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Adding The Voices Of Our Elders

Filed By D Gregory Smith | October 22, 2010 11:30 AM | comments

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I've worked with, lived with and am proud to have friends who are my LGBT elders. I love their voices of experience, of self-knowledge and humor. I also love the stories of desperate survival in societies and situations well beyond my understanding.

It's easy to forget that our elders have a lot to teach us about survival, living well and being happy, so I wanted to bring your attention to the video produced by Bob Linscott of the LGBT Aging Project which adds the voices of our elders to the enormous response of our communities to our children.


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This is a wonderful film! My only issue is that, once again, even though it's called "LGBT" there are no trans people in it. And this community, more than any other, has been made to feel as if "you have no future." (it's also the group among LGBT peeps with the highest rate of suicide and worst incidence of bullying). If you're seriously going to incorporate elders into this message (an idea I love and embrace) then Mr. Linscott needs to go out of his way to incorporate a trans element into it. (some aspect of this was shown in the award winning film, Screaming Queens, which interviewed trans people in their 60s and 70s).

Thanks for the reminder- it's important.

attacking an ad for kids | October 23, 2010 9:39 AM

Another approach might be more expedient. Rather than attack every heartfelt effort to save kids from killing themselves because it does not include YOUR letter in it: Why not drop the letter entirely? Name this a Gay elder project and leave it at that. No T; no attacks from T. I expect that every post and effort you make will have equal representation of every letter of the LBGTQQI2SA group. Or does that anger and attack on a good effort only apply to gay men? You snap your fingers and they jump -- that power feel good, doesn't it?

Dear "attacking"

I have no problem labeling something for gay men and saying it's only about gay men. My issue is when something is labeled LGBT yet doesn't include any real reference to trans people. Now may I suggest doing some breathing exercises because all that bitterness isn't going to help you reach a ripe old age. :->

Giasf - thank you and yes, you are 100% right... The truth is I made this video in one afternoon at our mealsite and worked fast to get it online. I was very aware that I didn't have a trans voice - and that really bothered me. That is why in the description I only said a group of gay and lesbian elders not LGBT elders. I would love to do a second video with just trans elders passing on their encouragement and wisdom. I will put some calls out today to see if I can get some folks willing to be interviewed. How can I reach you to let you to keep you updated?
Thanks again,
Bob Linscott

As part of an openly Gay couple over the age of fifty, it is wonderful to see that someone is documenting Gay history in this manner.

janiice J carney | October 23, 2010 1:53 PM

I am working with Bob, to add some Transgender Voices to the next video

I really enjoyed the video that they posted. I just think that it is so important to recognize the elder LGBT persons in our community and also to realize that they have something to "teach" us from their years!