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Because Jesus advocated kicking people out of church

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"Our community was shocked to arrive for Mass and discover this was the last time we could meet at the parish that has been our home for more than 15 years. It's like being kicked out of our home. We are all very sad. It's especially sad for the members of our community who have children, who could not find Catholic parishes who would baptize or provide First Communion for them. Those children have grown up in our community, and can't understand why their family cannot go to Mass here anymore."

-- Fred Anthony Garza, President of Dignity/San Antonio, after San Antonio Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantu ordered a local parish to stop hosting a weekly Mass for gay and transgender Catholics and their families.

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Lewis Tanner | October 24, 2010 12:47 AM

Bil, thanks for letting others know about Dignity/San Antonio's expulsion from their spiritual home. Truly, bishops do follow the mantra, What Would Jesus Do?!

Dayton Estes | October 24, 2010 9:33 AM

Many of my Catholic friends have found a temporary (often a permanent)home in the Episcopal Church, more specifically, the so-called "high church." Episcopalians are, as a whole, most welcoming to gays, or, at worst, oblivious.

Trouble is, you can't be sure what Episcopal Church is going to consider itself "catholic." So you can't be sure of the theology of that particular parish. Many parishes are like Methodists with ceremony, many are more "Roman" than than the Roman Catholic Church.

My children are now grown, and I held out as long as I could stand it and then I dropped out, waiting for a more Christian and Catholic ambience at mass. I live as openly a gay life as my 78 years allow and have been invited back to mass, but, then, the next Catholic pastor may be as varied as the local Episcopal Church. In other words, you can't tell. I greatly missed daily and Sunday mass for a long time, but you finally get used to the spiritual gap and put your trust in Jesus.

There are a number of Scriptures where Jesus advocates putting UNrepentant sinners out of the Church. St Paul, who is likewise inspired, say similar things as well.Acting out homosexually is a grave disorder and not a single UNrepentant homosexual will see God in the Face. Impossible to come into the Presence of God asserting that homosexual acts are blessed. Impossible.