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Fight! Rand Paul has a meltdown

Filed By Bil Browning | October 19, 2010 8:30 AM | comments

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Did you see the debate between Rand Paul and Jack Conway for Kentucky's Senate seat? The event turned contentious after Conway brought up charges that Paul had joined a group in college that was anti-religious. Paul loses his cookies and refuses to shake Conway's hand after the debate for "attacking his religion" and "attacking his religious beliefs."

While I think this whole thing is bullshit and of very little importance, Paul really makes an ass out of himself once he gets all worked up. And "attacking his religion"? I think that would only qualify if Paul still worships "Aqua Buddha."

Yet another reason why religion should be taken out of the political debate altogether. It didn't score any real points and just made both men look like assholes. Yes, it's the middle of October alright; the silly season is upon us.

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Not that Conway had *much* of a chance in Kentucky (they just don't care for Federal Democrats there... one of the reasons I moved out of the wacky state), but this antic really won't play in his favor among Kentuckians. Rand played it correctly and made Conway look like an anti-religious leftist, and that's how he'll spin it for the rest of the campaign. In effect, it'll backfire on him.

Conway's tactic makes sense - if people are going to vote based on someone's religion they have a right to know they're being played by a huckster.

Conway's first question is out of order, but the second is valid.
It shouldn't matter what religion anyone is, but hopefully, tying a woman up isn't a religious stance, and Paul needs to be clear about his views on that- even if he doesn't have to plead "I'm a terrible person forever for a stupid college prank I regret as a much more mature adult."

So, I went to Baylor (until 2009). I'm pretty aware of and fond of the modern incarnation of the NoZe Brotherhood. This tying up a woman thing? It crossed a line 30 years ago and it would have crossed a line now. The NoZe mocked everyone, and generally had one of the better satire newspapers on campus. And at Baylor, mocking ourselves as people of faith is probably among the healthier reactions to a "no sex/no dancing/most nostalgic for reagan" campus.
This is more among their "chapel" prank style:
What Rand Paul is doing here is complete and total nonsense, it's grandstanding. It may be politically "smart", but it's certainly without moral dignity by his own beliefs.

Rick Sutton | October 19, 2010 2:35 PM

Rand Paul has principled beliefs? Who knew? From a state that produced Mitch McConnell no less.