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Constance, the movie

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ABC is considering making a movie about Constance McMillen:

constance.jpgABC Family is developing a TV movie about the lesbian teenager who made national news after her high school banned her from the prom, network reps say.[...]

Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are attached to the TV movie, which is in early stages of development, ABC Family reps say.

Not much info just yet, but it was a story that caught a lot of people's attention not just for the school's homophobia, but for the breath-taking cruelty of Constance's classmates.

Question of the day: who should they cast as Constance? I don't keep up with teen pop stars (or pop stars under 35 who think they can play 18), so I'm not going to venture a guest or an envie.

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Wonder if they will have Juin Baize character in the movie. Ze was the trans girl who was expelled for wearing womens clothes which prompted Constance to wear a tux which was part of the problem the school had.

I am guessing probably not.

There's as much a chance of a Juin character as there is of the actor playing Constance to be larger than a size 2!

Nicole, i have no doubt they will NOT have much about Juin in the movie, even though his story (he's IDing as male these days) is the entire core of the story.

Juin Baize was basically blackballed from the same high school before he could even really attend. Constance was a friend of his and her and a number of other queer positive kids were going to protest Juin's treatment by crossdressing at the prom. The administrators were more concerned about crossdressing boys than her wearing a tux (she normally isn't even butch in expression) but wanted to make a case out of her situation before they thought it would get out of control. And, as I'm seeing this story about the film reported, I'm noticing that virtually every mention of it leaves out this entire central component.

Btw, Juin tells me he's moving to Seattle and is going to try and finish high while there. He has a boyfriend he's very close to and has lost nearly a year out of high school from all the drama he's encountered in Florida and Mississippi. He's a sweetheart and I really wish all the organizations which used Constance's story for PR would have given a damn about this young person who got an even tougher deal than Constance did.

Oops, I meant to write finish HIGH SCHOOL. Juin's a good kid.

Regan DuCasse | October 10, 2010 3:48 PM

Hi Gina,
Thanks for the update on Juin.
I have been worried about that kid, and figured Juin endured a lot already.
That in itself is a kind of activism. Of COURSE Juin is a good kid, that was easy to tell.

My love, prayers, best wishes...everything, go out.

I know at least one of those orgs you refer to did give a damn and was ready, willing and able to provide Juin with any and all support that they could. As has been documented elsewhere, Juin decided it was a better choice, personally, to find a more accepting community rather than stay in Fulton and fight. I don't think it's fair to fault the orgs that helped Constance for that.

Juin didn't really plan on living in Mississippi. He moved there after he had problems and bullying at his school in Florida. The kid had already been through hell... you make it sound as if he should be criticized for not being a community activist?! Constance a lot of help from the get go. She got immediate major media coverage (Juin got zilch). She got scholarships, help from Ellen and appeared at GLAAD award shows (Juin got none of those things). Juin, the one who really had a much worse situation than Constance did (and I give her HUGE props as a friend, young person of character and for being sympathetic to what he went through).

But most importantly, Juin's key part of this entire story was whitewashed from most of the media covering it (including queer media) and they replaced it with a fictitious version of "Constance wasn't allowed to bring a girl to the prom." And the more they wrote about it, the less they seemed to care if it was even true.

Lea Michelle, and it should be a musical!

OMG Constance: The Musical. And Juin will get a song, of course.

Any aspiring Broadway writers out there?

Somebody already snatched up the rights. :( Or, seriously I'd get to work on it.