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On Monday, October 11th, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi visited a DCCC fundraiser held at the Miami home of a basketball player who makes way too damn much money for playing a game. You've no doubt heard about the Get Equal protest since then, good things and bad things.

The team that conducted the action.On the way between the airport and the home, the President was greeted in two locations there wasn't supposed to be anything by people who came from all over the country to hold banners, support them, and educate people on what we were saying. The President saw the message. And if that wasn't enough, there were banners flying overhead, and there were boats 1000 yards offshore with megaphones and sirens while he was at the beach front property, and, although someone who was supposed to get in to the party was turned down for being gay, and therefore apparently a security risk, the message that he has not lived up to what he told the entire country one January was delivered, and not merely by Get Equal, but by the people who were at the party itself.

Because they agreed: the President hasn't achieved the kind of change they were there to donate to support.

I know this, because I was there. And I was there, in part, to find out what it was like. TO find out and share with you what doing one of these things feels like and the risks one takes, and the work one does.

And I did.

On Thursday, October 7th, just before noon, I got a call from my Co-Chair in Arizona TransAlliance Erica Keppler. She first made sure that I was aware this was a top secret, eyes only sort of thing. Not to be shared with others. Then she told me what she knew: Get Equal was planning an action, and she was inviting me to be a part of it.

I said sure. And then promptly forgot it because I'm already really busy and I tend to be very focused on what I'm doing right then (and lately it's a lot of behind the scenes work for the trans charity I run).

I am always willing to take part in actions, but I'm limited, like many trans people, by the fact that I'm not making any money at all. I run a charity that I don't take money from for a salary because it doesn't make enough money for me to justify such and I at least have a roof over my head, which the trans people my charity house cannot say.

Get Equal solved that problem very simply. They paid for airfare and a place to sleep and shower, which is pretty much all I need to do anything. Everything was handled privately, quietly, and, of course, secretly.

Fast and Furious

My weekend was full -- which worked out rather well, as at 3 am Sunday morning I had to wake up in a hurry and pack a single bag very fast, as my flight out was at 5 in the morning. As I noted, I basically forgot about it.

At the airport, I met four other folks from Phoenix who were traveling -- altogether, 8 of us from Phoenix were heading out, and among that group were people who were much younger than my *mumble* years of age. They are the current generation of activists and advocates, the people who are actually doing the work that has to be done, the one's who are bearing the torch for this new millennium and who will live to see the things we want to see done in law and will be the ones that do it.

We flew fast and furious -- crammed in an early morning flight that was full and included a change of planes. Carry on luggage only -- the info we had was that we would arrive Sunday morning, do the job on Monday, and fly out Tuesday morning. We were met at the airport by the first Get Equal "staffer", Dan Fotou, who had spent the morning so far shuttling people between Ft Lauderdale and the Holiday Inn in the Coral Gables area near the University of Miami. He looked like he was tired and had too much sun, but he was energized and committed and he showed a sense of leadership. Checked into the hotel, and in the room, and it was, locally, now noonish, and we had free time until 8 that night, as other people were coming in throughout the day from all over the country.

Some folks took advantage of the free trip to Miami to visit South Beach, while I and the other gals from Phoenix went out for happy hour cocktails and appetizers at a TGI Fridays (it was what was close by and available).

Coordinating the Action

8pm came, and we had a long meeting that finally explained what we were going to do, and what the point of the effort was. THe event was very well organized, given that the knoweldge of the President's whereabouts was less than a week old, and people were being broght in from all over the country.

I also want to note something that is important to remember here: most of the people involved are not members of Get Equal. Myself, for example -- I'm the Executive Director of a Trans charity and Co-Chair of a small, local trans rights political organization. Get Equal is not in there. There were SoulForce riders from the 2010 ride, students from Alaska and DC, activists who walk 100 miles and take the time to talk to people in rural areas about the rights of LGBT people to marry and live their lives, changing the hearts and minds and one thing that bound all of us together is that we were all people who did education primarily as our main work in terms in activism and advocacy. As such, we were aware that education is only going to take you so far -- those who have been educated need to reminded of that education.

We talked briefly about who we were and what we'd done, and the meeting then went into the details. They had a map of the area we were going to be involved in, not to scale, and drawn somewhat hastily. We discussed probable routes of the president, and there were questions and answers and commentary from those assembled. There were, at that point, four teams ready: two teams on the route the president was likely to take, one team on the water in boats that were offered up (by gay white males with money, I'll point out -- they can be useful sometimes) that had weather balloons available with Banners attached to the boat and the balloons, and possibly one team inside the event who were potentially going to do some action in keeping with the formality of the event.

The event itself was a fundraiser. A fundraiser that involved several thousand dollars for a plate, 1000 just to get in the door and have a drink (and not hear the president inside the tent) or 16,000 bucks (thereabouts) in order to get a picture with the President. The purpose was to raise money for the Democratic party. Not for LGBT people, not for LGBT issues, not for candidates that support LGBT issues, but for the DCCC. Basically, to raise the slush fund that allowed those who were hand picked by the DCCC as deserving enough of this money (read, popular among the rich and wealthy few, and easily swayed by the rich and wealthy few) to get some of it.

LGBT candidates would see little, if any, of this money, and candidates who like to talk a good game but not actually do anything would as well as those democrats who work against LGBT issues would get this money.

So this was also an educational event for them.

The Risks Involved

We talked about the risk, and this particular event was not about getting arrested, but that was still a possibility. As a trans person, the concept of being arrested brings up challenges. Especially since being post operative is not a guarantee that you will be housed properly, despite some trans people liking to say it is.

Were I not willing, personally, to be arrested, I wouldn't have gone in the first place. And I wasn't the only one with some concerns: the racial make up in the room, much to my personal surprise, was not all that pale. People of color were not only represented, we were representing in that meeting, and in the following day's meeting, and through the entire action.

So there was talk about the possibility of being arrested, and what would be done, and what to say, and how to make sure that things go well not only then, at the moment of arrest, but also after arrest, for arraignment, and even potentially for trial. The bases were well covered, and there was very obviously a lot of effort put into making sure that the chances of being arrested were actually minimal. This was not a reckless action, it was well planned, and, ultimately, well executed.

People signed up, as well, to do different jobs -- because there were absolutely different jobs involved. Some folks were specifically assigned to do filming of the action at each location Others were there to make sure that sunscreen and water were available (and, in the case of my team, that those who smoked had cigarettes there). Input was taken from the people involved int he action -- this was not a top-down style effort, it was a grassroots effort -- the people doing the work had more say than the end total of about four people from Get Equal that finally were involved directly.

Then, after the meeting, we were free again, and I went to my room and caught up with personal emails and the recent news (I hadn't touched my computer for two days). Due to some events back home surrounding my job, I ended up not getting to bed until 3 am that night.

You Expected Less?

At the meeting, we were all given release forms that were basic and simple -- as many will know, I've written many of this type of form myself, and I have to deal with such on a daily basis in my job. I read through them carefully, and there was nothing bad in it. It was, overall, mostly in my favor, and focused on making sure that GetEqual wasn't undermined by someone who hates them. The rest of the form was emergency contact information and medical stuff -- things that would be important if someone was hurt or attacked during an action, or if someone was arrested. People will know what's going on with you if you ever have the chance to take part in one, and I strongly recommend you take that opportunity if it ever knocks at your door.

There were also a lot of people who were from Miami locally, as well, that showed up the next day. The morning meeting introduced the rest of the team, and Robin McGehee showed up and other individuals involved in GetEqual were there, but also a large contingent of Flordia people, including one of the folks who famously chained themselves to the White house fence. He was interviewed while he held a banner by two different groups, and widely photographed.

I will note that I opted not to be photographed during the event by the press. Not that it mattered much -- apparently I no longer appear to be all that much like what people expect a former Army Ranger to look like.

The message that was delivered was two fold, and there were plenty of banners available, as well as hand held individual sings that were there as a back up. The first message was to sop the discharges, and as ya'll can expect, I made sure that people were aware that the same executive order process could be used to end the discharge of trans people the military as well, which will happen with or without DADT.

What? I'm a trans activist. You expected anything less?

The second message was that LGBT people are not going to donate to the DCCC or the DNCC -- no slush fund money from us. We will donate to individual candidates who don't waffle and play some stupid and no longer viable game of secretly supporting all our stuff but only going with the politically expedient stuff.

Going to the Park

The plan was aware of the nature of what we were dealing with. There were two small parks in the area somewhat near where we were going, and each was the base of operations for one of those two parks. We brought food, frisbees, and water in separate vehicles to each park, showing up to the parks about 90 minutes before we were going to do anything.

At the park for the team I was part of, we were 9 of us. We got there, and there was a guy sitting there in a long sleeve dress shirt reading a book, and watching everything that anyone there was doing. There were other folks enjoying the park as well. He, however, was unusually nosy, and in a way that is familiar to me, personally.

He asked what group we were with. He asked each of us, privately, quietly.

We took pictures of us at the park, we marveled at the trees (there were some incredible ones there). And we played a game of frisbee with three frisbees in the air all at once. We had fun, in other words, and we looked like we were just gathering at the park. We didn't talk about the action, or pay too much attention to the time.

But the time was important. At the time when most of the people heading in to attend the event were starting to drive up, we climbed into our van and we were dropped off at a location close to the entrance to the gated community in which his was taking place. Our driver then left and waited for us to call him when we needed to picked up. This is one of the jobs that's available at actions, and they can always use help in this area. Drivers aren't likely to get arrested. While en route, we all changed into our t-shirts that we wore. If you see any video of our part, I'm most probably the one in the green hat.

Secret Service vs Coral Gables Police

The rest of us headed to the location that had already been scouted out. The police were already there, and we set up directly at the entrance to the community on the two corners going into it. I was the designated support person, and one of the two who were doing some filming. My friend Meg Sneed was the point contact and leader of our group, so she handled the interactions with the authorities.

She's a stubborn gal, that Meg.

Shortly after we set up, the Secret Service (which never once directly addressed us), informed the police that we couldn't be there and we had to be moved. While the rest of us stood our ground and answered the questions of people stopping, waved back at the vast majority of cars that honked in support of us, and hoped it would cool off a tad, she took on the police.

The Secret Service wanted us moved to a location that was all but invisible. We were forbidden to stand on three corners. We were honest and upfront, as well -- we were willing to move to a particular corner, but we were not going to leave.

We ended up moving, and, actually, the cops were on our side. They moved us to what was really a better position at the time, and worked out in our favor, as even more people were able to ask what we were doing and being supportive, and no one going into the event could avoid us, no matter what direction they were coming from. Several of the party goers stopped or slowed down to ask what we were doing, and gave thumbs up and honked and the discussion was going to happen in side at the party about what we were doing and why we were doing it.

This was two hours before the President was even in Miami.

Hearts & Minds

In the next two hours, only one car -- a beat up truck, I'll note, driven by a white male in his late 40's early 50's -- had anything negative to say. One car out of over 300 cars that went by. Maybe a tenth were silent otherwise. The rest, though, were supportive of what we were doing, and there was whooping and hollering and honking and even the cops were laughing about it.

Even the latino owned and operated landscape company trucks gave us the thumbs up as they went through -- and this is an area with a lot of money.

Did we change minds and hearts? Absolutely. And we educated and we raised awareness, and we did all of that while holding the fire to the feet of a President who can end all of this with a single order if he can find the courage of the convictions he's claimed to do so. This event was not widely publicized. Still, the media found us, and even the local news trucks drove by a couple times to make sure they were seeing what was going on with us -- and dropped off photographers and reports, who interviewed people, including the local Florida resident and Veteran on our team.

As the time grew closer, the cops began to move again, and the place we had been put was changed once more, and in the process of this we learned that the route that he was expected to come down was not the route he actually took. And a different sergeant came over and told us we had to move. For safety, although where we were was still plenty safe for us (and it was our safety they spoke of, not the President's).

At first, they were going to move us to a place that was absolutely invisible given the route POTUS was going to take. We stood our ground and then he suggested a different location, and we were given position. About this time, some strong Obama and Democratic party supporters who were there to show support for local candidates showed up. It was a small party, and they were not happy to see us there, and at least one of them did everythng she could to stay as far away from us as she could, to the chiding of her fellow party.

We all settled in, and we were all supporting the President, which they at first thought we were not doing. One of their party came over, and he and I got into a conversation regarding the job of the president. He talked about how Obama doesn't have the votes in Congress to do it, and I pointed out that The President is Commander in Chief, who has the power to stop all of this in a single moment, without congressional action of any sort, so congress wasn't needed, and then I reminded him that Obama had said he would do this before the end of the year in January, which he remembered. And he noted that Congress isn't supposed tobe making rules regarding the military in that way, and when I pointed out that I was a veteran, he gave me a salute and a thanks and I waved that off -- having served in secrecy didn't make me a heroine. It made me part of the problem.

He left, and he talked to his team, and when we left, they all were on our side in things.

The Presidential Motorcade

As the motorcade got underway, the road was closed off, and we lined up across the street, a negotiated position that made the secret service visibly unhappy, and by then even the cops were shrugging and saying "whatever". They had, by then, helped us into a better position each time we'd had to move, trying to aid us in getting our message heard and seen, and the Coral Gables Police should be commended for their support of our action.

As well as including some of the hottest cops around.

As the president drove by, we could see him through the window, and the car had to slow down to enter the gate, so he had a good, long, and solid look at the banners, since he was on the same side as them looking out. He waved at us, an acknowledgment that yes, we were there, regardless of how his eyes might have flashed.

And that was the point. To make him aware we were there. To remind him, to do as he's said we must do and hold *him* accountable, as that's what he asked us to do -- to hold him, personally, and as the holder of that office, accountable for what he promised us before the entire nation.

We did. And say what you will, while he might regret the words, I'm willing to bet he's actually glad of it. He's a long way from his early career, and he's got a lot of separation now from the people that he once had to talk to on a daily basis in his early years. He's had a meteoric rise to office -- an unprecedented one, as well. Things like this are going to remind him that he's still the person who ran those old campaigns, and he's the person who will, either in two years or in 6, have to look over what's really the highlight of his career, unless he's planning to shoot for the Supreme court himself like another former President once did.

After he drove by, we were done. We quickly packed up our water bottles, our sunscreen, collected our banners and ourselves, and we headed back to the hotel, stopping briefly to get a picture of our team. Back at the hotel, we debriefed (read: swapped war stories of the action) and we separated fora few hours.

Wrapping Up the Action

After that we had a dinner outside -- chinese food, including vegetarian options. And the conversations started and those ran until 2 am once more. We took the picture accompanying this piece during that dinner, and Erica Keppler was recognized as the VIP of the event, for she had proved to have constant energy. Earlier in the day, she was asked to switch teams and join the team out on the boat, and she proved useful and helpful in many ways there, which is a credit to the woman who got her going, and who's shoes I'll never fill as the other half of Arizona Trans Alliance's Chairs.

I also think she lived on Adrenaline, and have to thank her for putting up with me having really late nights, which likely shortened her sleep. As the two trans folk involved, we had a room for ourselves, which was something the GetEqual team had taken into account.

After that, it was another early call, and Erica (of the boundless energy) woke me up with 15 minutes to spare, and we headed to the airport and back home.

As is usual, it's the time after and before actions and activities, especially at night, that make the difference. We sat and talked and we talked about making a difference and educating and the frustrations of how the media often ignores us -- although this time they didn't, and they are starting to catch on.

And we met each other, and each time you meet someone, your world is expanded, your knowledge is increased, and you learn that it does get better, because we are the people who make it better. We are the people, those of us, living today, who are willing to step out and do things -- whatever it is -- that are making it better, just as it has been the activists, the one's who speak out, that have made things better for the last 50 years.

The Trans Community & GetEqual

To my Trans brothers and sisters, who may be wondering why I took part in something about cis folks, let me say this: get involved. We can bitch and moan and gripe about how Cis folk are always a pain in the ass (because, well, ya are, cis folk), the way we can change these things is by doing this. After the action, I talked, in person, with Robin McGehee, and she said the standard party line to me about how Stonewall was started by us.

Unprompted, unasked for. She gets it. But she needs help -- and she's willing to stop and examine her own preconceptions when she's educated (and ya'll know how I am: all trans, all the time).

And her and I spoke about doing some actions specifically for the Trans community, and there's likely to be a lot more speaking and planning done on that, and you can be certain that there will be a great deal done regarding ENDA in the future as well -- this is not a Gay Inc group, no matter where the money comes from to run it (and remember that Get Equal is funded).

We've talked about a grassroots based group in the blogs for a long time now -- we have one. One that hears from the bottom up, not dictates from the top down. And yeah, there's some flaws int he process and the leadership, but they are working on ironing that out.

No, you won't see me on the board, provisional or whatever. I'm still Dyssonance, and just because I like what they are doing as a whole doesn't free them from criticism of stupidity they might have done in the past or almost certainly will in the future. But if I can participate in future actions, I will. TO represent the Trans community, to educate and shape policy and focus, and to give them what they need the most: bodies.

This is an organization that needs people more than money right now. People willing to step up. And as Trans people, we don't have money, but we sure as hell have bodies.

Let's give them what they need, and then make damn sure to keep them from the same hypocrisy they are condemning. let's us hold their feet to the fire and keep them accountable for what they've said.

They say they support the Trans Agenda.

Without reservation. Let's show them we do, as well. Because let me tell ya -- it's a blast.

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"The President saw the message."

Imagine his surprise. He had no idea that members of the LGBT Community are disappointed. Of course he gets his information from people holding signs - people that had to be "flown in" to Miami.

Your account was interesting and I'm glad that you were able to contribute your time, but your suggestion that it changed "hearts and minds" is silly. Of course people agreed with your message - 71% of the voters in greater Miami are Democrats. They are mostly LGBT-supportive and they want DADT repealed. Had they known you were protesting against them, their opinion would have been different. But, all 300 were just driving by and who has time to think and read signs at the same time. Especially with huge weather balloons in the sky.

This ill-conceived action was mostly ignored by the media and can only be described as a waste of time, money and energy. I'm glad the media gets it.

These little stunts that you call "holding the President accountable" are not about accountability - they are simply intended to "embarrass Democrats." That's why Robin and Kip were hired in the first place and nothing has changed.

The admitted strategy of GetEQUAL to embarrass, humiliate, irritate and inconvenience politicians into submission. It is absurd and has absolutely no precedent or simple rationale. All these carnivalesque publicity stunts do is help Republicans.

GetEQUAL fits nicely into the popular narrative that "we need to get rid of these Democrats." In that sense GetEQUAL and the Tea Party have the very same message and objective.


And you just keep on lying, Andrew, even when the proof of your lie is noted specifically above.

I'm starting to lose my sense of benefit of the doubt with you -- I'm starting to think you lie on purpose, and honestly think that people can't see the lies you are saying.

That said, it is good to know that you are still the hypocrite I noted previously, since you quoted yourself regarding GetEqual and you still do the exact same thing yourself.

As ever, thank you -- the stuff you spout is why GetEqual is worth a damn.

You, not so much...

Well, again you simply insult disagreement. Is it any wonder our movement is so fu*ked up.

What "lies?" I find it childish that you simply believe you can claim "lies" and then not say exactly what they are. What lies did I make?

I completely understand the blind-faith for tactics that worked 50 years ago. I also understand the world has changed. If I thought GetEQUAL was harmless I would simply laugh at them. But, they are way beyond harmless, they are hurting the LGBT Community. This isn't even "activism" it is childish temper tantrums that a few dozen people think are effective. GetEQUAL was supposed to get some "parents" when they secured a temporary "provisional" Board of Directors, but it seems they have simply hired some cheerleaders.

I appreciate your enthusiasm. I think you have worked very hard for LGBT-issues, but NOW is the time for all of us to take very seriously how effective something is. That includes GetEQUAL's stunts.

Instead of insulting people that disagree with you, how about addressing the simple question: HOW does this help us?

I'm not going to accuse you of lying (because you haven't actually made any assertions here), but if you don't answer that important question I will conclude you don't really care. I believe our equality is more important than a weekend in Miami. Don't you agree?

Andrew, had you read the article, you'd have seen the part where I talk about how we educated and changed the hearts and minds of people right htere -- and I described on such conversation and the outcome of it above.

So saying you lied is not an insult -- it's a factual statement.

Saying that you are a hypocrite, when your own posting is, bluntly, meant to embarrass, humiliate, irritate and inconvenience activists into submission, is not an insult, it is a factual statement.

Saying that I'm starting to doubt your acting in good faith and your integrity is not insulting -- it's based on repeated statements and habits of yours in avoiding conversation and dialog, and the deception you practice regularly.

That's not an insult, that's a statement of opinion meant to inform you.

Now you imply that I'm a hired cheerleader. Let me remind you that I was originally broght on board Bilerico to "calm me down" and it hasn't worked. I don't lead cheers, Andrew. I participate in things that are working, and I do my damndest to educate people. The one time I saw you proffer ideas, I shot them all down, save the one you may recall I'm living up to already: we need to run for office ourselves.

You are not an activist. You are not an advocate. I do not believe that you've ever contributed one single dime or minute of effort to any LGBT cause or need.

As for the lies, refer to the post Jillian made -- it should still be on the front page. And then to lie about my not changing hearts and minds when I describe exactly doing that, specifically, in the article above, well, that makes that a lie as well.

Stop it. I will call you out on it every single time. And there's no anger involved, so you can skip the tone argument this time.

So come on, Andrew: what have you done?

Otherwise, you are rapidly demonstrating your bad faith and helping me to expose you for the liability to the community that you are.

Oh, and to the general public: yeah, I'm back. Ain't ya happy?

Well, Jillian said the Miami event received "National Media Coverage." It did not. The word coverage is about "how much" attention you get. ONLY CBS news - on their Blog only - covered this stunt. That isn't "coverage" it is one out out thousands of media outlets.

Even Rachel Maddow ignored this latest stunt and T appreciate that she did - she finally understands. It got NO national broadcast coverage. It didn't make any national media. None.

So - that ISN'T a "lie" it is simply the truth and you and Jillian pretend the Miami party was successful in the media, but it wasn't and you do not have any evidence that it was. I am curious, when will you start embarrassing the media? When will your anger be directed at them?

As far as changing "hearts and minds" I commented on that above. That wasn't the intent of this protest-to-confront-Obama, it was to let tell him how angry you were, childishly thinking that would make a difference. We're all angry, but most of us gave up tanrums when we were 5 or 6 years old.

Until you people get a real danger - like bombs or something - nobody is going to take your bitching seriously. Many people are upset now, what makes you think that your grievance deserves "special" attention. It is laughable. Progressives and Liberals are now avoiding "the gays." Dan Choi confirmed that when he went to the March in D.C.

I have done my part in figuring out how to win, but I'm not the one helping Republicans, you are. Maybe it will take waiting until November 3rd for you to see the damage GetEQUAL has done. I hipe you have enough money to fly somewhere and have a party. No, I don't - I want you to run out of money, before we run out of friends.
So, once again. Have it you way - wave the pom-poms and cheer about how terrific this latest stunt was. Cheerleaders are usually delusional.

I asked you to explain HOW this was effective. Calling ME a liar didn't accomplish that - it just demonstrated that you don't have any evidence or rationale for GetEQUAL - just a few flights and meals.

uh, don't know Rachel Maddow's position on direct action. She expresses her own anger with the Obama Administration regarding DADT every time she talks about DADT. She doesn't need to cover GetEqual because she herself has been a thorn in Obama's side right along with them.

"...can only be described as a waste of time, money and energy."

Dude, this criticism could leveled at any protest or political party convention...or Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, or Mardi Gras. What you call a "stunt" was political theater. I am right glad that someone still knows how to take political narrative and demonstrate it, dramatically, publicly and peacefully.

Were 'hearts and minds' won over? I don't know and you don't either. Did it remind some politicians and power brokers that there are people with memories and interests; carefully watching them because a debt is owed? Maybe it did. Did some party operative wish they could distill the enthusiasm displayed into a potion that could transfused into the "base" come November? That may have crossed someone's mind. Wonks know organization when they see it, and they covet it.

Good carnivals require organization and do not descend into chaos. No one from the Gulf Coast would use the word (if it is in fact a word) "carnivalesque" as anything but a compliment. The origins of our Carnivals were pre-Lenten morality plays (laden with social commentary) staged by organized common folk on wagons. They used the brief moments that they held the attention of the sovereign power to express their interests and concerns. Little has changed.

They seem to appreciate a good show down in Miami, too, hence the friendly police and passers by. A well staged Tea Party event might go over pretty well also; and this is precisely why we must not surrender this field to the opposition. In the aftermath of Citizens United, we had better make use of any communications channel still open to us.

Given a choice between funding a small, enthusiastic, good-natured demonstration, or yet another round of self congratulatory pablum served up at a gala banquet...well, I can afford a sign and soapbox when the show comes to my town. I doubt I'll get an invite to the gala and I'm tired of buying someone a ticket for someone else.

This creative communication did not demand "submission". It was not bullying and did not "embarrass, humiliate, irritate, and inconvenience" anyone; especially not the single most powerful human on this planet, or his entourage.

Antonia's description of the event was an outstanding read (Tres Bien!). Most importantly, she has reminded people that political involvement can actually be fun (OMG!) even when...indeed, ESPECIALLY when the stakes are so huge. Whole generations of Americans have not learned or forgotten that. That reminder alone was worth a plane ticket and a hotel room... and boat fuel... and weather balloons... worth every single freaking penny.


Glad to see you are posting here again.

Thank you for the intense and personal report on the GetEQUAL action.

And thanks for keeping us informed about your thoughts on

Thanks, Dan :D

All too often, any folks don't know what it's like to be a part of such things, and have all sorts of strange ideas about how it happens.

I thought I'd pull the curtain back a bit and show that one of the things people forget is so important about these actions is that they serve to bring us all together and to inspire us further.

misswildthing | October 13, 2010 8:12 PM

Antonia, I don't think it does much for a conversation to call someone a liar and then offer no proof. While it is obvious that Andrew is a critic of GE, he can express his viewpoint here and other places. Personal attacks don't make your argument any more cogent.

So, if you don't mind, please offer a counter to what Andrew is saying with some hard data, some information. I would be interested in the basis for this.

I have, each time, using the statements he's made.

I've even allowed,in the past for him to make such errors out of ignorance.

I'm quite fair with him -- and about the only personal attack I can be said to have made against him thus far was saying I'm not so sure he's worth a damn.

Everything else is based in what he's said versus what he's talking about. I don't mince words. I've said some extremely negative things about GetEqual in the past, and odds are good I'll do the same in the future -- if they do something similar to what he's done.

He's yet to produce anything that pertains to his point, and he's essentially seeking to undermine any effort by any group today, and he does it by obscuring the facts and ignoring certain realities.

Take, for example, his assertion earlier about there being no mainstream media coverage. Well, there was. He just, personally, doesn't consider it mainstream, because he has some personal measure of what's mainstream that he doesn't define -- this allows him to ignore commonly accepted understandings and continue his personal crusade.

He's proven himself homophobic, transphobic, and generally far more conservative in the past, and he's stuck on the idea that Congress has any role in this DADT issue, when the point of all of this is not to address congress, but the President directly, who does not need the involvement of congress. But by talking about it, he distracts and derails the conversation.

His methodology is fallacious, his approach is based in fear, his outlook is assimilationist and appeasing. To ask me, personally, to give him a break is not only unlikely to be followed through, given my feelings often stated on assimilationism,but likely to get a guffaw.

When he offers something conrete and practical, and comes clean about his own efforts -- which, in the last 8 months he has nev er done despite nearly weekly being asked to do so, he might get some sort of realistic approach. Otherwise, he's a liability, and since I've been more or less "gone" for six months and come back to see him doing the exact same things still, I've chosen to call him out.

Just as I call anyone out.

So he's not getting special treatment. He's getting the standard one, and if I say he's lying and the proof is above, all anyone has to do is read the article to see it.

"Take, for example, his assertion earlier about there being no mainstream media coverage. Well, there was."

Antonia, people will understand this phony position of yours. Using this to call me a liar is troubling. This event DID NOT receive "National media coverage," it received a story on the CBSnews blog. It received a "mention" in a few local papers and a Blog called The Hill - where Heather Cronk (Manager of getEQUAL) is a contributor. That is not "national media coverage" it is a huge failure. there are thousands of national media outlets and you got one and a mention in a few? Your assertion are delusional no matter how many times you repeat them.

Some of GetEQUAL's earliest stunts got some coverage on MSNBC (not hard) and mentions on CNN. It has been down hill from there. I have spent time and money convincing the media to ignore GetEQUAL because they do not speak for the LGBT community. That becomes more clear with each passing day. It becomes even more clear when you and Jillian lie about your "success." I can't believe the Board is approving of this misinformation.

I've grown tired of your insults, not surprised, but tired. Why don't you just answer how how these stunts (intended to be high-profile) actually helpful. Because until you do i am going to make sure the media does not cover them. Until you provide a rationale that people can understand how this helps us I am not going to let them succeed and I'm certainly not going to let you avoid accountability by calling me a liar. Grow up - tell us exactly how these attempts to "embarrass Democrats" helps us. Make some sense of it and I will support you and defend you. until then, GetEQUAL is clearly counterproductive and damaging our community. I'm not going to let that happen.

I hope that is perfectly clear.

Now - without insulting or trying to change the subject - please be clear. Defend GetEQUAL instead of attacking me, I didn't waste $50,000 in Miami on Monday.

I have spent time and money convincing the media to ignore GetEQUAL because they do not speak for the LGBT community.


That I believe.

Yes, that, Andrew, I absolutely believe, without any hesitation. Because it supports, wholeheartedly, what I've come to believe from you.

Incidentally, the AP -- that's Associated Press, btw, the largest and most mainstream of all media outlets -- covered the protest.

That is mainstream media. You apparently missed the CNN mention, or the FOX news mention, as well.

I described a moment where I, personally, there at the protest, changed multiple hearts and minds, and you say that we didn't. That's a lie on your part.

And now, in your own defense under what you know are accurate and truthful statements, buried in multiple fallacies and strawmen desperately hurled at me since I've made it clear I will and now have outed you, you reveal the simple basic truth.

You, personally, have contributed money to minimize the effect of actions by LGBT organizations seeking justice.

That, AndrewW, makes you not merely a liability, but actually someone who has worked against the efforts of LGBT people.

That, AndrewW, makes you an opponent.

That is all I wanted and needed. Thank you.

My grandmother told me to always give them enough rope. My grandfather added keep it taught so they can escape, and so when they hang themselves it will be all the worse.

Thank you, AndrewW, for admitting that you worked against the efforts of LGBT people that GetEqual does represent -- and thereby setting your self up as yet another hypocrite fraud perpetuating a negative campaign designed to undermine efforts.

You've just made your final mistake with me. May any God you happen to worship have mercy on you.

Because I won't.

I have worked against GetEQUAL because these childish stunts are counterproductive. GetEQUAL is alienating our friends and allies. Plus, they are wasting money that could go to uses we know are effective.

I'm glad you enjoyed Miami.


Yes, Andrew, be proud of your efforts against LGBT people.

Stand up for it. Shout it from the rooftops.

So we all know where you stand.

Sorry, my efforts are to shut-down the lunacy known as GetEQUAL. THEY are hurting the LGBT community and people now understand that.

The way you described your experience was compelling, I felt like I was standing next to you on the sidewalk, moving when you moved.

As an ACORN-trained organizer (before they were infamous) I appreciate how you describe the "win" (don't worry if some people didn't see it - those who are street activists see it). You got the message to the people who were attending the fundraiser, that was your group's mission and you achieved it.

You also achieved the first order of direct action (from the Saul Alinsky school of actions) - aggravate- you aggravated some of Obama's supporters. You agitated some of them. You educated lots of them. And your group of people from all walks of life and groups organized.

The best part (for me at least) is that you were prepared, briefed and stayed safe.

Inspired by many people, including Robin, I have started (a work in progress) to give all LGBTQ organizers, organizations and people a way to connect together. Stay tuned for the launch this weekend.

Good job everyone and thanks for the report. Now I get what you were all doing and some of what you achieved.

WHAT did they achieve. I applaud your enthusiasm, but what did they accomplish?

Thank you.

And yeah, the concern troll is simply being unrealistic in outlook and fighting for appeasement and assimilation.

HOW did this un-noticed stunt help us? How?

Antonia, I love your article. Even more, your courage for standing up for something that does not even benefit transgender people. Us cis folks, and I'm a straight ally, are "getting it" more and more.

I live for the day when our only label is human. And the other labels we get to wear like jewelry - showing off our unique and amazing diversity.

There are times I'm disappointed that I'm on this side of the border. (And then the newsfeeds come in and it goes away).

I'm glad you had a chance to be a part of that. We're seeing history unfold, one moment like this at a time.

Re: GetEqual as a grassroots organization, the direction will always be subject to the leadership of the organization. Don't expect it to not change, unfortunately. But it might be a great run in the meantime.

Re: effectiveness, a lot can be said for momentum. The tea party contingent is a statistically small segment of the American public, but by visibility and vocality, they've been able to move the conversation far enough to the right that people are almost going into the closet about being centrists. There is a value in taking up some of that visibility and vocality and moving the conversation back to where we can't be swept under the rug and where people become more emboldened to support LGBT rights.

You wrote:

To my Trans brothers and sisters, who may be wondering why I took part in something about cis folks...

I realize there's a lot of bitterness in the trans community, but ultimately, it's the right thing to do. And hopefully, the majority of GE folks will also stick around for trans issues because it's the right thing to do -- but if they don't then we just take the lessons learned here and move forward as much as we can under whatever strength we're left with. I think sometimes we spend too much time on the academia, until we've gone so deep on a question that it becomes meaningless. It's the right thing to do, and good on you for doing it.

Beautiful comment. But, I want to point out that GetEQUAL is not the counter to the Tea Party - they are really the same. Both groups are contributing to the popular narrative that we need to "throw out the Democrats."

On November 3rd we should acknowledge both groups efforts in guaranteeing our new Republican Congress.

I don't see any momentum. I see failure. Failure members of our community contributed to and were paid to do so. Tea Partiers did it for free.

I think the point of direct action is to get the attention of people there and local media, not really the attention of National media. It also empowers the people involved and serves as a way of recruiting people. Never underestimate the impact of physical presence and putting a human face on the issue. Not everything can be done through the Internet or TV Machine.

Both groups are contributing to the popular narrative that we need to "throw out the Democrats."

Seriously. If you see it that way, then you must be the only one. More likely, you're reaching and seriously underestimating the intelligence of the left.

I wonder if anyone else here has noticed that your activity on the blogs tends to be inversely proportional with another Andrew's activitites to divide the left?

Just saying.

Andrew, Out of curiousity I just did a google search of the terms getequal+Miami+protest and received 56,700 hits. Just because the main stream press didn't flash it on your TV screen, doesn't mean it wasn't read by hundreds of thousands. Those nasty intarwebs! 56,700 stories of the action...and press pool coverage (which means a national audience)

I've been watching your comments over the past year, first yapping about the National Equality March and how bad an idea it was (and also lying by saying it was canceled, etc.), and now endlessly droning on about getequal. It seems like you've made it your life's mission to comment hysterically on any and all articles about the march and about getequal. What gives? You can't just be doing this for sport. Are you getting paid by someone to do it? Because seriously, with the amount of press getequal is getting now, it must take up the majority of your day cutting and pasting the same drivel.

It's called "accountability." Just because a few people think something is effective, that doesn't make it so.

Nobody has shown how "embarrassing Democrats" helps us. I have show how it makes people want to avoid us. It's not helpful.

The NEM could have had a benefit is it organized those people and gave them something productive to do. That didn't happen, so "getting together" for an afternoon was ALL that happened. It had no impact on anyone.

GetEQUAL has proven that some groups can go beyond simply being ineffective - they can damage our community.

Participation would be a good test of effectiveness. GetEQUAL has never had more than a few dozen participants - most of them "flown in." Our community understand this charade and that's why they ignore them. Now, the media is.

Nobody has provided even a shred of supporting rationale for this confrontational street theater.

What they accomplished is bringing DADT to the attention of the people who attended the fundraiser (DUH) - because those are the influential people, the insiders, the ones who talk to the president, our str8 allies, who told the protesters that they would talk to the president (maybe some of them did). See that's the educating and organizing part of a direct action. That is a piece GetEqual never accomplished before.

Now if all they had done was sail around with banners, that would not have accomplished what that street action did. It does not really matter if the mainstream press got the message. The folks with the money got the message and if even 10% (the usual percentage who respond to a direct action) of those who said they would talk to Obama about this do that, then that is a win that would not have been accomplished without the direct action.

Now Andrew have you been able to accomplish that - getting influential fundraisers to tell Obama not to appeal DADT?

by every constitutional means necessary

And you believe those people at a "political fundraiser" had no idea about DADT? No kidding.

This isn't an issue that lacks attention. In polling more than 80% knew what DADT meant. In ENDA polling less than 20% know what that means.

Because nobody can show the benefit of this publicity stunt we have to go all the way to using "signs and banners" to get a message out. With all the ways to communicate today we choose "poster board" and 'weather balloons." You don't think that's childish and/or stupid?

The stunt was to get attention so that these clowns can raise money. It didn't work and they won't raise any money. If they had a discernible "purpose" maybe that would change.

I hesitate to post a comment to this blog entry, but you assertion that " and, although someone who was supposed to get in to the party was turned down for being gay, and therefore apparently a security risk" is completely incorrect.

There were many openly LGBT individuals in attendance at the event. I was invited but unable to attend as I was coordinating efforts at the same time with state legislators who spoke at a vigil for the LGBTQ-youth.

President Obama is not fearful of activist challenging him. This past July I was at the White House when one AIDS activist interrupted the President during his remarks to the large group invited to gather that evening.

While we absolutely need to hold elected officials accountable, I fear your organization is going to have a far more harmful impact in advancing equality for LGBTQIA people.

Thank-you for speaking up.

The individual in question was discharged under Don't Ask Don't Tell for being gay, and that discharge, for being gay, was apparently what led to him being considered a security risk.

So no, it's not just any activist. But those who have been treated horribly, one can surmise.

And it doesn't change that he was considered a security risk.

SEE BELOW. Diaz was never vetted and never paid - GetEQUAL lied. Robin is lying about the "White House" comment. Does she have any evidence?

Good for you, Dyss. Thank you for your time, and your heart, and being willing to risk your safety. Now all we need is a thousand, or even a hundred good people like you.

Just offer plane tickets and a nice location.

Doesn't need to be a nice location or even a plane ticket, actually.

That's my standard requirement for my seminars that I do, as well. For free. All over the US.

Perhaps you should try it -- I promise you it would be a very educating experience for you.

We'll i'm glad you do those seminars. I imagine they are helpful. Let me know when you are in the Northeast.

Why not bring me there? I do 4 hour, one day, and two day seminars, and all I need is the transportation there and a place to stay.

From the Washington Blade:

"As the president spoke at the event, air horns could be heard across the bay from the protesters in boats. At one point the protesters could be heard yelling.

Some members of the audience looked over, but the noise was not loud enough to disrupt and the president continued his speech uninterrupted.

While the protest for the most part proceeded as intended, Woods was denied access to the event as well as local activist Itzel Diaz, according to a GetEQUAL statement. The organization said the activists were informed the White House made the decision against letting them in the fundraiser.

But the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee denied GetEQUAL’s account of this aspect of the protest.

DCCC spokesman Ryan Rudominer said, “Ms. Diaz called on Friday and said she may be interested in attending the event with a guest. However, Ms. Diaz did not confirm attendance, payment was not submitted, and no information was provided for vetting.”

So, WHO is "lying?" It appears GetEQUAL is. Again.

The White House had NOTHING to do with Diaz not being able to attend - paying did. You have to PAY to go to a "fundraiser." Only children would not understand that.

From a person who works against the efforts of LGBT people, this has little value.

You've already been shown to have lied, Andrew. So from you, it's meaningless.

What lengths will you go to to defend GetEQUAL?

I didn't lie and the Washington Blade is suggesting GetEQUAL did.

But, keep up the misinformation, people are over the GetEQUAL charade. They've wasted $1 million and accomplished nothing, unless you count the assistance they've given to Republicans.

I haven't defended GetEqual, Andrew. Not in any comment.

You are the one under an illusion thereby, and your saying I am is yet another lie.

I'm simply saying the truth. It had mainstream coverage. You don't consider the coverage mainstream -- but the mainstream sources do. You are saying the AP isn't mainstream.

You talk about misinformation, yet the only one spreading it is you.

You've made a claim to be actively working against LGBT people.

And you say you do it because they don't represent all LGBT people. Well, neither do the Stonewall democrats. Neither does the HRC. Neither does NGLTF or LogCabin or GoProud.

And, most importantly, neither do you.

And yet, despite that being basically your position, that they don't represent all LGBT people, you went out and on your own worked and spent money against them.

That's on you, ANdrew. You are literally working with the people who want to see LGBT folks barred from the military, told they can't work, kicked out of houses.

ANd you literally just spent time and effort to block them from doing what they could, and they were and are LGBT people, Andrew.

You lied. You lied about me, you lied about what happened at the event (and you were not there), you lied about there being no mainstream coverage.

You use the same tactivs you accuse GetEqual of using.

And tell me, AndrewW, in what way does that help us win?

What did you actually accomplish? How effective have you been if you can't even stop the AP from covering the story?

Shoes on the other foot.

Enjoy it, cause next, you'll be sucking on shoelaces if you don't prove how your actions were effective, how your actions made a difference, how your time and money contributed to us winning.

You've defended the PResident, defended the work of assimilationist people and policies, and you've made wild claims.

You have finally sunk below my attention level, you farking concern troll.

You and Jillian simply ignore the meaning of the word "coverage" pertaining to the media:

? cov·er·age (kuv??r ij)


the amount, extent, etc. covered by something

1. FOOTBALL the defensive tactics of a defender or a defensive team against a passing play

2. INSURANCE all the risks covered by an insurance policy

3. JOURNALISM the extent to which a news story is covered

The "extent" to which a news story was covered. Because less than 1% of the mainstream media covered this latest stunt, not it didn't receive "coverage."

And, not this gem from you:

"You've made a claim to be actively working against LGBT people."

No, I am trying to stop GetEQUAL because they are hurting the LGBT Community. You're lying again and it's pathetic.

AP did put it on their wire service, but few picked it up. That story also contained the information that the activists were not allowed in "because they didn't pay."

I haven't "defended" anyone. In fact, people know I don't believe in any elusive "political solution" to our equality.

My comments about GetEQUAL are very clear - they are counterproductive and they hurt the LGBT Community. The reality is GetEQUAL hasn't done anything but help Republicans while making $90,000 salaries and traveling to Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C, San Francisco and now Miami.

Just because you keep saying you like them, that doesn't make them effective. It does demonstrate you appreciate the trip to Miami.


Ok, here it is. Not Flaming, here, just stating simple facts, all gleaned from Andrew's statements regarding this action.

You've said the following, Andrew, all of which are lies. Please locate one time among these where you did not say what I show you have said:

1. "The National mainstream media did not (cover the story)."

Yet the AP did cover it, CBS covered it, and there's still more coming out even now.

2."The GetEQUAL strategy of embarrassing, harassing, irritating or inconveniencing people into submission is juvenile."

This while your personal efforts against GetEqual consist of embarrasing, harassing, irritating, and inconveniencing people into submission.

3. "That's a lot of anger Antonia."
To a response that had no anger in it, was not written in anger, and that you had no basis to make that statement on.

4. "You deny GetEQUAL is soliciting donations..."

Yet I never denied it -- I said, specifically, I didn't know if they had, and that I hadn't been asked.

5. "I will remind you these are "professional" activists earning substantial salaries and probably deserving of heightened public scrutiny."

Yet only 4 people there were making any salaries according to that level -- most of the people who did this make and earn nothing from their advocacy. OUt of nearly 30 people by my rough count and more I'm personally certain that I never saw.

6. You said "She (referring to me) was flown into Miami to play the part of "activist."".

Yet I don't play the part of one, Andrew, I am one, and it is not playing, it is a full time and then some job that I do not get paid for and that I cannot afford to do.

7. You make comments around a Ms Diaz, whereas I'm talking about someone entirely separate from her -- and he's a Black man.

8. "GetEQUAL fits nicely into the popular narrative that "we need to get rid of these Democrats." In that sense GetEQUAL and the Tea Party have the very same message and objective."

Which is true, except that what GetEqual is Doing is targeting those in power. Your implication here is that GetEqual would not go after Republicans who are in power, yet GetEqual has consistently gone after John McCain, and he's absolutely a Republican, and he is quite powerful.

This means that your statement is incorrect -- otherwise they wouldn't have gone after McCain, who is a tea party darling.

9. This ill-conceived action was mostly ignored by the media and can only be described as a waste of time, money and energy.

You said that, and yet the point of the article I wrote is that it was not ill conceived, and I described it as something other that what you did.

Therefore it cannot "only" be described that way -- that's merely how you would describe it.

10. "What lies did I make?"

This, and even you finally had to admit that the AP did indeed pick the story up (which is mainstream media coverage on a national level).

Instead of admitting it, though, you tried, and still try, to spin it. WHich is, in and of itself, a form of deciet.

11.Your account was interesting and I'm glad that you were able to contribute your time, but your suggestion that it changed "hearts and minds" is silly.

You said this, despite the article containing a description of how, personally, I changed the hearts and minds of a small groups of people there unrelated to us.

12. But, all 300 were just driving by and who has time to think and read signs at the same time.

THis you say despite the fact that I also noted most of the drivers actually did read and think about the banners.

Many even stopped and asked, specifically -- again, noted int he article.

13. All these carnivalesque publicity stunts do is help Republicans.

Yet in the article, I noted how it does much more than that -- specificallyhow it helps further the bonds of people who do work outside of this, usually for little to no recognition.

Recognition your money and time could have gone to furhtering, and work your money and time could have gone to support.

Instead, ANdrew, you chose to do this:

14. I have spent time and money convincing the media to ignore GetEQUAL because they do not speak for the LGBT community.

You chose to spend money against the effort of people who's regular lives are involved in face to face and day to day making a difference in the lives of LGBT people, who's efforts involve education, support, and the most basic of social services.

You chose to sepnd your money against the efforts of LGBT people, instead of spending your money to help LGBT people.

15. I can't believe the Board is approving of this misinformation.

You say this, despite the fact that I am not a member of get Equal. I am not on any provisional board. I am not beholden to them. hell, I didn't even get to see Miami or take a trip to south beach.

And you think they have approaval over something I write, when not even Bil has that, and he owns this site?

16. Grow up - tell us exactly how these attempts to "embarrass Democrats" helps us.

THis you said despite my making it fairly clear that this wasn't about embrassing anyone. It was about reminding them. It is about making sure that they are aware of what they have promised.

You call that "embarassing" and then you speak about accountability.

Effectiveness? Go ask President Obama if he's aware that LGBT people want DADT ended, want ENDA passed, want DOMA overturned, and are not going to donate to the National funds until the national party makes it a point to stop giving LGBT people lip service and second class status.

That's your answer. You don't ask the teacher if the lesson was learned, Andrew, you ask the student. Simple logic.

17. Defend GetEQUAL instead of attacking me, I didn't waste $50,000 in Miami on Monday.

This, despite the fact that I'm not defending Get Equal. I'm pointng out the hypocrisy, deceit, and fear mongering that you are engaging in under the cover of anonymity and hubris.

18. Plus, they are wasting money that could go to uses we know are effective.

Just like you have. Yet you are allowed to keep doing so, while they must stop?

That's hypocrisy, yet again.

19. WHAT did they achieve. I applaud your enthusiasm, but what did they accomplish?

Asked of someone who was neither the student nor the teacher. Again, a failure of directing the conversation to the right people.

And a form of deception, as well, because by asking them, you can use the concept of implicature and the general non-commenting reader's inherent classist and cultural biases to create a sense of unease.

Ask the President. Not his advisor, Not his cabinet. Ask him. He's the student here.

20. Failure members of our community contributed to and were paid to do so.

This you said despite the fact that none of the people on the ground, as part of my team, were being paid to be there.

Getting a plane ride to do this is not payment. Getting a cheap hotel room is not payment. Being given delivery Pizza and basic bagels and chinese food is not payment.

That's all logistics.

Payment wouod have meant a donation to my house, or to Meg's Walk, or actual money in my pocket I could put towards something I need, like medical care.

Get real, please, Andrew. That's not payment.

So these aren't, for the majority of those involved, paid activists.

Which means you again use deciet.

21. It's called "accountability." Just because a few people think something is effective, that doesn't make it so.

Just because you don't think it isn't effective, doesn't make it so. And you can't learn if it was unless you 1 - give it time, and 2 - ask the people who were being protested.

22. And you believe those people at a "political fundraiser" had no idea about DADT?

Well, having been there and hearing the questions from the people attending the fundraiser, I can say that, um, No, ANdrew, they did NOT know about DADT.

They didn't even know about Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

At least not until they drove through the gates. Because they asked on the way through, and were let know about it, and no, Andrew, not all of them were aware of it.

Most of them thought it was already illegal to deny LGBT people service in the military.

23. My comments about GetEQUAL are very clear - they are counterproductive and they hurt the LGBT Community. The reality is GetEQUAL hasn't done anything but help Republicans while making $90,000 salaries and traveling to Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C, San Francisco and now Miami.

Yet if most of the people doing these things are people who do it for free, how can they possibly be making a 90,000 a year salary?

Is Robin? I don't know. I don't doubt it. But Robin wasn't there at the corner I was. ANd there were only 4 or 5 GetEqual folks out of the whole bunch that were there -- most of whom I don't think make 90K.

You want to pay me 90k, I'm not going to complain, mind you -- hell, I'd take a decent job for 35k in Phoenix right now. I've got medical expenses to take care of. That I can't do because someone keeps spending moeny to block LGBT issues from getting into the mainstream news.

You wouldn't be one of those people, would you?

24.I didn't lie

You said that, again.

Yet you have. Multiple times. Collected here. Using your own words.

25.Because nobody can show the benefit of this publicity stunt ...

This is the final example of your lies.

You say "nobody can show". Yet all you do is talk to the people who are on the teaching side.

And you forget, blunntly, that you cannot show it is ineffective.

And you forget that someone can show how effective they are. But they aren't going to comment here, because they are in the White House.

*Nobody* can, Andrew? That's a lie. Claim hyperbole if you want, it is still a lie. Someone can.

Barack Obama. President of the United States.

Ask him. He's the one who can answer that question, since he's the one the message, in this case, was intended for.

Twenty five points, Andrew. Collated. You are a liar, a hypocrite, and a fraud.

You are, in using your time and your money to work against LGBT persons, defending the actions of those who also spend time and money to do the same thing -- and they outspend us by ten to one already.

You step out and you say that people know you don't believe in any sort of political solution to our equality -- yet apparently you do, since you work to stop the efforts of people who are dong what you believe in from engaging in a political solution.

If you didn' tthink it had a chance, you wouldn't put this much time, this much energy and this much effort into discrediting them.

Your arguments are strawmen -- we are talking about commander in chief roles and you ask about senate votes, which are two different things.

The point was to remind the president, and you call it "embarass" him.

You use standard derailing tactics that anyone can see just by reading through the derailing for dummies site, including the tone argument (so angry, Antonia -- stop insulting me, Antonia).

They don't work on me very well, do they, Andrew?

You might want to figure out why.

Before I do another list of 25 examples of your hypocrisy, deceit, and fraudulent efforts.

You know, there are better ways at getting back at an old boyfriend than this, sweetie.

Pathetic. Pathetic, simplistic cheerleading.

You have still not answered the simple question of "how these childish stunts help us?"

Instead you try to change the subject and create a bunch of "lies" which are simply disagreements.

I said this stunt did get "National mainstream media coverage" which is an expression used to determine how much coverage something got. I even gave you the definition. AP put in on their feed, but few picked it up. It didn't make any network or cable television television or national newspapers. So, far i has made 14 media outlets, none of them major. CBSnews out it on a Blog.

So, you suggestion that was a "lie" is bullshit, just like the rest of your comment. Which is why I won't waste my time with it. People get it.

If you have any integrity and you want to see GetEQUAL survive, it would be a good idea to stick to the important issue:

How do these stunts help the LGBT Community?

GetEQAUL hasn't answered that, maybe you can.

Lest you forget, I answered that question in bold, and six others you asked in April or May.

In detail. That you've never once acknowledged them is part of your failings.

I quoted you, Andrew. Each time. I showed how what you said was not the fact of the matter. That makes you a liar. End of story. You can waffle and spin all you want, but there's the evidence above of your hypocrisy (which you never challenge), your deceit (which you focus on, and spin into a "disagreement"), and your fraudulent self representation.

Let's add another one: 26. you said I was cheerleading. Even using the concept metaphorically, as you are, that would mean I was somehow encouraging the GetEqual organization in my comment above. I wasn't. I was running down a list of statements you have made and exposing them for the deceit and hypocrisy they are.

That you would even try to spin what are statements you've made and their inaccuracy into spinning is indicative of your internet troll status. That you do this out of a faux sense of cocnern is what defies you as the subspecies concern troll.

oh, and 27. You lied. You said that the LGBT media covered it, and the mainstream media did not. So you lied yet again, and this time about what you said, despite it being right there, in your response to Jillian's article on the subject. That's bald faced lying, as well, since it flies in direct contradiction to what you actually said, which is still visible for anyone to see.

Since you've never jumped on the charge of hypocrisy, it's a fairly easy step to realize that you don't consider that charge more damaging.

You are a hypocrite. Even now you try desperately to use strawmen against me, such as asking how these help the community -- when I note, in the article, how this helps the community.

Which you have apparently not read more than one third of (and I can understand that -- it is a long article, after all, and it addresses pretty much all of your main attacks, and so ignoring it is to your benefit).

oh, wait -- another: 28. You say I'm trying to change the subject, when the entire exchange on my part is about the lies you've stated in your attacks on GetEqual. That's the subject I've been speaking of. I haven't changed that tact since I started this engagement with you.

I am, therefore, making the conversation that you and I have all about you, which you seem hellbent on trying not to deal with. SO for me to have tried to chang ethe subject when the subject that I have consistently engaged you on is you and your words and your deceptive methodology and your hypocrisy, well that makes that a lie, as well.

If anyone tried to chang ethe subject, it was you, by not disucssing the article above and instead shiftng your conversational points to this personal attack against LGBT people that you've been engaging in.

Worse, by saying that, you are essentially engaging in a tone argument, which allows you to feel smug about sidestepping the very real fact that instead of actually working to do something positive for LGBT people, you have taken the time and money from your life and put it towards hindering LGBT people and working against them.

Remember my methods, Andrew. I do not stop. I do not back off. I do not slow down. I do not give up, give in, or give out. And I've dealt with opponents of LGBT equality far more intelligent and well written than you.

I will repost the points I'm making over and over again, when you post in articles, for as long as you continue your hypocrisy and your deceit and your strawmen arguments.

I will keep pushing on you to say what good your posts and your complaints are doing for the LGBT community, because Get Equal isn't going anywhere, and you alone are not anything nearly enough to bring it down, which one would expect you are smart enough to realize.

You are a fraud, and I will repeat, once more, just because you really need to get the point:

this is not how you get back at a boyfriend, Andrew. There are much better ways. Ways that actually will mean something in your life.

Going forward, Andrew, I'm just going to do listed points with your words and the factual basis. It's more fun that way, and it makes the point more clear.

Talk at ya tomorrow...

Gay_Politics_Report, a summary of important LGBT-Political stories, did not mention the Miami party.

Sorry, here's the link:

It's a good way to see what's going on in the LGBT Community and Politics.

Yeah, and that couldn't possibly be because they ignore 90% of the news stories that do not deal with LGBT candidates, since, well, it is an organ of the Victory Fund, after all, right?

Yet more strawmen from you, Andrew. Your field is barren, and you keep putting up scarecrows. THe level of deceit you display is mindnumbingly persistent, at least. And I'm sure you even believe half of it.

Btw, how's that venture in Texas working out? And are you still promising a 100 million dollars?

This was a good piece, it was interesting to read the details of what happens on the ground.

P.S. I love Meg, she is something fierce!