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Indianapolis is back in the gay news

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Yesterday Bil posted that the city of homophobic cupcake/cookie artisans is finding itself with another gay scandal, although this one is a lot more banal.

indianapolis-museum-of.jpgAccording to an arrest report from Indianapolis Metro Police, the arrest took place at 110 West Washington Street at around 1:30 pm.

Andrew J. Miller, 40, of Carmel, is accused of soliciting an undercover officer for sex.

Following complaints of lewd behavior, two plain clothes police officers were conducting an investigation at the men's public restroom at Claypool Court, a place with a notorious reputation for illegal sexual activity.

IMPD Sgt. Paul Thompson said that when IMPD does receive this type of complaint, they issue plain clothes officers to the specific areas. "In today's incident, we did have probable cause and the man involved was taken to jail," he said.

The police report describes Miller exposing himself and twice asking the officer if he wanted to "touch it."[...]

The crime is a Class C misdemeanor. He faces up to 60 days and a $500 fine. Miller is married and has three children.

I'm from the same town Miller is from, and this is the sort of reason people move there in the first place - to seek safety in solitude and hope that one's basic desires can be sublimated into a good lawn. This story hits home the fact that you can't really escape sexual desire.

It sucks for this guy to have gotten arrested this way, and, of course, since Miller isn't commenting and didn't plea guilty it's entirely possible that the police are lying here as they often do in gay sex stings (although Miller has resigned).

What is interesting is that Miller was married with children and from Carmel, a city that wears its 'nothing ever happens here' sub/exurban ethos on its sleeve. The people exalt boredom as "safety," conformism as "family values," and consumerism and careerism as "meaning."

Which just goes to show that, at the bottom of any family values pol getting caught with his pants down, are two simple truths: 1) most people can't control their natural sexual desires forever and 2) marriage doesn't change what people want, only the way they appear. There's no joy in this story, as a person's career is ruined, two people's relationship is turned upside-down, and three kids will go to school with everyone hearing about their father's sex life in the news. There are only possible lessons for the rest of us. But something tells me that no one's going to be learning the right ones.

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When my Midwestern straight younger brother was driving home from a family gathering, we passed a parking area known to be a cruising spot next to a reservoir with a wooded area. I snarked the area was not very busy for a holiday. After an explanation, he wondered why ‘gays’ would drive so far out of the city, into the very unfriendly exurbs, to have sex. I told him it was really for his married neighbors to get off before they got home to the wife and kiddies and out gays who lived in the city didn’t have to go there. He should really be worried about his married neighbors instead of the guys in the gay ghettos.

He did not speak to me for the rest of drive.

Thanks, Alex, for letting us in on some of your personal thoughts about Carmel, Indiana. If I read you correctly, they aren't that different from mine.

... Carmel, a city that wears its 'nothing ever happens here' sub/exurban ethos on its sleeve. The people exalt boredom as "safety," conformism as "family values," and consumerism and careerism as "meaning."

Ah, yes ... Carmel, Indiana ... the suburb that Prozac built.

While you are obviously being polite, Alex, there is no reason for you to be shy in explaining that Carmel is an upscale area. I often describe Carmel as the Beverly Hills of Indianapolis ...

... although calling it the OC of Indianapolis might be more accurate. Wisteria Lane could easily wind through a residential tract in Carmel. Dangerous housewives are everywhere. Imagine Mary Tyler Moore in "Ordinary People" canvassing donations for children with leukemia while wordlessly packing an AK-47 over her Louis Vuittion shoulderbag.

These Carmelites are not to be confused with the religious order of the same name. The Carmelite nuns are required to take a vow of poverty; the Carmelites in Indiana, generally, would sell their souls to Lucifer before canceling the premium channels on their cable TV service.

Ah, affluent straight suburbia ... the American dream!

Sorry, typo: I misspelled Louis Vuitton.