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GOProud accepts Paladino's apology

Filed By Bil Browning | October 14, 2010 7:30 AM | comments

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"Yesterday, Carl Paladino issued an apology for sweeping comments he made about gay and lesbian people over the weekend. In his apology, Mr. Paladino not only admits that he made mistakes in what he said, but he also makes a firm commitment to be a Governor for all New Yorkers, to oppose discrimination against gays and lesbians, and to reach out to leaders in the gay community. People are entitled to make mistakes and are entitled to second chances. GOProud takes Mr. Paladino at his word and accepts his apology."

-- GOProud Chairman of the Board, Chris Barron, in a statement put out after the group condemned Paladino's extremely homophobic remarks from last weekend that were so shocking they were reported all over the mainstream media - including FOX News who also roundly disapproved of the New York Governor's hateful speech.

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Well, woopty-fucking-do for GOProud. I don't. But they don't actually care about gay rights and I do.

This is a HUGE step in the right direction. Not only should it be OK for politicians to change their mind, it should be encouraged. What's the point of so much political activism and demonstrating, if we don't accept mind changing.

Regardless if Paladina really internalizes his change, we (the LGBT Community, our allies, the media) successfully made a big change in government. This is what we should be proud of, this is what we should celebrate, this is where we can slap ourselves on the back. Great Job Everybody!!!!!

Do you actually believe Paladino changed his mind? Are you going to depend on him to support any gay rights issues, much less all of them?

He got caught crossing the line of what polite company finds acceptable, and he walked it back, pure and simple. Did you hear the contempt in his voice when he repeatedly talked about how disgusting gay pride parades are? Trust me, he loathes gay people and wouldn't do a thing to help the lives or protect the safety of this community. Quite the contrary, his hate speech promotes anti-gay bigotry and violence.

I didn't say, mean, or imply that anybody should like, trust, or vote for Paladina. I'm thrilled that the people were outraged enough that Paladina had to eat his words.

Kiss ass! I don't believe for a minute Paladina's had such a quick change of heart nor did he make a "mistake" with his comments. He's simply covering his political ass. Wait til he gets into office (if he does) and watch him turn back!