strange pussy" (Michael Eric Dyson being a notable exception, an excellent communicator who will use whatever terms are needed to optimally get the point across) but ...

... they (the fundie Baptist ministers) do say "no sex until marriage, and no sex outside of marriage" (even though such rules never show up in that form even in the Bible) and ...

... if 50-Cent felt compelled to follow those edicts, it is clear how much "strange pussy" he would be eating: damn little or none at all.

"They are very clear about homosexuals, though" ...

... again, even though the Bible isn't nearly as clear-cut as they like to pretend it is.

Grant me this much:

It is a traditional Christian teaching/belief that "homosexuality is wrong, sinful and deviant."

For the last one thousand years, yes ...

... during the first millennium of Christianity, no --- but unless you are a historian or a Bible scholar that isn't very relevant to today's world.

It took the Roman Catholic Church several centuries to get all their Draconian sexual moral dogma in place --- and let's face it, the stricter they make the rules, the more likely it will be that no one will be able to live up to them, and therefore all the more reason for us to need The Church in order to have our souls saved. So the tighter the rules, the more powerful The Church will be.

There is nothing in the Bible that says masturbation is sinful --- in fact, there is nothing there that says circle jerk parties are sinful. But that's the Church's extra-Scriptural dogma.

Same thing for lesbianism. The doctrine that lesbianism is sinful is pulled almost totally out of thin air.